AVS Aeroskin LightShield Hood Protector
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AVS Aeroskin LightShield Hood Protector

Best NEW Exterior Accessory at SEMA 2018: A Hood Guard with Integrated LED Lights

A hood protector with attitude and style, the NEW Aeroskin LightShield AVS turned a lot of heads at SEMA 2018, and now it’s turning heads on the street as well. This baby is made of superior Dura-Flex 2000 TPO, designed to take a beating and keep looking good. And the light bar which features 5 LED marker lights is powered by connecting directly into your vehicle’s stock parking lights. We are talking about a truly seamless integration with an easy, no drill install. And did we mention it looks pretty sick on your truck, cause, yeah, that too.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the AVS Aeroskin LightShield Hood Protector

        No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the AVS Aeroskin LightShield Hood Protector:

  • A Protective Hood Shield with 5 Amber LED Lights Integrated into It
  • Super Easy Installation
  • Custom Molded TPO Bug Shield that Fits the Contours of your Vehicle Perfectly
  • Includes a Wiring Kit with over Nine Feet of Wire
  • LED Light Pods plug into your stock parking lights
  • Similar to Cree LEDs, the integrated LED Light Bar has an impressive light output of 250 Lumens
  • Backed by Auto VentShade’s 3 year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • The Bug Deflector installs using 3M Automotive-Grade Adhesive
  • The Aeroskin Light Shield is Custom Fit to your Make and Model Truck
  • Made of Superior Material with Professional Workmanship in Buford, GA
  • Coated in a matte black textured finish for added protection
  • Designed to last for years to come
  • A Bug Shield with Lights to show off your style even in the darkest of nights

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AVS Aeroskin LightShield Hood Protector

When we first saw it at SEMA 2018, we were honestly blown away. Then when we learned that it won Best New Exterior Accessory Product, we were not surprised at all. And now that it has officially hit the market, we aren’t surprised to see it flying off the shelves. The NEW AeroSkin Light Shield Hood Protector from AVS is a bug deflector with style and illumination via the integrated string LED marker light pods, which are capable of putting out up to 250 Lumens.

These LEDs, which are likely to last the lifetime of your truck if they hold up as well as other similar LED products, are a head turning addition to a product that already had great style but now too has great lighting.

We’ve seen integrated light bars into bumpers. We’ve seen them on step bars. But we ain’t never seen no seamlessly integrated LED marker lights on no hood protector before until now.

You likely already know why you need a hood guard, but now to have the option to have LED marker lights included, this bad boy is a must have if you’re a truck owner.

I can’t wait to get one installed on my truck because this thing is hot and everybody is gonna want one. Having seen it in person at SEMA 2018, we just couldn’t wait to start offering these Aeroskin LightShield bug guards to everyone, and now that day has finally arrived.

If you’re the kinda truck owner who just has to have the newest and coolest new products on your pickup, then order this sweet AeroSkin today because this light bar integrated hood guard is gonna sell like hot cakes, and you’re gonna want to get one before the first run of them sells out.

There. Drooling over. Let me tell you a little about why hood shields are so important.

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Hood Guards: Why You Need One

So first off, you really need a hood guard. They aren’t just for looks, but if you need one to protect the value of your vehicle, you might as well get one that looks awesome and has integrated LED lights, like this Light Shield right here. Am I right?

I know I am. That was rhetorical.

But let’s quickly run through all the reasons why you need a hood protector or bug deflector in the first place.

So it boils down to this: the world is going to throw all sorts of obstacles at your truck. Sometimes these are gonna come at you literally in plain sight, in the middle of the day. Other times, you won’t see them coming until they’ve already made their impact on your life and your truck.

That’s just how it is.

Welcome to life as we know it.

But this isn’t some metaphor about existence. I’m talking about physical objects that are going to impact your truck head on here. Things like insects, rocks, dust and dirt, pebbles, trash some jack a$$ ahead of you just threw out his window--that kinda stuff.

And sometimes, again, you’ll even see it coming. But even that doesn’t always mean you’re going to be able to do anything about it.

When you’re traveling at 65 - 75 miles per hour, dodging an obstacle like an empty cardboard box sliding in the wind across the Interstate highway might be total doable for most of us. But we aren’t going to be able to dodge little things like flying insects that are in the middle of traffic either.

So you need some kind of protection against even the smallest of possible impact points.

And before you scoff, remember, we’re traveling at speed here. Most of us have experienced something like this already.

You’re flying down the highway or some backroad and you’re minding your own business, not thinking about much, when up ahead some gigantic monstrosity of a truck pulls out in front of you. You slow down, think about passing, but it’s a nice day, and the dump truck is getting up to speed.

So you coast behind him for a while, and again, there’s nothing really happening. You’re just chilling, when you hear that loud tingy sound of something banging off your windshield. You glance up and to the right to see a spider web of cracks forming.

The first time it happened to me, I didn’t even realize the guy in front of me was through rocks. And of course, mud flaps are supposed to help, but they don’t always. And I can’t really blame anyone for it. I mean, it’s an act of God, right?

Except there was something I could have done to preempt this minor issue. I say minor because cracks in your windshield like this are totally repairable. But it’s still a pain in the butt.

I could have done something, had I only known and thought about it.

I should have installed a hood protector.

I think a lot of us think of hood guards and bug shields as being all about protecting your hood only and your hood against things like bugs and flying insects. And don’t get me wrong, they do just that.

But they protect you from something else as well: rocks.

It is so very often that bouncing rocks and pebbles end up getting caught in your tires and flung behind your vehicle. And when you’re traveling at great speed, that rock is really moving too. And it doesn’t take an extensive understanding of physics to understand that if one object moving at 50 or 60 miles per hour hits another object traveling the opposite direction at 30 or 40 MPH, well, something’s gotta give.

And it’s probably gonna be your paint job or your windshield.

While both are cosmetic and / or replaceable, the fact of the matter is you shouldn’t have to worry about something like that every time you take your truck out for a spin.

That’s where hood protectors come in.

The high quality Dura-Flex 2000 TPO composite that the LightShield is made out of is designed to bounce rocks and insects off it. The shape of the hood guard redirects air currents and hence bugs and stones riding on them up and over your hood and over the top of your cab. This clever design helps keep insect guts off your windshield and hood, protecting your paint job too.

A little known fact is that insect guts tend to be highly acidic. This means they can damage your paint job over time. Throw in a few minor rock collisons, and the next thing you know you’ve got a damaged clear coat and some acidic bug insides eating your paint away down to the bare metal. And we all know what happens to bare metal, especially in my harsh Midwest winter climate.

The point is, you need a bug shield. And if you’re going to get one for your truck or Jeep, you might as well get one that looks good too.

And the Aeroskin Light Shield doesn’t just look good. She lights up too. We’re not talking about no glow in the dark level lighting here either. We've been talking about 250 Lumens of LED brightness. This light shield is going to sell fast, so order yours today. We think you’re gonna love it. I can’t wait to get mine installed and get some video footage up real soon.

Until then, check out our SEMA 2018 coverage and the images above for more great looks at this sweet new Hood Protector: The AVS AeroSkin LightShield.

Once you see one of these in person, it will truly be no surprise why AVS won the SEMA award in 2018. These hood protectors really are a step up on all fronts. Get yourself a great bug shield with LED lights included, with the style and durability that AVS is known for. Set yourself and your truck apart from the crowd. Pick up the NEW AVS AeroSkin Light Shield today.

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