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TrailFX Tape On Rainguards

Window Vents that Install Inside your Window Channel using 3M Tape

Finally, an In Channel Vent Visor that also uses 3M tape to make it super secure. If you’ve always wanted the in-channel design features without the fear that your Rainguards could slip out if the rubber seals get worn down, then TrailFX has the perfect window vents for you. These vent visors come in a sweet smoky finish. They are constructed from durable acrylic. These sleek window rain guards install inside your window channels, and the 3M tape never touches your exterior so it will not damage your paint job in any way. These vent visors are designed to decrease wind noise and let fresh air in even when you are traveling at speed down the highway. These Rainguards, as the name implies, keep the rain out while you have the windows cracked, so you can get that fresh air you want even during a rain storm. The in channel install is super easy and requires no drilling at all. They are backed by TrailFX’s limited lifetime warranty. And these babies are designed to fit your year, make, and model vehicle’s windows perfectly. Finally a streamlined in channel vent visor that also uses 3M tape to keep it secure. If you’ve been on the fence about tape on’s because you don’t want to risk your paint job, but you’re skeptical about in channels because you don’t know how secure they really are, TrailFX has created the perfect solution in a Rainguard just for you. Check out the TrailFX Tape-On Rainguards with their sleek look and stellar design today.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the TrailFX Tape On Rainguards

        No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the TrailFX Tape On Rainguards:

  • In-Channel Vent Visors that Use 3M Tape for Installation
  • No Drill Install
  • Installs inside your window channel
  • Decreases wind noise both with windows cracked or with them fully closed
  • Designed to keep rain out and let you have your windows cracked in all conditions
  • Increase airflow in your cab even during a thunderstorm
  • Backed by TrailFX’s Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made from a super durable acrylic
  • Finished in a smoke black
  • Designed to match your OE and aftermarket matte black trim pieces
  • Sleek look makes these Rainguards both functional and attractive
  • Smoke a cigar or cigarette or even vape during a storm with your windows cracked
  • Great for maintaining air currents throughout your vehicle
  • Keep your windows cracked safely while your vehicle is parked
  • Window Vents make a great gift for anyone with a truck
  • The 3M tape never touches your exterior and won’t damage your paint job
  • Pre-applied tape attaches inside your window channels
  • Gives you the ability to always crack your windows no matter the weather outside
  • Sold in pairs for front or rear windows
  • Also available in a full set--2 for front and 2 for back windows
  • If you can’t find the set you need, give us a call at 1-800-951-3955 or hit us up via Chat
  • Let the fresh air stream in and keep the precipitation out with TrailFX Rainguards

TrailFX Tape On Rainguards

When it comes to nostalgia for me, nothing much gets me like Summer and Spring evenings, flying down the backroads with my windows down. I like to imagine my 16 year old self with big old neon sunglasses on, sporting a mullet like I just don’t care, but the truth would be much closer to aviator shades, a buzz cut, and a cigarette hanging out the side of my mouth. But who would fault ya for idealizing your past? Not I.

And back in those days, whether it was my buddies and I cruising along listening to the latest rap track or some old school rock and roll, or a pretty lady and myself chatting it up about whatever--just wagging our lips, if you know what I mean--one of the biggest buzz kills we often encountered was a sudden storm.

Around here, whether it be Spring or Summer, we’re rarely talking about a lazy little shower. We live in the midst of Tornado Alley--some of the roughest storms in American history pass through our neck of the woods on a regular basis. And often times you don’t even see them coming until they are right up on you.

But a storm doesn’t have to kill the fun if you and your truck are prepared. These days there’s a plethora of great products out there that are designed to keep the rain outside of your truck cab even when you have your windows cracked.

Enter the TrailFX Rainguard.

This intelligently designed vent visor makes it so you can keep right on cruising with your windows partially down without fear that rain will suddenly pelt you right in the face. These window guards will let you keep on smoking or vaping too. And as an added bonus, they funnel the fresh air into your cab even in the harshest of rain storms.

But I’ve always had a fear about in-channel design window visors.

Again, we have a lot of really nasty storms around here. And the design of most of these in-channels is that they just stick into the gap between your window channel or rubber seal and inside part. And my fear has always been that if you get a strong enough wind storm come through, and you have your windows down, an in-channel might just come loose.

I don’t know that my fear is at all justified. But fear isn’t always about facts. Sometimes it’s just about a feeling. And I’d rather have a bit of peace of mind, if you follow.

Likewise, I always wonder about the outside mounting ones. Almost all of these are tape on style, and that means they are using automotive quality tape and attaching to the area above your windows. With these styles of vent visors, I wonder about how far they stick out and if they would damage my paint job if they ever come off or if I decide I don’t like them. Alas, I’m not sure which of these styles of window visors I need.

So you can imagine my excitement when TrailFX launched these Tape On Rainguards. These babies are the best of both worlds. I don’t have to worry about whether or not the tape will damage my paint job. I’m not worried about the in-channel design not holding up to high wind.

These TrailFX Tape On Rainguards insert into your window channels, and then the pre-applied 3M tape attaches to the insides of the window there. This means the tape never hurts your paint job and that these visors are attached in some serious ways.

It is almost as if TrailFX designed these babies with people like me in mind--skeptics who really want an in channel with added install for safety and attachment.

And while those are all the great reasons these bad boys would have done me right in my teenage years, today, I’m just as pleased to have these stellar vent visors installed.

I cannot tell you how hot and humid it gets here in the Midwest. I don’t think there are appropriate words for it. Suffice it to say, walking outside most days from the nice climate controlled interior of my work place or even my home is often like walking into a wall of moisture. The water hangs in the air and sort of settles on you like a lead blanket.

It’s great.

And getting into and out of your vehicle isn’t much better. Often times after a long day at work, when I open my truck door, I’m hit with so much heat and trapped moisture that I can’t hardly suck in any air into my lungs. It’s just so damn hot and humid.

Well, having these great vent visors installed means I can have my windows cracked while I’m inside at work. You’d be shocked how much this helps regulate your temperature. It’s a world of difference, and I no longer have to worry about moisture fogging up my windows as soon as I open my doors.

And as an added bonus, now that I’m older and have officially given up my smoking days, I can still appreciate a decent cigar while driving down the road without having to have the wind smacking against my face. And I don’t have to put out my cigar the second it starts to rain either. The sudden great uses of window visors you never knew you needed until you suddenly did--I can’t tell you how often I come across these solutions.

And it doesn’t hurt that at the end of the day, these Rain Guards from Trail FX look great too. You won’t be disappointed. Get yourself a full set of Rainguards today!

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