What is Midwest Aftermarket?

It's that feeling you get when you rev up that engine. It's the first time you got behind the wheel for an epic road trip. It's that warm glow behind your eyes after you've taken that first shot on your 21st birthday. It's the look in your dog's eyes when you blame that silent but deadly one on him. It's the joy you felt on Christmas morning opening up that big present, only this time you get all of these experiences and more each and every time you visit the Midwest Aftermarket website to order that badass new part for your truck or Jeep. What is Midwest Aftermarket? you ask. It's friends. It's family. It's a community of aftermarket enthusiasts just like you, with inside jokes and easter eggs to boot. You might as well ask what Midwest Aftermarket isn't. To that, I tell you, we aren't that faceless corporate entity that offers deep discounts at the expense of the American Worker. We aren't big business, outsourcing customer service overseas. We aren't your boss... unless if your boss is a massive Star Wars fan who thinks he's pretty darn good at ping-pong and will challenge you to a match at five minutes to closing time that then turns into an epic showdown of athletics unlike anything you've ever seen or believed could exist, cause then, yeah... that is us, actually.

Meet the People Behind Midwest Aftermarket

The Office Puppy

Walter, the Office Puppy (Walties!)

Spending his days taking treats from delivery drivers and lounging around insisting that passerby pet him, Walter is the brains behind Midwest Aftermarket's operation.

Our CEO and Founder

Cass Cooper (Chazz Michael Michaels)

Lord Commander (Read: Ping Pong Champion)

Brand Manager & Kyle's Lil Helper

Cory Farris (Big Country)

Support Sensei (and Kyle's "Lil" Helper)

CTO & Dancer Extraordinaire

Bradley Cooper (B-Rad)

IT Guru (The Fixer of All Things Code Related)

Data Warrior / Receptionist

Samantha Donaldson (Sam)

Data Warrior (and All Around Friendly Person)

Customer Service Manager

Scott Ernst (Mildly Spicy Scoots)

Support Ninja (and Headphone Master)

Order Processing

Brenden Frame (B-Man)

Support Ninja (Formerly with Long Flowing Locks)

Head Writer

Dan Lesko (@PartsProfessor)

Marketing Monk (Read: Wizard of the Words)

YouTube Personality

Kyle Fields (That YouTube Guy)

Video Jester (and Expert Parts Installer)

Accounting Clerk

Natasha Beckwith (Tasha)

Numbers Cleric (Aftermarket Bookie)

Data Warrior

Dakota Westbrook (D-Money)

Data Warrior (and Lore Master for All Things GoT)

Jessica Williams (Jess)

Support Ninja (and Workout Master)

Taylor Luketich (Tayy)

Support Ninja (and #1 Weebo)