BACKRACK Truck Headache Rack
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BACKRACK Truck Headache Rack

The Original Headache Rack for your Pickup Truck

Whether you’re looking to protect your back window or need to haul something longer than your bed like a ladder, the Original BACKRACk truck headache rack is perfect for your truck bed. The Back Rack allows you to secure your loads and cargo more easily. Attach tie downs and bungies to the rack to secure various items. The BACKRACK has many great accessories you can add to it as well, including several sizes of tool racks and lights. Whether you’re often loading large items that might bump into your window or you are tired of hauling a ladder that’s hanging out the back of your truck, this headache rack will be a great solution for your issues. We know it can be a pain in the butt to park in tight locations, especially with a ladder hanging out the back. The BACKRACK makes it so you can secure longer items like a ladder to the rack itself, instead of out the back of your truck bed. Make your life easier. Get a headache rack from the original manufacturer, get yourself a BACKRACK. But what if you need a headache rack but have or intend to get a tonneau cover? What then? It turns out that with an additional adapter you can install the original BACKRACK on top of many common tonneau covers. However, we do want to note that for many applications you may not be able to fully close or roll up your tonneau cover though with the BACKRACK installed over the top of it. But if that isn’t an issue or if you have some styles of retractable tonneau covers which are compatible, you can still use your cover to the full extend of its function. But with most tri-folds, the final panel will not be able to be folded up. Likewise, with soft roll up covers, you won’t be able to completely roll up the cover due to where the brackets mount. See images above for better clarity on this installation. With all that being said, this is one of the only headache racks available that can be installed with a tonneau cover at all. We just like to be upfront and honest about the information available to us about the products we sell. We do this because we want you, the customer, to get the product you want every time you order from Midwest Aftermarket. Finally, if you’re in the market for a solid, well made headache rack, the BACKRACK is a great product to consider for your truck bed. Let’s run through some of the great features of this superior headache rack.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the BACKRACK Truck Headache Rack

        No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” you’re fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the BACKRACK Truck Headache Rack:

  • The Original Headache Rack
  • Designed to make securing and hauling long items easier
  • Works with some tool box installations
  • Compatible with many tonneau covers (may limited functionality near bulkhead though)
  • Protects your rear window from larger items and equipment being hauled in your truck bed
  • Features attachment areas for many compatible accessories and lights from BACKRACK
  • Made in Canada
  • Solid, heavy duty construction from 12 gauge steel
  • Features a durable black powder-coat finish
  • Low profile headache rack; top extends just a few inches above your cab
  • No drill install on most applications
  • Great for tying bulky larger cargo securely to the headache rack
  • Uprights allow you to easily transport longer items like lumber or ladders
  • The original headache rack, BACKRACK features various great accessories and installation options
  • Works with some tool box installations (may require additional mounting hardware)
  • Compatible with my different styles of tonneau covers
  • Two separate adaptor options for tonneau covers
  • Options for tool box adaptors as well
  • So many great BACKRACK official accessories
  • The original and the best headache rack on the market today
  • The Original BACKRACK headache rack

BACKRACK Truck Headache Rack

A no drill install Headache rack that is compatible with most truck bed toolboxes and tonneau covers? Yes please.

With a number of great options and styles of racks available, if the original BACKRACK isn’t getting it done for you, chances are good that there’s another style that will. Regardless if you’re looking to protect your rear window and haul larger and longer cargo in your truck bed, there’s a BACKRACK for you.

And one of the best things about the original BACKRACK is that it has both style and function. We’ve all seen it--the makeshift, wooden crappy headache rack. Heck, I’ve even used one. And sure a few two by fours can make you something to haul a ladder or just block something from hitting your rear window as you’re hauling it. But that isn’t going to look pretty nor last long. And it certainly isn’t the kind of device you want to be driving around with sticking up out of your pocket stake holes.

So BACKRACK constructed the original headache rack to look good and protect your window while helping you haul larger items. Whether you need some long beams and don’t want them sticking out the back of your bed as you drive home from the local lumber store or you need to take a ladder over to a work site, this headache rack will help you get them there and get them there safely.

What BACKRACK has essentially done is allowed you to have a protective barrier or 12 gauge steel preventing a large item from crashing into your rear window as well as an elevated and sturdy place to secure a load. This double function means you have extended your truck bed space significantly.

We’ve all seen that guy. Heck, most of us have been that guy. You need lumber for a project but you need a few studs that are just a bit too long for your truck bed. Maybe they are only 8 footers and you’ve got a 6 and a half foot bed. Maybe they’re 10 footers. Whatever, you think. So you lower your tailgate and rig up some bungies and rope and just drive super careful (or not quite as fast as you normally do). But every time you hit a bump or get on the gas from a stopped position you glance in your rearview to make sure your load is still secured. It makes you nervous and could even damage your boards if you aren’t being careful. Then you’re back where you started anyway.

And I’ve done this myself, honestly, a time or two too often.

But wouldn’t it be easier to just get the right tool for the job ahead of time? And when all you need is a solid headache rack that looks decent, then you need to get a BACKRACK Original. Suddenly instead of having that lumber hanging off the end of your truck bed, you can have it angled up onto your headache rack and secured right there. Not only is this way safer, but it allows you to haul items you wouldn’t have dreamed of doing before.

Now I’ve got a standard bed, but where this product really shines is for those of us rocking short beds. If you’ve got a 5 foot bed, you aren’t hauling longer items like kayaks or ladders or lumber very reliably without a great accessory like the BACKRACK.

So obviously this is a great product that is useful while looking good. But where the BACKRACK really shines is with all the brilliant additional accessories you can add on to it. 

Whether you’re looking for some great lighting options or you want a tool rack to attach to your headache rack, BACKRACK has you covered. With all these great options, you can truly make the Original Back Rack and almost any of their headache racks into a completely custom headache rack to cover whatever your needs are.

Finally, when it comes to so many truck bed accessories on the market today, one of the biggest questions we field is will this work with my tonneau cover?

The honest and quick answer is maybe. BACKRACK has a great tool to check your truck bed and tonneau cover compatibility on their website here.

Just the fact that this headache rack is compatible with so many types of tonneau covers is great. You will most likely need an adapter to install this rack over the top of your tonneau. And the super quick compatibility check is: do you have access to your pocket stake holes? If so, there is probably an adapter for your cover.

Now not to throw any shade at BACKRACK, but there is a need to add in a caveat here. If the BACKRACK is compatible with your tri-fold hard cover or soft roll up cover, it is most likely that you will not have full bed access any longer if you had it before. What we mean by this is that with the BACKRACK installed over the top of your tonneau cover, you won’t be able to flip up the final panel of your tri-fold cover--the panel closest to your truck cab. This is because the adapter used to install the headache rack will prevent that final panel from folding up. The adapter is designed to let the tri-fold fold up and rest on top of the adapter, which is a very nice design feature indeed. But if full bed access was something you just had to have, then you won’t have that any longer if you install this rack over the top of your tri-fold cover.

Likewise, with a soft roll up cover, the adapter will impede your ability to fully roll up your cover and secure it at the bulkhead. A roll up cover will likely still give you as close to full bed access as possible with the headache rack installed. BACKRACK does also have some accessories that include strap extensions for many tonneau covers, so when in doubt give us a call and see if there are additional items you will want to add on to your tonneau cover adapter kit to make the best use out of both your BACKRACK and your tonneau cover.

If full bed access isn’t something you require, then this really isn’t something you need to worry about. Likewise, if your retractable cover is compatible with the BACKRACK, then you won’t have to change a thing. Of course you won’t have full bed access either because you have a retractable installed.

Nevertheless, we want to be completely honest and explain this aspects to you. So while the headache rack is compatible with lots of truck bed covers, it does alter the way your cover will function by preventing it from completely folding up or rolling up.

With that being said, the use value of the headache rack still applies here. With your tri-fold or roll up opened as far as you can, you will still be able to easily and more securely haul long items in your truck bed using the BACKRACK. These are just the honest facts we try to present in our articles.

We think you’ll be very pleased with your BACKRACK--the Original Headache rack. These Canadians really have knocked it out of the park with this product, and they didn’t stop there. They’ve been innovating, updating, improving, and adding on various great accessory options ever since. Get your BACKRACK today!

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