Trinity T2

DiabloSport's Newest Offering!

The latest in the Trinity line of programers, the T2 is more than just iteration, no mere "facelift." We'll break down all the impressive new features and updates to this fantastic tuner from DiabloSport.

From Trinity to T2

Ready for an upgrade? While going from Trinity to T2 is much more than a facelift or cosmetic change. However, why not focus on the aesthetic modifications first, because, let's face it, that new touch screen is hot!

Removing the physical buttons and dials means more real estate for that screen. And since touch screens are ubiquitous now (a.k.a. everywhere and all the rage), this update makes us excited to see what else the T2 has added in on the back end. For you as the end user, a new 5" touch screen with swipe functionality is only the tip of the iceberg here, though this is probably the first aspect that may tempt you into upgrading or diving into the tuning market. 

Added to this feature, and also because the touch screen also for such versatility, is the ability to customize your own gauges and touch screen layout configurations. Don't need that particular RPM gauge just now? Move it to the side. Want to focus on fuel efficiency on this road trip? Pull up that gauge front and center. 

The customization is endless and personal. Finally, a product that fits you, no matter what aspect of programming you are most interested in monitoring. This baby adapts to fit you, the user, instead of coming pre-configured for an average joe. No offense, Joe, btw. :-p

Ready to Order your T2

While we all know the most important thing to do is read this great review about the Trinity T2. If you're just looking to make a purchase, don't let me hold you back. This is one great piece of aftermarket tuner goodness. Get on it and order your Trinity T2 EX today!

Here's Everything that comes in the Box

What exactly makes something top-of-the-line these days? Well, for starters, a great touch screen couldn't hurt. Couple that with great hookup cables that plug right into your ODBII, and you've got an excellent packaged product right out of the box.

These days everything is touch screen, so it is exciting to see that the Trinity 2 stays on top of its game in terms of coverage and tuning ability but also in regards to technology and input controls--which is all fancy jargon meaning that touch screen kicks ass!

You still have the ability to hook your T2 up to your PC or Mac and use Diablo's CMR software to load custom tunes as well. So all the features you've come to love from your Trinity are still here along with a number of excellent improvements.

Data-logging and storage capabilities have been heavily expanded. Upgraded processors and cables/hookups allow for sped up read/write capabilities. In other words, you can load and update faster than ever before.

One of the main complaints from early gen tuners and programmers was just that: the amount of time to update or load tunes onto the device was ridiculous. Now this is no longer a concern. On top of the technological advancements, the T2 includes the mount we've come to love whether you are displaying it on the dash or from your windshield.

We can't help but agree with DiabloSport when they say that this new and improved tuner will not only be on of the best dressed products at the ball, but also one of highest performers. Everyone is gonna want one of these T2's. We highly recommend that you pre-order yours very soon.

Trinity 2

All the Models Explained

As always, it isn't simple enough just to say that you need the new T2, because you also need to figure out which model/SKU you want to get the most out of your rig. Of course, you'll also need to make sure you order the proper model for your vehicle: Ford, GM, Jeep, Chevy, or Chrysler.

But that parts easy to figure out at least. Let's break down the three separate models to make sure you get the device you want. Your T2 options include the Trinity MX (the monitor and data logger only), the Trinity EX (programmer and display), and the Trinity EX Platinum (the EX along with the ability to use Diablo's CMR software to load custom tunes from 3rd party tuners).

Trinity MX

Starting with the most affordable model, the MX is a great introduction to performance tuning. This particular piece is actually not a tuner itself, but rather just a monitor that plugs into your ODBII port and allows you to log data and read diagnostic trouble codes all from an easy to use touch screen.

This vibrant screen can replace stock gauges including your speedometer, RPM's, and various check lights. Furthermore, you can shift easily from Imperial to Metric should you desire to see how many Kilometers per hour you are flying down the road. The customization of the layout allows you to put up front and center the gauges that you look at most.

Beyond these great features, you can read those pesky Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) to find out what's up with your vehicle when those check engine lights ignite. Also, if you are a DIYer like myself, after you fix that particular error, you can also clear the codes right from the device.

The MX can be updated via Internet and has a light sensitivity meter that dims the display appropriately via user-adjusted settings, making the monitor look the way you want it (likely more bright) during daylight hours and it automatically dims during the night hours via night mode.

All these features can allow you to do things like figure out at what speeds you consume your fuel most efficiently for those long road trips on the Interstate. Being able to customize the screen to have up to 5 different gauge screens per layout, the function is completely controlled by the user and totally custom.

Did we mention the quarter mile virtual drag strip mode? Yeah, you're gonna want to check that one out. And if once you play around with the MX you decide you are ready to actually start tuning, you can upgrade via the Internet to make your model into the EX. Do note though that if you need a PCM Swap you'll need to work that out as well.

Trinity EX

Ready to upgrade? The EX is actually the base model and likely the one that most customers are going to be looking at. The EX has all the bells and whistles we've previously discussed about the T2 above, including the MX's monitor system and customizability of screen display.

The easiest way to discuss the adjustment from MX to EX is that the EX is a performance tuner. You can and will want to make tuning adjustments to your rig with this device. We have an entire article on just this--everything performance programmers, like the T2 EX, can do, here in our Product Center.

The T2 has tunes to improve mileage, your towing ability, adjustments for your daily commute and for the race track alike. For Diesel's, the EX can improve your horsepower by itself via programming tweaks up to 100 HP and up your Torque by upwards of 250 ft lb. For Gas models, pump your horsepower by 86 HP, and Torque by 63 ft lb.

The EX can also show you your corrected speed, because as you likely know your stock speedometer is often off by up to 5 MPHs on way or the other. This can be a frustrating realization, especially if you find it out when the officer is writing you that speeding ticket. 

Been there!

Want to further adjust your speed and rev limiters? The EX can do that too. This performance tuner is top of the line and capable of a tone of modifications, all from its sleek touchscreen. The tunes are nearly limitless. From improved throttle response times to fuel economy and horsepower gains, the EX is top of its class in tuning.

Trinity EX Platinum

While most users will find the customizability of the EX to give them more than enough performance mods to play around with, for those true truck, Jeep, and/or car enthusiasts out there--for those gearheads and professional mechs who truly want to unlock everything their vehicle has under the hood and more--you're going to want the Platinum edition.

Platinum is only available with the EX model, which is the tuner model you'll want anyway, and it unlocks the full potential of the T2 by giving you access to the CMR program from DiabloSport. CMR stands for Chip Master Revolution, and it allows you to load all sorts of custom tunes from third party programmers and the professionals at Diablo as well.

Whether you consider yourself a programming pro or are just getting started, you can't go wrong by having a good starting point for your mod. And the CMR tuning software gives you all that and more. While you can easily set up a tune via the touch screen within your vehicle, many superusers want to be able to plug their programmer into their computer and adjust even the most obscure variables.

And if that sounds too hardcore for you, just load one of Diablo's or a third party programmer's pre-defined tunes into your EX, plug it into your ODBII port, and let 'er rip! The EX Platinum is the ultimate in customizability and tuning, taking the T2 to its limit, giving you access to more tunes than ever before. 

And the best part is, here at Midwest Aftermarket, not only do we only offer the best products at the lowest prices, but we've decided to sell our T2 EX Platinum programmers at the exact same price as the EX baseline model. We want to give you access to the best software and the best network of programming professionals all at the same low price as the EX. Order your Trinity T2 EX Platinum today via the web or just give us a call now!


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