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AMP Research BedXtender HD Moto

A Bed Extender Designed with the Motorcyclist in Mind

When you need to haul your motorcycle but don’t have a trailer available or a trailer just won’t work for your circumstances, your only option may be to load that bike up into your truck bed. And if you have a long bed, you’ll probably be fine. But if you’re rocking a standard or short bed, you may be in some trouble. So AMP Research developed their BedXtender HD Moto to make loading your motorcycle up and hauling it in your truck bed easier and safer. This Bed Extender not only adds another 2 feet onto the back of your bed, it also features a slant-back design that is made specifically to cushion, support, and help hold a back tire on a bike in place. This clever design feature makes this the only Bed Extender we’ve seen that makes hauling a motorcycle or dirt bike easier and safer than ever before. Being able to haul a single dirt bike in the back of your short bed or even a full sized motorcycle in the back of a standard bed really is a game changer. Do note that if you want to haul an ATV, you’d probably be better off going with the HD Sport version of the BedXtender, rather than the Moto. The Moto is designed specifically for bikes and motorcycles, allowing you to transport a two wheeled bike that is up to 2 feet and a few inches longer than your actual truck bed. As far as bed extenders go, the HD Moto does all the things the rest of this line and others like it do. It adds additional area onto the back of your truck bed for hauling longer items and doing so safely. At the same time, it also lets you haul a bike safely and securely. Add the BedXtender HD Moto to your truck bed, pick up a few tie downs and some straps, and you’ll be hauling your motorcycle in your truck bed in no time.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the AMP Research BedXtender HD Moto

        No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the AMP Research BedXtender HD Moto:

  • A Bed Extender that allows you to haul a bike or motorcycle in your truck bed easier and safer
  • Adds another two feet of safe storage onto the back of your truck bed
  • The perfect extension to the back of your truck bed
  • Makes hauling your motorcycle in your standard truck bed securely much easier
  • Made from 6063 T6 military grade aluminum
  • Light weight with a high tensile strength and superior durability--this thing is built to last
  • Easy to use
  • Installs at the tailgate
  • Just open your tailgate and flip the HD Moto out onto the gate to extend your bed
  • Stores within your truck bed
  • When you’re done using it, just flip it back in and close your tailgate
  • Fits under most tonneau covers
  • For covers with larger rails, may require a Spacer Kit for proper installation
  • Super easy to install
  • No drill installation for most makes and models of trucks
  • Check out the Quick Latch add-on system for easy removable and reinstallation
  • If you think you’ll regularly need full truck bed access with the tailgate closed, consider adding the Quick Latch system to your order
  • Backed by AMP’s superior 3 year warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in silver or black finish
  • Both finishes are powder coated to improve scratch and ding resistance
  • Designed with motorcycle enthusiasts in mind
  • Doubles as a cargo gate when flipped into your bed
  • Safely and easily store cargo at your tailgate
  • Bars are great for securing larger or taller loads
  • Nylon composite uprights work great for looping bag handles over
  • Prevents your groceries or equipment from sliding around your truck bed
  • An American made truck bed extender that makes hauling your bike securely easier and more safe too

AMP Research BedXtender HD Moto

If you’re looking for a great bed extender that will make hauling your dirt bike or motorcycle easier and safer, then the HD Moto is likely the one for you. This bed extender adds on up to 2 feet to your truck bed. It is designed to be durable and easy to install. And again it makes transporting motorcycles easy and much safer than just having your bike strapped in and hanging out over your tailgate.

This bed extender is stored within your truck’s bed at all times, so that whenever you need it, you can just fold out your tailgate and flip the BedXtender HD Moto over and onto your tailgate. It is as easy as that.

If you plan to use the Moto to mostly transport a dirt bike or motorcycle, we highly recommend you add on the Quick Latch system to this purchase. This makes removing and reinstalling the tailgate extender super easy and can make loading and unloading your bike quick and simple as well. Otherwise, for some applications and makes / models of motorcycles, you’ll have to remove the HD Moto and reinstall it after loading the bike up.

With the Quick Latch system, however, you’ll be able to easily unlatch the HD Moto, load your bike or motorcycle up, and then relatch the tailgate extender into place, securing the bike. Then you can use straps and tie downs to further secure the bike both to the tailgate extender itself and your other tie down hooks and locations within your truck bed.

This tailgate extender is built to last too. Made from military grade 6063 T6 aluminum, it is both lightweight and super durable with a tensile strength that will impress. The weight of this piece makes it easy to both install and use. Flipping the system into or out of the truck bed is something most can accomplish one handed. And having the truck bed extender there when you need it is super convenient too.

What’s great about the whole BedXtender line from AMP Research is that it is excellent for both extending your truck bed space and as a cargo storage system.

The main function is of course as a tailgate extension. And whether you’re looking to haul ATV’s (try the HD Sport) or lumber / drywall (see the HD Max) or a motorcycle (that’s this one--the HD Moto), there’s a BedXTender for you. And the additional area it adds to your truck’s bed, up to 30% by the way, will transform your truck bed into basically one size longer than it was. If you’re rocking a short bed with a Bed Xtender, you’re basically stepping up to a standard. Got a standard with Bed EXtender? You’ve almost got a long bed now.

Beyond the extension part though, this bed extender doubles as a cargo gate. A cargo gate is similar to a cargo bar which extends across the width of your truck bed. These gates are like a cage or wall of cargo bars designed to help you keep your gear and equipment stored near the tailgate and preventing it from sliding around or ending up at the front of your truck’s bed.

Personally, I got my BedXtender for the tailgate extension part. And while I use it in that way regularly, what I use almost on the daily is the cargo gate function.

If you’ve ever stored something at your tailgate and had it end up stuck up in your truck bed, then you will enjoy and find this product highly useful.

For me, my truck has become the family vehicle. When we go grocery shopping, for instance, we don’t take my wife’s car. We take my F-150. And I used to use a cargo bar and a system of rigged up bungies and cords to try to keep my groceries from sliding all around my truck bed. For the most part, it worked alright. But it was always kind of a pain in the butt. I’d bungie a few plastic bags to a tie down. Then I’d use the cargo bar to keep larger boxes and such in place. But even then, I’d often find that when I opened my tonneau cover still a can or two of soup or a creamer or even some produce or fruit--one time a whole bag of apples--end up at the front of my bed, up by the bulkhead, and I’m stuck hopping up into my truck bed to get the run away items.

I know that this probably isn’t the number one reason to pickup a bed extender, but let me tell you, I use mine as a cargo gate almost every day. Whether I’m trying to keep a toolbox at the back of my truck bed or looping grocery bags over the uprights, that BedXtender makes my life and hauling various items easier. I honestly don’t know how I managed without mine.

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