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Access LiteRider Soft Roll Up Cover Review

Access LiteRider Soft Roll Up Cover Review

One of the Best Value Soft Truck Bed Covers on the Market Today

If you’re The Literider Soft roll up coverlooking for an affordable soft roll up tonneau cover that looks great and adds a bit of extra storage capacity to your truck bed, then the Access LiteRider is perfect for you and your pickup truck. The LiteRider has a lot of great features all rolled into this budget truck bed cover. And when it comes to ease of use and looking good, this vinyl cover has both in spades. And with all these great features at such a solid value, you’d be wondering how they could keep the price so low. We wonder too, because the final note you just must know about Access and their parent company Agri-Cover is that they manufacture all their Access Roll-Up Covers in Jamestown, North Dakota. That’s right! They are made in America by American workers.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the Access LiteRider Soft Roll Up Cover

No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the Access LiteRider Soft Roll Up Cover:

  • The LiteRider is a great soft roll up truck bed cover at an affordable price
  • This increased capacity tonneau sits 1 and a half inches above the truck bed
  • This means any item that sits roughly flush or just under your truck bed rails should fit under this tonneau when closed
  • The extra space provides great clearance for slightly larger gear and equipment
  • One of the best value truck bed covers available today
  • Easy to use, featuring AutoLatch
  • Cover automatically locks when you close it, providing great security and ease of use
  • Access’ patented Slide Lock offers additional protection on the passenger side of the truck bed
  • Tried and true hook and loop fasteners run the entire length of the pickup truck bed
  • This high strength weather seal helps keep your truck bed dry when the cover is closed
  • Tension is easily controlled via the Ez-Dial adjustors
  • This simple dial requires no tool to change tension in various climates and temperatures
  • Vinyl seals at rear and front of the cover along with a foam gasket make this a very water resistant cover
  • The LiteRider provides true full bed access
  • Simply roll up the cover and secure it in place at the bulkhead using the Quick Clip storage straps
  • One of the easiest tonneau covers to DIY install
  • No Drill installation due to Tight Bite Clamps used to secure the tonneau to your truck bed rails
  • The bows are made of solid aluminum--both lightweight and durable
  • Increase your fuel economy simply by installing the LiteRider Cover
  • By reducing drag and increasing aerodynamics, this truck bed cover can increase your Miles per Gallon by upwards of 1-2 MPG
  • A cover you just have to see
  • Stunning vinyl look: both classic and formidable
  • Protects your gear while your on the go
  • Keeps moisture and water at bay
  • Tested in various climates throughout North America
  • Designed to last and keep your truck bed protected
  • Backed by Access’ 3 year Limited Warranty
  • A cover for the every man that makes your truck look stylish and modern
  • This is a vinyl truck bed cover done right
  • The Access LiteRider: Smart, Affordable, Durable, and Sleek

Access LiteRider Soft Roll Up Cover

When it comes to getting a tonneau cover, there are a lot of options to consider. You will want your cover to custom fit your truck bed, protect your gear that’s stored underneath it, and look good while doing it.

It is rareLiteRider Tonneau Cover that we really get hard core into other aspects of the products we sell. So much of the aftermarket community is either about hard numbers--torque and horsepower gains with tuners for instance--or aesthetic appeal--these wheels just look sweet--nuff said.

But occasionally, you run across a really great product that also happens to be available at an excellent price. But with the Access LiteRider you really are getting great features at a price that is perfect for someone looking to purchase their first tonneau cover ever or just get a replacement cover at a decent price tag.

The truth is if you are shopping for a tonneau cover on a budget and you like the look and feel of a soft vinyl top, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more affordable truck bed cover for your pickup than the LiteRider by Access Covers.

Let us run you through all the great features and reasons why the Access LiteRider is one of the best affordable covers around.

When you’re An Access LiteRider Truck bed coverin the market for a tonneau cover, you need to consider all the aspects above. You should think about what you want the cover to look like on your truck bed. You need to consider the price tag and whether or not you can afford that super sweet all electric retractable with built in disco ball and five disc CD changer. You should think about security and weather sealing. And finally, you need to decide how you really use your truck most often.

The first two are pretty easy to consider. Personally, when it comes to tonneau cover looks, I like the segment look of many retractables, I’m partial to fiberglass style hard tri-folding covers, and I even dig on some solid one-piece truck bed lids. But when it comes to honest stylish appeal, I really like the way vinyl leather grain covers look on my truck bed.

I think Agricovers LiteRider Soft Roll up Tonneau Covermaybe it's nostalgic. I don’t know if my uncle or dad had an Original Access Cover or what, but it makes me think of exactly what a tonneau cover should look like. So when I’m in the market for a truck bed cover that looks good and keeps your truck bed secure, I tend to start with roll up covers of the vinyl variety.

When it comes to stylish soft tops, Access is hard to beat. But you still have tons of great options to consider. Maybe you like the Loredo or are looking for a super low profile cover? It could be you want the Limited or need a little more clearance under the cover?

But when it comes to budget, you can’t go wrong with the LiteRider. It has many of the great features of the Original and several of Access’ other top sellers, but that price tag is hard to beat.

But just because a cover looks good and is affordable doesn’t mean it is the right cover for you. You need to consider the benefits of each style carefully too.

For instance, if Agricover Access Lite Rider Cover: Made in the USAyou often haul around expensive tools and equipment under your tonneau cover, you’re going to want to think about security. And if you’re ever concerned about items flying out of the back of your truck if your cover doesn’t get completely sealed, then you want to make sure that new cover is easy to close and lock in place.

With the LiteRider you really get the best of both worlds. It's affordable, has a AutoLatch locking system, and a patented slide lock.

The AutoLatch makes sure that when you close your tonneau cover, the locking mechanism will automatically click into place, locking your cover in place.

The passenger slide patented slide lock can also be slide closed to lock the cover down even further, providing additional security.

Next youGet full bed access with the Access LiteRider Truck Bed Cover have to consider the elements. Too many cheap knock off covers out there have not been properly tested in all possible climates. If you get a tonneau cover that has only been tested and manufactured in warm, tropical climates of Malaysia, but you live in the great white north of Canada, you are entering some seriously uncharted waters, my friend.

Access makes all their covers right here in the States, in North Dakota. They have field tested their soft vinyl tops in various climates throughout the world. These babies are built to last and handle harsh winters and hot summers alike.

And the vinyl seals and water-resistant foam gaskets that line the rails and edges of the LiteRider are designed to keep precipitation out and all of your tools and valuables in.

The final step is to really consider how you use your truck bed. Many of us don’t think too much about whether or not we need full bed access.

By 100% The Soft Rolling up cover the LiteRider allows for true 100% bed accesstrue full bed access, we mean the ability to utilize all of your truck bed space once the cover is rolled up. With many folding covers and retractables, some of the space up at the bulkhead of your truck bed, near the cab, is limited due to the cover or a canister for retractables. If you often move larger items like furniture or appliances, this could really become a major headache if you get the wrong truck bed cover.

But with a soft roll up like the LiteRider, you don’t have to worry because once this cover is rolled up you have true full bed access and can use all the space of your truck bed.

At the Lite Rider from Access: a vinyl soft cover from Agri Coverend of the day, if you’re looking for a well priced, roll up cover, you would be hard pressed to find a better deal than the Access LiteRider soft vinyl tonneau cover. It is quite the value in a cover that is built to last made right here in the United States. 

Our Promise of Exceptional Service and the Lowest Prices on the Interwebs

When you’re ready to order your Access LiteRider Soft Roll Up Cover, we hope you’ll get yours from us here at Midwest Aftermarket. We only promote products we believe in and sell them at the lowest prices, shipping quickly to you for free if you’re in the lower 48 states. We have an excellent return policy and strive to get you the right product in perfect condition the first time.

What are A good looking vinyl cover from Agricovers: LiteRider roll up truck bed coveryou waiting for? Give us a call or place an order directly through our website. We’ll get your product out to you ASAP so you can enjoy your vehicle and make it your own. If you have a vision of what your truck or Jeep could be, let us help you achieve that image, that goal. We put aftermarket right at the tip of your fingers on your smartphone, web browser, and even via various apps, making ordering the parts you need super easy.

Let us help make your aftermarket dream possible. Let us help you build your dream machine. We want you to drive the truck or Jeep of your dreams right now. So when you get it installed and love it, make sure you share us some pics on social media so we can live vicariously through you. Because we too are aftermarket enthusiasts, truck and Jeep owners, who love and own many of the products we sell. In other words, we don’t just work aftermarket--we are aftermarket.

Midwest Aftermarket's collection of air intakes, pickup bed covers, truck running boards, and much more includes all the leading styles and brands. Midwest The Lite Rider, a soft vinyl roll up cover that's made in the StatesAftermarket is the #1 online retailer for aftermarket truck and Jeep accessories, selling products at the lowest prices and providing the best customer service in the industry. With the goal to provide the highest quality product with the fastest shipping at affordable prices, look no further for your vehicle’s aftermarket accessories. From UTV’s to Jeep-fanatics to F150’s or Chevy Silverado’s, Midwest Aftermarket will give you the customer support you deserve. Ask us about our new 2 day shipping options available on many of our fine aftermarket accessories.

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