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Reflect Clamp Replacement Kit RIGID Industries

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Reflect Clamp Replacement Kit RIGID Industries

Reflect Clamp Replacement Kit RIGID Industries


Product information

Impact resistance, vibration control, and enhanced functionality are the key attributes of our new Reflect mount design, the new aluminum construction straps provide a more secure and stable fit adding protection from damage caused by unwanted impacts.

Our new Reflect mount was meticulously designed to improve the driver's visibility range resulting in a safer driving experience.

The mount also includes rubber damping mounts that help minimize extreme vibration, offering an extra layer of protection that prevents the roll cage from receiving cosmetic damage.

The Reflect clamp replacement kit has been designed to function on both the left and right lights in the Reflect system. This service kit contains enough parts and hardware to replace one Reflect mounting clamp.

  • Reflect Clamp Replacement Kit
  • Impact resistance aluminum construction strap provides protection from damage caused by unwanted impacts
  • Rubber mount pads add damping performance for vibration isolation and roll cage protection
  • Improved design for optimal driver visibility maximizes the distance at which the driver can identify obstacles around the vehicle
  • Service Kit can replace one Reflect Mounting Clamp
  • Professional Installation Recommended


  • Replacement Reflect bracket
  • Hardware



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