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A Full Front Bumper Replacement with Light Mounting Options Galore

N-Fab has always been a step ahead in the aftermarket game. Whether it is revolutionizing step bars by introducing the first ever hoop steps, or upgrading front bumpers for extreme off road action, N-Fab rarely disappoints. And this RSP Front bumper keeps them on point in all these ways. When you’re looking to make an off road bumper that can meet the extreme demands of hitting difficult terrain or a street legal bumper that’s going to catch eyes and turn heads, you’d think you’re looking at two very different design philosophies. But for N-Fab, that’s just a challenge waiting to be met. They combined the two in brilliant ways to product the RSP series front bumpers. These rugged prerunner style bumpers are full factory replacments that are bolt on ready for most makes and models of trucks. Constructed of .120” .095 wall tubing that’s ready to take a beating and keep on going, these aggressive bumpers are tough as nails and then some. The included skid plate is made from a brushed aluminum and designed to conform to the light weight feature of this revolutionary bumper. Some Winch Ready models are also available for those looking to hit some serious off road terrain. All RSP bumpers are ready for lighting options. Whether you’re looking at putting up to four 9” round conventional lights or up to a 38 inch LED light bar--times 2. That’s right, the RSP can handle it all. With Multi Mount configuration, you can add 2 light bars or four traditional lights, so however you want to light up the night, this bumper helps you get there. Do note that these lighting options are sold separately. The bumper itself is made of a solid one piece construction designed to take a beating all while staying very light weight. And the bumper comes in two separate finish options. If you’re looking for a shiny finish, we’d recommend their gloss glack finish. But if you’re into the matte black trend, check out the textured black powder coat option. Both finishes are protected via N-Fab’s own 3 stage powder coating process. This protective layer of coating is designed to prevent corrosion and rust. And the whole package is backed by N-Fab’s 5 year finish and limited lifetime workmanship warranty. So you know this is a company that makes products they stand by. Note that the skid plate is the only part of the bumper that doesn’t come in black. Whether the skid plate itself is finished in a standard silver powder coat, also to protect the aluminum underneath. This skid plate provides the ultimate in underbody protection and looks good while doing it. Meanwhile, the main portion of the bumper is constructed of 1.75” diameter steel tube. And the whole bumper is designed to give a high angle of approach for whatever you throw at your truck when heading off road. And it adds extra tire clearance to boot. The whole package, bumper to skid plate, is made right here in the USA, as N-Fab is based out of Houston, Texas. Let’s dive into the details of this sweet looking and rugged RSP Front Bumper from N-Fab.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the N-Fab RSP Front Bumper

No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the N-Fab RSP Front Bumper:

  • A Baja Style Bumper with Great Light Mounting Options
  • Light weight but super durable
  • Made from .095” thick side wall tube steel
  • Designed as a full replacement bolt on bumper
  • Includes an all aluminum skid plate
  • Skid plate is 3/16” thick aluminum, made to take a beating
  • Main bumper tubes measure 1.75” in diameter
  • These bumpers offer a high angle approach, optimal for off road travel
  • Add tire clearance for extra large wheels, lifts, and bigger tires
  • All the RSP bumpers are street legal
  • Though some lighting options you might attach to these bumpers may not be legal to use on your street
  • Check local and State laws before turning on off road style lighting, just in case
  • All Lighting options sold separately
  • Fits up to 4 9 inch round traditional off road style lights
  • Or up to 2 separate 38 inch LED light bars, such as the Rigid E-Series light bars
  • These bumpers are available in two separate style finishes
  • Looking for all that shiny?
  • Get the RSP with the gloss black powder coat finish
  • Want a more matte option?
  • The RSP bumper also comes in a textured black powder coat finish
  • Both styles are finished in N-Fab’s three stage powder coat
  • Powder coating finish is applied over the top of a layer of protective zinc
  • Both layers seal and protect the steel from corrosion and oxidation--a.k.a. rust
  • Skid plate is finished in a silver powder coat finish as well to protect the aluminum plate
  • All this powder coating makes N-Fab’s bumpers even more durable than similar steel bumpers
  • These non-modular bumpers are welded together into one solid piece
  • This one piece construction makes these bumpers even tougher
  • Backed by N-Fab’s 5 year warranty on the powder coat finish
  • Further supported by their limited lifetime workmanship warranty
  • N-Fab stands behind their products and then some
  • These bumpers are made right here in the United States
  • N-Fab is based out of Houston, Texas
  • American made, American Proud
  • N-Fab employs American workers, just like yourself
  • Designed to make your truck even more off road ready
  • Provides a unique look that makes your pickup stand out on the road too
  • Whether you’re looking for off road lighting options
  • Or just want some added safety and security
  • The N-Fab RSP Front bumper is a great choice for your pickup truck!

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N-Fab RSP Front Bumper

When you’re looking for a light weight but durable off road style bumper, N-Fab is a great company to check out. And their RSP Front bumper is about as baja and off-road as you can get. Made from .095” thick steel tubes that have gone through a three stage powder coating process, this bumper is designed to take a few hints and keep on going.

The angular design creates a steep angle of approach for your entire front end, allowing for greater tire clearance and hence more off road ability. Whether you’re just hitting the off road trail or trying to do some serious crawling, this bumper is ready for it all.

Add on the fact that the RSP has a number of different lighting options, and you’ll see that this bad boy really is super versatile. And the lighting options include full 38” LED lights bars--up to two of them actually--and more conventional round style lights, of which it can accommodate up to four of them.

When you stop to consider all the customizable options for this bumper, you realize that this style of front prerunner bumper is truly able to be made into a perfect fit for your lifestyle and your truck.

The RSP front bumper is designed to be a bolt on ready full replacement, meaning that there shouldn’t be much cutting and no drilling at all. This baby utilizes factory mounting locations and comes with all the mounting hardware you need to install it in the comfort of your own garage. Though you may need a couple friends to help hold the bumper in place while you mount it using bolts, it really is a DIY install for most guy’s with a home garage and a few common tools like a socket wrench set and flat head screwdriver.

The RSP Front Bumper is available in two different styles of finishes. Both utilize N-Fab’s 3 stage powder coating. The design starts with an all steel construction, welded together to a solid one piece non-modular tubular bumper. Next the entire bumper is coated in a layer of zinc. This layer is the first stage of adding protection to the bumper itself and protects against rust. Next they hit it with a solid powder coating and paint layer, where things get more customizable.

The custom aspect comes in which style paint you want to finish the bumper in. If you are looking for a glossy but smooth finish, you’ll want to go with the gloss black option. And if you’re looking for a texture finish that is more matte, you’ll want to opt for the matte black textured powder coat finish.

Both finishes are very durable, adding further protection against rust and corrosion. And they are backed by a 5 year finish warranty from N-Fab.

The workmanship and structure of the bumper are also covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

And all this goes into making one of the lightest weight off road bumpers around. And did we mention that this bumper is made right here in the US? Cause yeah, it’s made in Texas! N-Fab is based out of Houston, and they do all their manufacturing right here in the US of A.

Nice to know you can still get a high quality steel bumper that has style and looks aggressive and is made right here in the States.

Ready to pick up your very own RSP Front Bumper? Get your off road on and your street style too today with this sweet front bumper from N-Fab!

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