What is a Grille Guard

It's common to hear 'grille guard' when discussing vehicle accessories. What is a grille guard, and is it worth the money?

It is essential to know if truck owners feel any safer with these protections. Midwest Aftermarket helps you clarify what is a grille guard, their worth of installation in your car or truck to protect you and your vehicle.

An Insight into Grille Guard

Trucks and SUVs have a strong metal structure fitted at the front called a grille guard. In different countries, a grille guard is known by many names, such as:

  • Bullbar
  • Push bumper
  • Kangaroo bar
  • Kangaroo device
  • Roo bar
  • Winch bar
  • Nudge bar
  • Push bar
  • Ram bar
  • Brush guard
  • Cactus pusher
  • Rammer
  • PIT bar
  • PIT bumper
  • Cattle pusher

The primary function of a bullbar is to prevent damage from animals, debris, and other cars from getting to the vehicle's grille and front end. The steel or aluminum tubing used in bullbars is usually made to withstand impact and reduce harm to the vehicle's front end.

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Are Grille Guards Worth It?

The value of a push bumper is mainly determined by:

  • Personal preferences
  • Driving styles
  • Conditions under which the car is used

Does a Truck Grille Guard Increase Safety?

When deciding whether to invest in a grille guard, keep the following things in mind:


Push bumpers add an extra defense layer, lowering the chance of harm to the car's front end from accidents with objects or animals. This guard provides peace of mind, knowing your vehicle is protected from possible dangers.

Aesthetic Appeal

Some truck owners like the rugged image. A kangaroo bar gives your car a look above and beyond its usefulness. A vehicle or SUV can appear more powerful and imposing on the road thanks to the grille guards' robust construction and stylish design.

Resale Value

Adding a kangaroo device might improve the car's saleability. Buyers who reside in areas where there is a high likelihood of encountering animals or off-road driving may want grille protection.


You can customize your vehicles to suit your tastes and inclinations by adding roo bars. These are available in a variety of forms and finishes. You can choose between a polished stainless steel appearance and a sleek black finish, and there are many modification possibilities to accommodate various aesthetic tastes.

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The Dispute on the Installation of Winch Bars

Balancing these advantages with any potential disadvantages of roo bars is crucial. They have drawn criticism for allegedly interfering with airbag deployment during collisions, which might endanger the safety of people in cars.

Furthermore, poorly installed or cheap nudge bars could not offer enough protection and could worsen crash damage.

Automotive experts disagree over the issue of whether vehicle winch bars improve safety. They are intended to shield the car's front end from harm. However, there is disagreement on how much more safety they add.

The proponents contend that push bars can improve safety by lowering the possibility of expensive repairs and downtime caused by accidents with objects or animals. By lessening the force of the collision, a push bar can avoid accidents in rural locations where wildlife interactions are frequent.

The Bottom Line

Knowing what grille guards are helps improve your vehicle's safety and aesthetics. They provide several advantages, including increased protection and aesthetic appeal. It is essential to balance these benefits against any potential safety risks. Decide if a truck grille guard is a good investment for your car by researching and considering your unique demands and preferences.