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A Universal Smart Phone Holder that Fits into just about any Cup Holder in Any Vehicle

It’s simple. The Cup Phone from Weather TechIt’s effective. And it’s universal. If you need a phone mount for your vehicle, the CupFone (pronounced “Cup Phone Tee Mmmm”) from WeatherTech will most likely be able to handle your phone and your vehicle, no matter what device or truck you own. And its intuitive cup-holder design makes matching it up with your vehicle’s cup holders a cinch. 

Bullet Point Breakdown of the CupFone™

No time The CupFone from WeatherTech, a US company based in Illinoisto read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the WeatherTech CupFone™:

  • A Smart Phone Mount that will fit virtually any cup holder in any vehicle
  • Great for trucks, Semis, RV’s, Boats, even Golf Carts
  • An easy to use Universal phone mount
  • Designed with hands free use in mind
  • A fully adjustable phone holder, regardless of phone size
  • Works with just about any smart phone on the market
  • Adjusts to fit phones from 2.375 inches wide to 3.375 inches
  • Can handle phones that are up to .5625 inches thick
  • Leaves the phone charging port free so you can charge on the go
  • No need to disconnect the charger when you pick up or put down the phone either
  • Base can be rotated 360 degrees, so you can use the device from any angle
  • Tiltable, a true hands-free phone holder, lets you adjust the mic position with ease
  • A phone holder that fits in your cup holder
  • Doesn’t require permanent install.
  • Can be taken with you and used on the go!
  • Knob on the back can easily lock your phone in position as you’d like
  • Dreamed up and manufactured right here in the US of A by WeatherTech
  • A smart phone mount for your car, desk, or just about anywhere
  • The last cell phone holder / phone mount you’ll ever need to buy.

The CupFone™

Whether you enjoy chatting up your bestie while driving down the road or use navigation apps like Maps or Waze on your daily commute, you need some kind of hands free phone mount these days.

The first and only phone mount that fits in your cup holder, the CupFone™ is truly universal. It can handle a phone that is 3 ⅜” wide, wider than any phone in production as of this writing, and can even handle many phones that have cases on them.

Designed to Adjustable to fit just about any size phone, the Cup Fonecradle your smart device, the CupFone™ can handle any touch screen phone between 2 ⅜” and 3 ⅜” wide and up to 9/16” deep or .5625 inches deep. We are talking about a mount that can truly handle just about any phone currently in production.

What phones can the CupFone™ handle currently?

The CupFone™ can easily hold some of the largest and most popular phones currently on the market, including all of the following devices:
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  • Google Pixel 4
  • Samsung Note10
  • Samsung S10
  • iPhone 11
  • Google Pixel 3XL
  • iPhone XS Max
  • Samsung Note9
  • iPhone X
  • OnePlus 6T
  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Galaxy S9 Plus
  • iPhone 8
  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 7
  • and many many more!

If you’re The CupFone is fully customizable to fit just about any smart phone devicelike me, you’ve probably had a string of cell phone mount misadventures. Whether it’s a mount for your iPhone or your Pixel 2 XL, most of the holders I have had are either too small or too flimsy for the devices I use on the daily. So what are you to do when the ever popular air vent mounted phone holder just won’t cut it anymore? How are you supposed to react when your brand spanking new, release date still pending, super duty smart phone doesn’t fit in your mount or breaks the mount off of the vent while you’re flying down the road doing 75, asking Google Assistant if you just missed your turn off to go to the Mac store to get your new iPod mini touch what’sit. What are you to do then, man?

I’ll tell you Works with most chargers and phone jacks too for your phone with the CupFonewhat to do. You get with the program and subscribe to a music streaming service, turn on navigation voice commands, step on the gas cause you’re still 2 miles away from your exit, and you order one of these universal phone mounts from WeatherTech--the CupFone™, the only universal portable cell phone holder that still lets you use your headphone jack and your charger while the phone is mounted.
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So how does the CupFone™ work? Do you have to permanently install it?

Very well Adjustable to fit just about any cup holder with the CupFoneand no, respectively, sir. The CupFone™ simply slides into whatever cup holder you want it in. And my first thoughts were remembering when my wife bought me a massive Yeti coffee mug and it wouldn’t fit in one of my cup holders in my truck, so I about spilled flaming hot coffee all over myself as I hit some potholes on my way to work.

But the CupFone™ wasCupFone works for most smart phones and most cup holders in various vehicles and it's portable ready for that inevitability too. She comes with four inserts or plastic cups that allow you to adjust the CupFone™ to fit whatever size cup holder is standard in your vehicle. Not only is this ingenious, making the CupFone™ fit snugly in whatever vehicle your rocking, but it also makes sure you have a great fitment to prevent the phone or the mount from tipping over or falling out.
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Likewise, there are two knobs on the mount itself. The one on the back allows you to increase or decrease the width of the CupFone™ mount so that your device will fit perfectly. This makes sure that your expensive smart phone doesn’t go flying out when you hit a bump or take a sharp turn. This CupFone™ is going to hold your phone in place safely and securely.

Next, you’llCupFone makes it easy to plus in a charger or 3.5 mm headphone jack probably notice the hole in the bottom of the cradle. This is so you can attach auxiliary jacks if your phone has them and / or charging cables without having to pull your smart phone out of the phone mount. Nothing worse than having a fancy phone and a fancy mount, but finding out you can’t listen to tunes or charge your device while using the cradle to hold it. This is what makes the CupFone™ such a great device.

Finally, that second CupFone is very adjustable and designed to work for various situationsknob is designed to adjust the viewing angle of your phone. We realize that every vehicle is different. So if you want to design a truly universal mount that fits in a cup holder, you need to be prepared for the fact every vehicle has cup holders in different places. If your cup holder is down low, near your waist or knees, you can adjust the angle so your device is facing up towards your head. If your cup holder is at more shoulder level, you can tone that angle down some. And if you have a cup holder up next to your steering wheel--every man’s dream cup holder location, am I right?--then you can make it so that your phone is almost perpendicular, straight up and down, so you can easily glance at your Waze app and avoid that traffic cop up ahead.
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Brilliant, we say! How can I get one?

You can order your CupFone™ today from Midwest Aftermarket for starters. But I’ve still got one more huge feature that may have gone over looked.

You see,CupFone fits in most cupholders and works for most cellular devices I used to have a knock off phone mount that was kinda similar to this amazing cup holder device. So for starters, buyer beware. Not only was this device cheap, but it was cheaply made. And when I took a sharp turn, it slide right out of the cup holder. It had a little slot or opening below the cradle for charging cables and such, but when you went to remove the phone, you had to unplug the cable too or it would get stuck in that hole. It was, needless to say, a real pain in the butt to use.

So whether you’re buying directly from us or hitting the eBay, please make sure you get the authentic WeatherTech CupFone™ and not some random knock off.

For me, the real game changer here was the charging cable and aux cord opening. CupFone makes navigation easyWhereas on that knock off the opening was literally a hole in the bottom of the mount, on the CupFone™ the entire middle section of the cradle is open. This simple yet super smart design feature is what allows you to keep the charger plugged in while you insert or remove the phone from the cradle. For me, this changed how I used my device. Whereas before I was always nervous to use my phone for music or for navigation apps like Waze or Google Maps, now I could charge my device, have an auxiliary jack plugged into my stereo and still be completely hands free.


I have got to tell you, WeatherTech’s CupFone™ has made me a safer driver because I know exactly where my phone is and I’m truly hands free now. If only all of us could use this great device, we’d likely reduce distracted driving incidents exponentially. And since they are made right here in the US, your purchase is supporting American workers too. If that’s not a win-win, I don’t know what is.
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So if you’re concerned CupFone helps fight distracted drivingabout the rise in distracted driving, or you just want a handy phone holder that is universal and works in just about any vehicle throughout perpetuity, this is very likely the product for you. WeatherTech’s CupFone™ is designed to be the last phone holder you ever buy not just for your current vehicle but for any future vehicle too. It is rare in this industry that we talk about future proof products, so let me say with great joy that I think we have one on our hands here. This device which transforms any cup holder into a universal phone mount is pretty brilliant in its design, and we sincerely believe you’ll enjoy using it too. Check it out today.

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