Edge Evolution CTS2 Touchscreen Tuner Review

Top Notch Performance Tuning with a High Resolution Touchscreen Gauge Monitor

With all those Edge Evolution CTS2 Tunergreat functions listed above, plus all those yet to come below, it’s hard to find a more useful performance programmer than the Edge CTS2. This Performance Tuner comes with great pre loaded tunes, can disable AFM or turn off MDS, reads and clears DTCs, and it’s Internet updatable. What more could you want in a tuner?


Bullet Point Breakdown of the Edge Evolution CTS2 Touchscreen Tuner

No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” you’re fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Point Breakdown of the Edge Evolution CTS2 Touchscreen Tuner:

Disclaimer: Options, Tuning Ability, and Various Features vary depending on Make / Model / Year of your vehicle. Double check Edge’s website and input your vehicle information to get the best, most up to date information about what features are available specifically for your truck or Jeep.

  • A Touchscreen Performance Programmer to Unleash your Engine’s Inner Power!
  • Adds up to 180 HP for Diesel Trucks, 50 Horsepower for Gasoline Engines
  • Increases Torque at the wheel by upwards of 440 ft / lbs of torque for Diesel Applications
  • Add up to 50 Torque for Gas Engine Pickup Trucks
  • 3 or more canned tunes including:
  • Economy Mode
  • Performance Mode
  • and Towing Mode
  • Remove Pedal Lag
  • Adjust tire size to correct speedometer after lifting or upgrading tires
  • Perfectly pairs with a Lift Kit or Wheel / Tire Size increases
  • Adjust Rev Limiters
  • The Ability to Data Log and do a variety of High Performance Tests such as:
  • Quarter Mile Run Test for Speed
  • 0 to 60 MPH Performance Test
  • Auto Dim Screen reduces power consumption during day time use
  • Perfect for Daily Drivers and Off-Road Trucks and Jeeps alike
  • Better Throttle Response over Stock
  • Read / Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes from the comfort of your home garage
  • Adjust Speed Limiters
  • Monitor various PIDs in Real Time
  • Program for shift points
  • Adjust Shift Firmness with your Tunes
  • NO Custom Tuning -- Just Great Pre-loaded Tunes
  • The CTS2 comes with great tunes that are perfect for your specific Make / Model / Year vehicle
  • A Great Multi Gauge Touch Screen Monitor and Tuner
  • Perfect for Daily Drivers and Enthusiasts alike
  • Monitor Fuel Consumption on the Fly
  • Stores stock tune to easily flash back to OEM settings for emissions testing or resale
  • Read DTCs as soon as your Check Engine Light comes on
  • 2 in One: A State of the Art Tuner with the Gauge Monitor system of the Insight CTS2
  • All the features of the Insight CTS2 and Evolution CS2 rolled into one great product
  • The Preferred Digital Gauge Monitor Display on the Market Today
  • Increases Fuel Efficiency
  • Tow Haul Mode makes heavy loads easy to carry
  • Makes your Speedometer Read correctly after tire upgrade
  • Adjust gear ratio after installing aftermarket axle gears
  • Eco Mode for the long commute to work or highway miles
  • Much better than bulky analog gauges that are prone to mechanical failure
  • A Gauge Touch Screen Display with the Power of a Performance Programmer Rolled In
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    The Edge CTS2 Evolution Tuner

    It seems likeThe NEW CTS2 Evolution from Edge: Tuning Evolved everyday as our world grows smaller via the Internet and other technological advances astound us, our government limits our personal freedoms more and more. Now some of this, as a God Fearing American, I completely understand. I might even be able to see what they are trying to do though not agree with how they are trying to get there, if you get my point. But when you start messing with my truck, you better back the $%*# off.

    The new EPA standards for fuel economy are one of those issues that I would probably be on the fence about until it starts messing with how I drive. And honestly, my truck isn’t even that new, but ever since auto and truck manufacturers like Ford, GMC / Chevrolet, and Dodge had to start improving fuel economy on their light pickup truck lines, well, the 1500, 2500, and 3500 lines (F-150, 250, 350 for Ford owners) just haven’t been the same.

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    And I Vehicle tuning with Edge Evolution CTS2understand the economic portions of it and even some of the environmental ones, but here’s the deal, ya’ll: I didn’t buy my truck for fuel economy. I didn’t buy my truck to be my daily driver. I didn’t get my truck because it has great MPG on the highway. I got it for power and the ability to tow stuff and load up gear in the bed. That’s it.

    By now, those of you with a truck built in the last decade or so know exactly what I’m getting at. I’m ranting about cylinder shut off or various fuel saving measures. Ford owners can go ahead and get this product and other great tuners just for the performance perks, which are extensive, by the way. But for those of us with Chevy Silverados and Dodge Ram pickups, we need the CTS2 for another reason altogether:

    Disabling AFM / MDS

    I hope The Edge Evolution CTS2 Pro Tuneryou don’t feel like I was getting on my high horse back there, but it does kinda annoy me. I love a lot of the great new technology that these vehicles come equipped with. My backup camera on my Silverado 1500 is a God send when it comes to parking. I still use the mirrors, but the camera is just great, especially when your kid leaves his bike in the middle of the driveway, right where you tend to park your truck.
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    But there are other things that make me nostalgic. I remember popping the hood on my dad’s old truck and being able to literally get into the engine compartment. I would be standing up inside it cause there was so much room, and helping him change spark plugs or remove the alternator cause the damn thing went out. And now I feel like everything is electronic, more prone to failure, and some of it it seems like you need to have a degree in computer programing to make any changes.

    And that’s where the CTS2 comes in. Having the ability to read DTCs and figure out which Adjust Turbo Timer with Edge Evolution CTS2sensor is off or what needs replaced is another great function of these modern vehicles. And I like that too. I no longer have to just listen to the engine running and try to figure out if that’s the timing that’s off or she’s just idling too high. But what really makes that easy to understand is having a gauge monitor like the CTS2. Heck, this thing even lets me set alerts that will go off if I get in the red on something, like my transmission temperatures while towing. That’s super useful, and before I wouldn’t have been able to do anything like that at all. I think my father gets way less calls from me that go like this, “Well, it sounds like…”

    All these great features have made the Evolution CTS2 a great product for me personally. But I’ve done glossed over why I bought it in the first place.

    I had to disable AFM.

    I’m Edge Evolution CTS 2 tuner and performance programmernot sure how it is on modern vehicles, but the first few years Chevy was putting out Active Fuel Management on their trucks was a full blown disaster. I’ve heard all the horror stories, from the increased wear and tear on just four cylinders to the engine blowing up or going down after just five years of normal driving.
    Body Armor & Protection


    Since ISlim and sleek CTS2 from Edge was raised a Chevy guy, I knew I was going to get another Silverado. But as soon as I drove her off the lot, I knew I needed a tuner. I watched as the little OEM gauge thingy showed me how it popped over to AFM mode, limiting me to only 4 cylinders, once I got to a good 35 - 40 MPH of cruising down a state road. And I could tell. I know some people claim they can’t, but I could tell.

    And maybe it was all the years of being spoiled by my ‘85 Chevy pickup. I don’t know. But it felt strange.

    And I wanted to protect my investment. So when I went to look for a tuner, I knew I Toggle switch digital display on the CTS2 Evolution Edgewanted something with the ability to turn off AFM or MDS (for Dodge owners), something that had an Eco tune for highway driving, a towing tune, and a performance one that would unlock my engine. And that’s where I sit most weeks, on the performance 87 octane tune. It has opened up my engine and taken me back to the good old days.

    I get the fuel economy debate, but when it comes to my pickup truck, I wish the government Customize the screen and layout on the Edge Evolution CTS2would just stay out of my business. I’m not saying you’re gonna see me in one of them hybrids any time soon, but those Teslas do look pretty cool. But I’m hoping to be driving my truck for years to come, and before I got my CTS2 on it, I was worried it would only be a matter of time before I had the same issues I have seen all over the forums and the Internet about AFM and MDS. Nothing good comes about from disabling half your cylinders and limiting your engine’s ability to run. It’s like breathing but only using one lung instead of two. It just doesn’t make since.

    So regardless of whether you have a Dodge or GMC or Ford vehicle, there’s a lot of great features on this CTS2. I hope you’ll have as much success with yours as I have. And if you are struggling with MDS or AFM, do yourself and your truck a favor. Get a CTS2 tuner today and disable that nonsense. Your pickup will drive better and honestly, I actually had a little better MPG with AFM turned off. And you can take that to the bank, as the old timers say.

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