WeatherTech Under Seat Storage System
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WeatherTech Under Seat Storage System

A Great Method of Organizing your Truck’s Cab via Storage Compartments

  While the name might not be the most exciting, it certainly does say what it is. The WeatherTech Under Seat Storage System helps truck owners organize their gear, tools, and equipment underneath their rear, or on some makes / models front, seats. If the backseat of your truck looks as messy as mine used to then you are in for an awakening. This Storage System is going to change the way you carry and organize stuff in your truck’s cab.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the WeatherTech Under Seat Storage System

        No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the WeatherTech Under Seat Storage System:

  • Organizes all the Tools and Gear you already have in your truck cab
  • A Great Storage Solution / Box for under your Backseat
  • A Truck Cab Organizer that is nearly indestructible
  • Custom Fit to optimize unused space via a storage box under your back seat
  • Made of 100% Recyclable Material, Thermoplastic Polymer
  • Easy Install - No Drill Install, One of the Simplest in the Industry
  • Organizer your Back Seat with this Handy Box with Built in Dividers
  • Laser Measured to fit perfectly under your seats
  • This “Soft Touch” material is chemical resistant and odorless
  • This nigh indestructible material will not break down or warp over time
  • Protects your interior upholstery by lining your rear truck floor
  • Requires no mounting hardware or drilling or installing packages
  • Injection molded to fit the right shape and last a lifetime
  • Backed by WeatherTech’s Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Made right here in the US of A by American Workers

WeatherTech Under Seat Storage

When it comes to protecting your interior and creating extremely well designed and manufactured product that custom fits your vehicle, you’d be hard pressed to find a better company than WeatherTech. These folks have custom fit floor liners and storage systems down to a science--literally. And as far as material design is concerned, their HDTE and Thermoplastic materials are cutting edge. So really it is less about the specific product in my mind. This is more about why you need a better storage solution.

Let’s start here:

Listen up, ya’ll. We’re messy and disorganized.

There. I said it. 

I live in a fantasy land where I like to make believe that the mess in my backseat is organized chaos. You’ve probably been where I am. You force yourself to believe in this delusion that you could find whatever you wanted to look for in that disaster of a backseat, but the truth is it’ll take you 15 minutes, and that’ll be after you pull over to the side of the road.

So let’s be honest with… well, myself, for a moment. I’m messy. And I need help.

When I got my first car, the backseat was basically a modified trash and tool storage area. Don’t knock it. I was a teenager, then a pizza delivery guy, then the local Mister Fix It. I needed to carry around a lot of crap. And that’s not counting my football gear during the Fall semester and my baseball stuff in the Spring.

Point is, I had a lot of crap to haul around.

Once I upgraded to a truck, I had a lot more storage--in the form of a truck bed. I eventually got a tonneau cover and a toolbox, so I was able to move a lot of the junk (read: important tools and gear) I always carried around with me in the back somewhere. And the toolboxes helped me to organize that crap that was under the tonneau cover. Swing Cases--who knew they could hold so much.

But no matter how well I organized my truck bed, I still had plenty of junk that I was hauling around in my cab too. I honestly don’t know how it happened. I guess it is similar to buying a house or moving into a bigger apartment. When you first move in, you think you have so much space you’re never gonna fill it. Three months later, you’re looking for a bigger place.

Maybe that’s cause of my wife. I’d love to blame it on her. But the truth is, it’s a team effort. And I know it is cause of the state of my garage and…

...the back seat of my truck.

Which brings me to the need for truck cab storage.

So at this point, you’re left with about three major players in the truck cab storage industry.

The Three Major Players in Truck Cab Storage

Drum roll please…

  • Husky Gear Box
  • Du-ha Cab Storage / Gun Cases
  • And WeatherTech Under Seat Storage System

While all three make a solid storage system, WeatherTech’s Under Seat Storage System, is definitely one of the best. Of course, as a caveat, if you need a Gun Case, Du-Ha is the way to go because it’s the only legal gun rack / case for your truck we’ve been able to find anywhere. And Husky’s Gear Box is also very well made and great for yogurt. Look it up on the YouTubes. I dare you.

My point is WeatherTech makes a great product as far as Cab Storage and Floor Liners are concerned. And personally, what puts their product so far up the list is the materials they use and their excellent designs.

By using laser measurement and thermoplastics that are both soft enough to the touch that they have a little give but rigid enough to keep all you stuff in place, they have created a superior product.

So when it came time for me to pickup my own truck cab storage, the decision was simple. I wasn’t looking to store a rifle, and I stand by their name and reputation. Of course it helps that they’ve got that great Lifetime Limited Warranty too.

And the Under Seat Storage System is truly one of the simplest installs ever, so that didn’t hurt either.

While I blame my decision originally on my girlfriend at the time, my current wife, I really had to go pick up my Under Seat Storage because my vehicle was a wreck.

I remember one time picking her up for a date, and I had panicked and thrown all the trash in the backseat. Basically, I ran out of time, got off late from work, and I suppose was just purely lazy. I mean, I could have cleaned the damn truck out the day before. What can I say?

So I tried to cram everything under the seat before I walked up to her door to knock. I thought I’d done a pretty good job, too. I mean, from eye level, seated in either front seat, if you turned around to glance in the back, you’d just see my WeatherTech FloorLiners extending under the back seat. Nothing more. I’d pulled it off. Or so I thought.

I don’t think it was the first stoplight we came across, but it was certainly before we’d reached our dinner destination. And I wasn’t flying down the road or nothing, either. I was just cruising along at a leisurely pace, listening to her drone on about her friend giving her trouble about something or other and trying to hear the music coming out of my speakers, when I glanced up and say the light change from yellow to red. Yeah, I missed the green to yellow part.

Now I drive a truck, and this wasn’t exactly a busy intersection, and as a former pizza delivery boy, I’ve been known to take some late yellow lights, if you know what I mean. But out of the corner of my eye, I saw that there was a cop sitting at that same intersection. And he was about to get the green light. And he’d probably give me a ticket… or two, for various moving violations if I ran this light.

That’s fine. My instincts kicked in. I had good brakes. I knew I could stop in time. So I slammed on the brakes, hard. And no, I didn’t stop short, though maybe I should have. Right?

And we stopped in time. I gave the po-po a salute as he glared at me and pulled through the intersection. About that time, I made eye contact with the girlfriend. And she was just horrified.

So there’s this thing called momentum. And while I had crammed all the empty soda cans and fast food bags pretty solidly underneath my back seat, well, turns out there was something pretty heavy behind ‘em. Yeah, my jumper cables, cause safety first and always be prepared and all that jazz.

Needless to say, my jumper cables plus a whole lot of trash had made its way up to the front of the vehicle. Not only was she flabbergasted with the uncleanily nature of my truck, she also lambasted me about the dangers of something like a can or jumper cables getting lodge under my brakes or on my accelerator. And you know what? She’s right! It is super dangerous.

Today, I’ve got my WeatherTech Under Seat Storage System. And it is loaded up with my jumper cables, some gloves, a first aid kit--cause, you know, safety first--a flash light, and even a small wrench set I got for Christmas last year at one of the White Elephant Exchanges my family just loves so much to do.

Don’t make the same mistakes I made. Get yourself some Under Seat Storage today and keep your truck clean. At the very least, it might score you some much needed brownie points with the misses.

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