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  • BACKRACK Truck Headache Rack
    November 27, 2020

    BACKRACK Truck Headache Rack

    The Original Headache Rack for your Pickup Truck! Whether you’re looking to protect your back window or need to haul something longer than your bed like a ladder, the Original BACKRACk truck headache rack is perfect for your truck bed. The Back Rack allows you to secure your loads and cargo more easily.
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  • BACKRACK Safety Rack
    June 26, 2020

    BACKRACK Safety Rack

    A Headache Rack with built in 3/16” Cold Rolled Wire Mesh Headache racks, like the original BACKRACK, are all about protecting your cab and rear window from damage. The look & usefulness of the original style BACKRACK is great, but when it comes to truly protecting your rear window, the Safety Rack has them all beat!
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