WeatherTech Digital Fit FloorLiners Review

Laser Measured, Custom Fit Floor Mats that Protect your Vehicle’s Floors and Upholstery

One of the best names in floor protection has ramped up the vehicle floor liner industry WeatherTech DigitalFit FloorLinerswith their laser measured Floor liners, the Digital Fit FloorLiner from WeatherTech. These babies are custom fit to your specific make and model vehicle, and they will protect your upholstery and up your resale value while giving you added peace of mind. All of this is especially helpful if you have a spouse or children who are known to make messes frequently in your vehicle. A true must have for anyone on the go, these floor mats are a great investment whether you off-road or just drive in the city each day.
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Bullet Point Breakdown of the WeatherTech Digital Fit FloorLiners

No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the WeatherTech Digital Fit FloorLiners:

  • Protects your upholstery against spills, muck, and mud
  • Laser fit & custom fit floor liners designed to match the shape of your floorboard
  • Offering absolute interior protection
  • Made of Waterproof TPO and HDTE materials
  • Simply soak up spills, remove the liner from the vehicle, spray off with a hose, and let dry
  • Backed by WeatherTech’s LifeTime Limited Warranty
  • Made in America, by US Workers
  • Increases the resale value of your vehicle over time
  • High Density Tri Extruded material is durable enough to hold shape
  • Yet flexible enough to easily remove and reinstall for cleaning
  • The best spill protection money can buy
  • Top of the liner car floor mats -- the WeatherTech FloorLiner
  • A Perfect Fit Every Time -- Keep your Truck in Just-Drove-Off-the-Lot Condition

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WeatherTech FloorLiners

We all remember that first car we drove around. I don’t know what it was for you, but I drove Weather Tech floor mats that are custom to your floorboardsaround an inherited Buick Regal once upon a time, and it came with these crappy blue carpeted floor mats, and I thought, sure, why not. But that vehicle never really felt quite right to me. I mean, it wasn’t really ever mine. It had been my mother’s for years, so in my head, it never belonged to me. And there’s something about that first vehicle you purchased that makes it feel special and like your own.

I probably didn’t get that feeling until I purchased my old ‘84 Chevy C/K. There wasn’t anything particularly shiny or special about that old white truck, and heck, she was about as old as I was when I got her--bought her off a co-worker.

But I installed a new CD player and took her out on the town just the same, and really feel in love with her. That truck felt like an extension of my body in the way she accelerated, the way I’d lean into corners with her, and just the long night rides I’d take in her with my friends or a girlfriend in tow.

And when you realize all that--that a vehicle has started to mean more to you than just WeatherTech protects you against spills.a means of travel and transportation, you start to think about making her last as long as possible. Now for some of us this is about protecting resale value. And there’s nothing wrong with that either. But for me, I realized I needed advanced floor protection for my truck because I wanted her to last.

Now this was back in the day too, and I’d seen my uncle’s truck floor boards put through hell. He did all kinds of odd jobs, including carpentry and roofing and even some mechanical and farm work at times. And his work truck had been through the fire and then some.

One day I hopped in next to him to go off and do some gig--I think we were bailing hay but we might have been going to fix up a planter for a local farmer. These memories flow together over time.

Anyway, as I put my boot down onto the floor board, I heard something go squish. HeKeep mud on your shoes and the mat instead of your upholstery with WeatherTech Digital Fit Floor Liners kinda chuckled at me from the driver’s seat. It had appeared there had been an oil spill in his floor board the other day. He informs me that he had been working on the old beast out in his garage and he set a refilled carton of dirty oil on the floor board while he was tightening up the oil plug, and he had forgotten about it. Must have closed the door and put the other cartons aside for “recylcin’.” And he plum forgot about that one.

Turns out, when he’d closed the door, the carton had turned over. Turns out too that he hadn’t screwed on the lid that well.

Well, I just laughed at him. Boots were meant to get dirty, I thought. But I started thinking, if I ever have my own truck, how would I get this oil spill soaked up out of my upholstery fabric?WeatherTech Digital Fit Floor liners and mats are super easy to clean I confess I didn’t know much about upholstery cleaning at the time. I figured I’d get some kitty liter and try that. By the end of that summer though, oil stains were not the worst of what that old truck had been through. At some point, I hopped in and there was a small hole through that floor board--not from the oil--probably rust or some other chemical, maybe battery acid. Who knows? But over time that hole grew and grew until you could see the road flying by below you.

Needless to say, when I got my ‘84 Chevy, I vowed to protect her better. And I’m not saying I didn’t have a few spills along the way, but eventually, I started looking into some protection. And no, not that kind of protection. I’m talking about protecting my vehicle’s floors here so I don’t have to repair or replace any carpet or the floor itself.

And in the question for the perfect floor protection, I looked at many different types. You’veKeep mud from damaging your truck with Weather Tech Floor Mats and Liners got your traditional floor mats all the way up to custom fit floor liners. And at the time, I was young, yes, but I had a bit of money put by, so that really wasn’t the issue. Gotta love not having a bunch of bills while you're still living at home and in high school, am I right? But today, I might include price as a factor for determining which was right for me. So I’d like to briefly breakdown why I went with WeatherTech then and why I still have WeatherTech Digital Fit Floor Liners in my current truck, a 2012 Chevy Silverado 1500, today, and will likely into the future for all my vehicles.
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Terminology and the Importance of Understanding Floor Coverings

Now back in the day, I may not have understood all the terms exactly. I believe I searched around and asked people what was the best, got told about two separate companies, and then I picked one and ordered them up through the local parts store. So you might say I got lucky.

Today I’d do a little more research than that, and I’d start by picking a particular term to search for: floor liners.

I fear that many of us don’t even realize this, so I want to through it out there right away: a Just check out the details from WeatherTech themselves: Digital Fit Floor Liners FTW!floor liner is what you want in your vehicle. While the terms “liner” and “mat” are used often interchangeably, even by myself and others in this industry, they really shouldn’t be. A floor mat is any mat that is meant to cover the floor boards of your vehicle. These are typically made out of rubberized material or carpeted or even vinyl. And they may be universal, meaning they aren’t designed to fit your vehicle specifically.

And when Keeps snow on your mats too instead of carpet with WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor Linersyou’re young and dumb and full of… er… you get the picture--you might go with these cause they come in a particular shade of carpet. Or maybe you think this is what my truck came with from the factory, so why wouldn’t I just replace the one’s I’ve damaged. And the answer is that you’ll just damage them again and that those OE mats really aren’t providing much protection.

The problem is that mats typically don’t cover your whole floor board, so they are only protecting a small area of your vehicle’s upholstery and carpet. Why pay money for something like that that is only going to half do the job.

Now the other reason people are sometimes drawn to this is money. Most of the time, these floor mats are cheaper than a true liner, because they are smaller than a liner and can be made universally, meaning they’ll fit just about any vehicle because they aren’t designed to fit any exact vehicle.

Now that I’m older and more informed, I know the only way to protect my vehicle’s floors WeatherTech Digital Fit Floor Liners / Mats are super easy to clean just with a hose and some with a floor liner. While a liner might be made of similar material and even appear to be like a floor mat, it is actually a special type of floor mat. When we use the term “liner” we should always be referencing something that is custom fit, designed to fit a measured area exactly. A true floor liner should never be anything that doesn’t completely cover your floors. There should be no need to trim off any excess material. It should be made to fit your floor’s contours and curves.

Right there you’ll already see that something like the WeatherTech Digital Fit Floor Liners are going to offer better protection simply because they will fit and cover more of your floor than any old mat. But that also tells you there’s more work that goes into making them and more material.

With WeatherTech you’re always dealing with waterproof materials as well, so that’s goingWeatherTech Digital Fit Floor Liners help protect your investment. to add value and protection too. Those old carpeted mats just absorb water and spills and then mold or mildew or even hide wet spots underneath. WeatherTech’s FloorLiners trap fluid spills in controlled reservoir and keep the liquid there until you can soak it up with a rag or towel and clean off the liner.

And since they are designed to fit your vehicle specifically, you won’t have to worry about those unsightly stains that often show up around the edges of OEM floor mats. You’re going to get as complete of coverage as possible with WeatherTech.

WeatherTech accomplishes this by using lasers to digitally measure every floor of every vehicle WeatherTech Digital Fit Floor liners for the front and back seatthey make a liner for. Then their engineers and designers use CAD software to make liners that perfectly match and fit each vehicle. Finally, they build in channels and ridges into their liners that direct spills towards designated areas, away from your feet and the edges of the liner, and these channels also help keep dirt, dust, and mud on the liner too.

At the end of the day, by picking up some WeatherTech Digital Fit Floor Liners, I know I did right by my truck and prevented my floorboards from ending up like my uncle’s. And these liners look pretty cool too.

So remember the next time you’re in the market for floor protection that you want a liner for sure. Secondly, I hope you’ll consider the value of WeatherTech. These folks make allThe WeatherTech Digital Fit Floor Liners are great for rainy days. their products right here in the States, and the quality of them shows. We are talking about floor lines that are built to last and protect your vehicle. They up the resale value of your truck by protecting your interior. And they’ll keep your truck’s floors looking nice and clean. Whether you work outside in the mud on the daily or have a family known to make messes while riding around with you, you’re going to love the way these liners keep your truck nice and looking like new for years to come.

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