The BedSlide 1500 Contractor
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The BedSlide 1500 Contractor

Built for Handymen and Enthusiasts Alike

When you’re always on the go, doing professional work or handyman jobs or just heading to the great outdoors to indulge your inner enthusiast every weekend, you need your truck bed to be up to the task. And if you’ve got more than a few tools or outdoor equipment to haul around with you, you will need a BedSlide to match. The BedSlide Contractor series is a step up from the 1000 Classic, and it really shows. Even more durable than its smaller cousin, the Contractor can handle up to 1500 lbs of evenly distributed weight, and she can take a beating while doing it. If that’s still not enough for you, you better go check out the big brother, the BedSlide 2,000 Heavy Duty.

Bullet Point Breakdown

        No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the BedSlide 1500 Contractor:

  • Lets you easily access your entire truck bed without getting up into the bed itself
  • Can Handle up to 1,500 lbs of heavy duty gear, tools, and supplies
  • Designed to fit your bed specifically, maximizing useable space
  • Never climb up into your truck bed to get something at the bulkhead again
  • Made right here in the States by American Workers
  • Locks in multiple positions, so you don’t have to worry about accidental opening / closing
  • The Contractor comes equipped with GuardRails to keep your cargo secure and in place
  • Extends up to 75% out of your truck bed, for easy access of tools and equipment
  • Warranty is extended to LifeTime once you Register with BedSlide
  • Weather-resistant top decking, WeatherDeck, is lightweight but durable
  • Works great under most tonneau covers too
  • Bearings capable of handling up to double the weight capacity
  • Cam Follower bearings make the BedSlide glide open and close with ease
  • BedTrax T-slot ready, for added attachments and accessories
  • Did we mention she can handle up to ¾ of a ton? Yeah, she can.

The BedSlide 1500 Contractor Series

Get your jobs done quicker and get to playing faster with BedSlide.

When I saw my first BedSlide, years ago, I remember thinking what an interesting product. And while I was impressed with it, and in fact thought it ingenious--had one of those, why didn’t I think of that moments--I first thought of this truck bed accessory as ideal for contractors. It wasn’t until I saw the BedSlide in use, in person that I realized, this is probably a product that most truck owners would love, if they just knew about it and saw how useful it was in their daily lives. Whether you’re running to the grocery story to pickup a few items on your way home from work or working as a freelance handyman on the weekends, you’re gonna get some great use out of your BedSlide, and then you’ll start to wonder how you ever got anything done or used your truck bed without one.

But let’s start with the obvious questions, such as:

What is a BedSlide?

A BedSlide is the ultimate cargo solution, designed to transform your truck bed into a heavy duty, high capacity, drawer on a slider--just like the drawers in your kitchen or workshop. Only the BedSlide Contractor can handle up to ¾ of a ton, locks in place in multiple locations, and let’s you reach just about anything you put in your truck bed from the back by your tailgate. This innovation is not only great for convenience though. It is a back and knee saver, because you’ll never have to get up into your truck bed again after you install your new BedSlide.

What kind of truck owner should consider purchasing the Contractor BedSlide over the other models?

The obvious answer is that the Contractor series is great for freelance contractors, handymen, and professional tradesmen alike. However, the Contractor series is also great for outdoor enthusiasts who have a little extra to pack when they hit the road for the great outdoors. A fly fisherman might think it overkill for a rod and reel and some waders, but a kayaker or mountain climber or just a serious camper who has a lot of tents, coolers, and equipment to haul would certainly get some great use out of the BedSlide 1500 Contractor.

The first thing I marvelled at when I saw the BedSlide in person was just how far it extended outside past the edge of your bed and over the top of your tailgate. And I thought, how is it doing that? It’s like a massive heavy duty metal draw. And it is. And I’m still impressed, frankly.

And while that was cool, the next thing I noted was that I could pretty much reach anything now without getting up into the truck bed. It’s almost like your entire truck bed no longer has any truck bed rails and you can just walk along the edge and reach whatever you like.

Except you do still have bed rails and your stuff is still super secure.

How does the BedSlide work?

This truck bed accessory functions like a drawer in your kitchen only on a massive scale. The WeatherDeck rides on rails that have a Cam Follower designed to handle over twice the weight capacity of the entire drawer. The follower sits on bearings and let’s the draw be easily opened and closed. There are several locking positions, so that when your vehicle is in motion you don’t have to worry about the drawer moving. Likewise, when you open up the drawer and slide it out, you can lock it in place to prevent it from rolling back or out any farther than needed.

So in essence it really does transform your entire truck bed into one gigantic heavy duty metal drawer.

Moving with a BedSlide

I’m just going to come out and say it: once you’ve moved someone using a BedSlide, you’ll want one installed on every truck you own and all your buddies’ trucks too. I often refer to the BedSlide as the greatest product I never knew existed nor that I needed. But boy did I need it.

From the moment I got my first truck it seems like I’ve been doing two things: gassing it up every week at the pump and moving my friends, family, neighbors, relatives, and other random people who see me parked down the street from them. Am I right?

Well, the BedSlide can help you with one of these common occurrences, and it’s not MPG’s.

Moving into a new house or apartment is always a pain in the butt. You’ve gotta pack up all your stuff, load it into a truck, haul it across town (or if you’re unlucky across the country), unload it, drop it off in the labeled room (if you know how to read what’s scrawled across the top of each box), and then probably do it all again because the first load wasn’t enough to get it all done.

And while when I was young, the hardest part was probably hauling heavy furniture up countless flights of stairs, these days I have another issue altogether. It involves my knees and my back. These two parts of my body used to be pretty tough. I could run miles, kick balls, lift heavy weights, all with only a minor ache the following day. But now that I’m getting a little older, I feel my back pop on me every now and again, and sometimes if I step wrong on them, my knees will just give out on me.

Strangely, this only gets worse when I have to hop (read flop) up into my truck bed to get a bunch of heavy boxes that some a$$hole loaded up at the bulkhead for some reason. And then jumping back down out of the truck too has become a whole nother story. It used to be that I didn’t know there was another way. But now that I’ve learned better, I figure it’s the first thing I ought to tell you about the BedSlide.

The BedSlide will save your knees and your back.

Trust me. It’s true. And after you’ve helped one more person move with your new BedSlide Contractor installed, you’ll thank me. The ability to easily get anything out of your truck bed is a true, honest to God, game-changer.

Now we all know moving people is hard work. But unless you’re a professional mover, then you probably don’t have to do it every day. But what if you are a contractor or carpenter, and you have to haul all your tools and then some with you each and every day you work.

Here’s where the BedSlide 1500 Contractor really starts to shine.

Since she’s built to handle up to ¾ tons of weight, most handyman to professional contractor’s equipment can be stowed on top of her without it even breaking a sweat. In fact, many carpenters I know in my small town use a BedSlide today to store their tools and help them get easy access to lumber and drywall without having to have the aid of two more pairs of hands just to help them get stuff out of their truck beds.

Again, the BedSlide is a true game changer.

The ease of access and the organization a BedSlide brings to your truck bed will change the way you approach your daily tasks. Whether you’re roofing with a union company or have a small business mowing and fertilizing lawns, the BedSlide will help you get the job done without having to get up into and back down outta your truck bed all the time.

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