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Z Automotive Tazer JL Mini 2018-2023 Jeep Wrangler | Gladiator

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Z Automotive Tazer JL Mini 2018-2023 Jeep Wrangler | Gladiator

Z Automotive Tazer JL Mini 2018-2023 Jeep Wrangler | Gladiator


Product information

Experience maximum performance from your 2018-2023 Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator with the ZAutomotive Tazer JL Mini Programmer. Easily adjust vehicle settings for alternate tires and gear ratios with just a few clicks using the in-dash display, allowing you to get the maximum benefit out of your wheel/tire and suspension system. With the Tazer JL Mini, you get access to both vehicle settings and live functions, ensuring you get the most out of your Jeep.


  • Light Show ‚Äì 6 preset and 3 make-your-own light shows that flash all the exterior lights ‚Äì perfect for car shows/first responders/off-road visibility ‚Äì controlled from key fob or steering wheel buttons ‚Äì can be enabled in-motion for use in parades, off-road and for legal police/EMS applications (contact support for more info)
  • read and clear DTCs system-wide or in specific modules
  • change tire size
  • change gear ratio (max 4.50 on 4XE)
  • change Transfer Case LOW ratio
  • enable/disable TPMS system
  • set TPMS pressure warning limit, front and rear, between 25psi and 85psi
  • enable/disable backup camera
  • enable/disable Cargo Camera input (8.4 UConnect only)
  • enable/disable CD (wired audio) input*
  • enable/disable TravelLink/XM traffic and weather
  • activate Offroad Pages after upgrading to 8.4‚Äù radio
  • change daytime running lights (DRL) region (CA/USA)
  • change DRL location
  • enable/disable DRL Dropout function
  • enable/disable factory fog lights
  • enable/disable Fog Light Dropout (when fogs shut off while high beams are on)
  • enable/disable one-touch lane change
  • enable/disable factory halo lights (including BCM output for adding halos)
  • change headlight type (Std/LED)
  • change fog light type (Std/LED)
  • change taillight type (Std/LED)/delete sensor circuit for running aftermarket lights
  • change front turn signal type (std/LED)/delete sensor circuit for aftermarket lights
  • enable/disable factory auto hi-beam
  • enable/disable Trailer Tow setting
  • disable electronic sway bar (if removed from the vehicle)
  • disable electronic steering pump for hydraulic steering conversions
  • enable the trailer brake controller (primarily Gladiator)
  • disable front and rear lockers for axle swaps
  • disable front axle disconnect module for axle swaps
  • declare the presence of a Drive Train Control Module (Rubicon Transfer Case)
  • enable/disable Aux Buttons
  • enable/disable Blind Spot Detection (if the hardware is added or removed)
  • delete the seat belt reminder chime
  • enable/disable/change ParkSense configuration
  • change cluster splash screen ‚Äî JL: Wrangler/Sahara/Rubicon JT: Sport/SportX/Rubicon
  • enable HVAC dual-zone switch assembly when upgrading from 5‚Äù radio
  • enable HomeLink if HomeLink visor and harness are installed
  • enable/disable auto dimming mirror after installation
  • enable Proximity Entry if handles and harnesses are installed
  • enable pickup bed outlet (Gladiator)
  • enable/disable auto headlights after sensors are installed
  • enable/disable PANIC button on remote
  • display Tazer JL Mini firmware version
  • display Tazer JL Mini serial number
  • display current Unmarry Number (see page 16)
  • one-touch return-to-stock ‚Äì quick ‚ÄúUnmarry‚Äù function returns to stock

List of Live Functions:

  • activate Light Show
  • hold brakes at a red light (excl. 4XE)
  • use garage door opener after shutdown
  • enable navigation entry in-motion
  • TurnCAM ‚Äì activate backup camera when turn signals are used (5‚Äù, 7‚Äù and 8.4‚Äù UConnect) Kill3Honk ‚Äì disable three honks that sound when leaving running vehicle with keys
  • toggle hood alarm
  • enable passenger side heat on remote start
  • flash third brake light when braking
  • customize third brake light flash pattern
  • define Winch Mode RPM (excl. 4XE)
  • flash lights to indicate tire pressure while filling
  • Dark Mode ‚Äì turn off all exterior lighting and dash/radio/shifter lights while parked with the engine running
  • activate and cycle through camera inputs
  • display Vacuum/Boost Gauge
  • activate 0-30 timer
  • activate 0-60 timer
  • Force RWD (392 only)
  • display firmware version

List of “Non-Menu” Live Functions:

  • AutoStopStart Disable ‚Äì Tazer JL Mini will automatically remember the last state of the auto stop/start system and set it for you the next time you start the vehicle
  • AutoTracKill ‚Äì Tazer JL Mini will automatically remember the last state of the traction control system and set it for you the next time you start the vehicle
  • disconnect sway bar in 2WD up to 30mph or at any speed if mapped to a button
  • License Plate Blanking (Gladiator) ‚Äì Tazer JL Mini will automatically turn off license plate light when in reverse or using TurnCam to reduce glare
  • activate bed lights/reverse lights from keyfob (Gladiator)
  • Axle Locker Control (Rubicon, Mojave) ‚Äì engage lockers in 2WD and 4Hi on demand.
  • Cooldown Mode ‚Äì turn on engine fans on-demand
  • Winch Mode ‚Äì raise idle RPM to user-selected value between 1250 and 2000 (excl. 4XE)
  • Hood Alarm ‚Äì monitors hood activity when the vehicle theft alarm is armed and will sound the alarm and flash a light show if opened
  • Line Lock ‚Äì lock the front brakes for an easy burnout
  • Rock Crawl ‚Äì lock all four brakes with a steering wheel button combo to hold the vehicle still, especially helpful when off-road (excl. 4XE)
  • lock all four brakes in park to anchor Jeep (shortcut) (excl. 4XE)
  • TC Kill ‚Äì turn off traction control, stability control and ABS (excl. 4XE)
  • show backup camera (shortcut)
  • Turn Assist ‚Äì lock the inside back tire for sharper turns (button remap function only) (excl. 4XE)
  • remap cruise +/-/RES buttons to:
  • Any of the 8 light shows
  • Backup camera
  • TC Kill (excl. 4XE)
  • Line Lock (excl. 4XE)
  • Rock Crawl (excl. 4XE)
  • Turn Assist (excl. 4XE)
  • Winch Mode (excl. 4XE)
  • Cooldown
  • Front/Rear/Front+Rear Lockers
  • SwayKill
  • Dark Mode
  • Force RWD
  • Partial Reboot



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