Our personal guarantee that we offer the lowest possible price on all MAP products is something you can take to the bank and put it in your pipe too. We promise that if our price isn’t the lowest, somebody is breaking rules and about to get in trouble.

What’s MAP, you might ask?

MAP is Minimum Advertised Price. It’s a policy that the manufacturer of a product makes to make sure people don’t sell their products below a certain threshold and prevent extreme online discounting that hurts the industry.

If someone sells below this price, they will no longer be allowed to sell that product.

We consistently sell at MAP rates to give you, the consumer, the best deals we possibly can on all the great products we carry.

Free and Fair Returns

There’s nothing worse than ordering a part or anything really online and when it shows up it’s the wrong part or it’s damaged. We work very hard to try to make sure each and every order placed is for the correct make and model, but mistakes do happen. We all make them. And whether you get a product from us and it is damaged during shipping or you ordered the wrong one, rest assured, we’ll make it right.

On the vast majority of products we sell we offer free returns. Just reach out to our friendly US based customer service team. Give them a call at 217-212-5199 or email at Support@MidwestAftermarket.com or even try that Live Chat at the bottom of the screen.

Most of the time, a simple email and a few photos, we’ll get your product returned free of charge and get a new one or the right one shipped out to you as well. Our team is great at communication, and we are here to help.

So if you have any issue with the product you received, just hit us up. You can trust the support staff at Midwest Aftermarket will make it right. And if you need help with the manufacturer, we will do our best to aid you as well. We understand that dealing with warranties and such can be a hassle and confusing. We have great relationships with the manufacturers we work with. Let us help you out.

These are just some of the great benefits you get when you buy your aftermarket parts from Midwest Aftermarket.