Top Notch U.S. Based Customer Service

Phone:  1-800-951-3955


Chat: Check out that Live Chat at the bottom right of your screen

There’s nothing worse than sitting on the phone waiting an hour for some customer service representative to finally answer, say hello, and then put you right back on hold again. And it is even worse when you can’t even understand the person on the other end. Am I right?

Well, here at Midwest Aftermarket, we understand that the customer comes first. And that’s why we don’t outsource our customer service team. Our entire Customer Service staff is based right here in the good ol’ US of A. Does it cost us a bit more? Sure it does. But we value your time just that much more than those other companies out there.

When you call us, your phone call will be routed to actual American Human beings. We don’t use any robotic call menu where you have to hit buttons over and over again or scream the same phrases into your phone to try to get an operator.

“Operator! Operator! I said, Operator!”

Yeah, we’ve all been there, right? Well, when you call Midwest Aftermarket, you’ll never get any of that nonsense. And once you’ve been dealing with the same knowledgeable and friendly customer service representative (or Support Ninja, as we like to call them around here), you’ll be routed to that person from then on, as long as they are available.

We keep hold times to a minimum too. Someone is always on call right here in the US of A between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. CST Monday through Friday (some holidays excluded, of course. Think like Christmas, New Years, and Thanksgiving--none of those made-up Halmark holidays. We don’t celebrate any of that garbage. Except St. Patty’s Day. I mean, come on, you’ve gotta celebrate St. Patty’s. Except we’ll still be in the office to take your call that day. We just might be a little hungover the next one. That’s all. ‘Murica! Whoa. Got a bit carried away there. Let’s reign her back in. Where was I?).

Q & A

Our knowledgeable parts experts have all the answers for you concerned all the great aftermarket parts we sell. And if we don’t know something, we’ll tell you and try to find out. So don’t hesitate to call or email if you just have a question--like does this fit my truck? Or how thick is the steel on this step bar? Or what’s the warranty on these fender flares? Or will this paintable bumper look good on my truck if I paint it hot pink?

Let me answer those in kind for you rapidly: Yes, we likely have one for your truck or will soon; that’s probably 10-12 gauge steel depending on brand; lifetime on install, 3-5 year on finish; definitely, cause hot pink is the new black, so it goes with everything. And no, that tonneau cover won’t keep all the water out, but it should keep most of it.

You’re welcome. Cause we’re just honest like that. And we put you first. We’d rather you get the part that you want and the quality you deserve than hit you with some knock off you’re just gonna return anyway. Speakin’ of…

Free Returns

On the vast majority of products we sell, we offer free returns. Here’s the thing. We know that 9 outta 10 times, you place the exact order for the correct aftermarket part for your truck or Jeep. But there’s that one time. Maybe it’s more like one in a million, but there’s always that one time, when something goes wrong.

Could be someone put in the wrong make or model. Could be a box got mislabeled during shipping. Whatever the reason, we don’t care. We’ll take that part back and replace it with the right one because we care about you as our customer and want to make sure you get the right part for your vehicle.

Should you find any issues like damage during shipping or the product was missing a piece, we have that all under control too. We have great relationships with all our manufacturers. So if you need something, we’re just a phone call or email away.

Point is, if you purchased the item within the last 30 days, and you’ve got a problem, we’ve probably got an easy solution that is just a phone call away. So please hit us up!