The BedRug VanTred Impact Floor Liner
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The BedRug VanTred Impact Floor Liner

Perfect for Small Businesses and Dirty Jobs Alike

  If your fleet logistics solution involves full-sized commercial vans, and you haul anything ever, but especially liquids, chemicals, and anything that could get dirty, grimy, or sticky, then you need a van floor liner. Come to think of it, that probably encompasses just about every possible job these days, so if you have a commercial van, you need a BedRug VanTred Impact Floor Liner or Cargo Mat. This innovative mat is designed to fit the exact shape and size of your van and prevent damage from wear and tear, accidental spills, and just about every kind of mess you can image. And the Impact Liner makes it all easy to clean up afterwards too.

Bullet Point Breakdown

        No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the BedRug VanTred Impact Floor Liner:

  • Constructed from thick TPO material
  • Looks and feels like rubber, but actually super durable ThermoPlastic PolyOlefins
  • Anti-skid textured top layer prevents your cargo from rolling and sliding around
  • Underneath lined with cushiony ½” polypropylene foam to protect against impact damage
  • Die-cut to fit your exact make, model, and year van
  • Easy installs in minutes under plastic OEM shrouds at doors and rear
  • Designed and manufactured right here in the United States
  • Waterproof and easy to clean--just hose off or power wash and vacuum
  • Resistant to various harsh chemicals, including bleach, battery acid, oil, and gasoline
  • Backed by BedRug’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

The VanTred Impact Floor Liner

A Custom Fit BedRug Van Cargo Mat

Small business owners and private contractors rejoice. The BedRug VanTred Cargo Mat is here to save and protect your van’s floors.

This particular upgrade for your van’s flooring saves you hassle, makes cleanups easy, and protects the longevity of your investment. No matter what you’re using your van for, there are going to be accidents, drops, spills--over time, your van’s floor will be damaged and dirtied. We always have the best intentions to keep our new vehicle’s spotless and in pristine condition, but no matter what we do, eventually something happens. We just hope when it does it won’t be anything permanent.

This fear of seriously damaging your work van becomes even more dire when you have lots of employees, partners, or co-workers. It isn’t that you don’t trust the people you work with. It’s that they might not be as concerned about the longevity of your work van as you are. I can remember when I was on the other side--just a young kid working at a pool store of all places. I like to think I was considerate and careful, but I know I wasn’t as careful as my boss was. Those trucks and vans in his fleet were his babies. And we were extra careful with the pool chemicals whenever he was around, so I know we were more careless when he wasn’t.

Now I don’t know exactly what you use your commercial van for, but I’m sure it involves hard work and getting messy at times. Few us of us have a full-sized van and don’t end up putting something dirty in the back or making a mess in it on a regular basis.

I know guys who use their van to deliver car parts--often a dirty job. And I know people who deliver pastries and donuts and cakes in theirs. And while these two seem light years apart, at the end of the day, whether you’re spraying spilled oil out of the back of your van or scrubbing crusted icing off the floor, dirt and grime is dirt and grime.

And harsh chemicals like oil and sticky substances like sugary frosting can damage and get stuck onto your van’s floor and other surfaces. So you need a protective layer to prevent the floorboard from getting damaged.

Whether you’re a plumber hauling snakes and augers coated in grime and grey water or a pool cleaning service carrying loads of chlorine shock and wet cleaning poles and vacuums, your van is going to soaked with water and dirt and chemicals on a regular occasion. So you’re going to need a protective layer that won’t absorb water or other liquids, like chlorine or acid, and yet you need something strong enough that it won’t get damaged by those harsher substances either.

Finally, you’re going to want something with a little give. You need some cushion to absorb impacts and accidental drops. Whether you have an employee who is particularly clumsy and known for dropping tools by accident or you’re concerned that some of the your workers might toss equipment haphazardly into the back of your van, you need this protective layer to be able to soften the impact of tools and gear dropped from height, and wouldn’t it be nice if this mat also was comfy to crawl and /or stand on too.

The VanTred Impact mat from BedRug can handle all of this and then some. Designed to absorb damage from impacts and drops, the VanTred’s TPO material construction is tough and thick. Backed by a ½” foam made from durable polypropylene, the VanTred Cargo Mat cushions dropped equipment and even feels good on your knees if you have to crawl around in the back of your van ever. The top of the mat is textured to create an anti-skid surface so your gear won’t slide around too much. And the top layer TPO is chemical resistant and completely waterproof. Not only does that give peace of mind when you spill anything like oil, gasoline, chlorine bleach / pool shock, or are hauling caustic things like batteries filled with acid, but it also makes cleaning out the back of your van super easy. Since it is waterproof, you can use a pressure washer or hose to just spray it out. Grab a squeegee and push the excess water out. Let the van dry out over night, and she’s looking good as new by morning.

The VanTred Van Liner is designed to protect and extend the life of your van’s flooring. And regardless of how you use your van, chances are it could use a little protection from the elements, accidental spills, and just common everyday scuffs and scrapes.

The Pool Cleaner Van

As a personal example, back in the day, I used to work at a pool store. We had a “fleet” of vehicles, a couple trucks and a van too. Now when we went on shock runs to refill the 5 gallon chlorine shock jugs we sold at the store and used when doing cleanings, we’d mostly use the trucks--one truck in particular actually. My boss was no fool. He knew how caustic that stuff was, but hey, liquid chlorine bleach was the best way to hit a dirty, algae infested pool and clean it up fast, so that’s what we sold and what we used.

I’ve talked about the truck and liquid chlorine before. It’s nasty stuff and it’ll eat through your shorts and damage the metal of your truck bed over time. And while that part sucked, we only did chlorine runs like that maybe three to five times a month. But each and every day we would do service calls and regular cleaning runs. And for those, we’d mostly use the van.

I think my boss thought that most of the damage from chlorine and such was being absorbed by the one truck, so when it came time to purchase a cargo mat for the van, I’m not going to lie--he skimped a little. We had a rectangular rubber mat in the back. And I thought it was a pretty good one…

At first…

Our boss gave us instructions to only load liquid shock and set it on the mat. We were also supposed to try to keep the pool vacuum and the telescoping pool rods and cleaning supplies on the mat too. Finally, there was an old beat up toolbox that road just behind the passenger’s seat. It didn’t have to be on the mat, and most of the time, the mat butted up right to the edge of the toolbox, just to give you an idea of the size of the thing.

And if we took our time, loaded carefully, and completely shortened the telescoping rods every time, then we could pretty much get everything loaded onto the mat. But sometimes we’d have a lot of house calls to do or we’d be running late or we’d just be lazy or goofing off, and guess what--not everything got properly stowed in that small space on the mat, just right.

Sometimes when people think about using the right tool or in this case the right mat for the job, they are envisioning everything going smoothly--that there won’t be any issues. No one will ever be double booked because we forgot we have to do Mrs. Henderson’s inground pool cleaning before noon today because she’s having a party this afternoon. Or we have to go hit the Manderly’s pool a second time this week with shock because we are pretty sure the wind blew some fertilizer from the farmland across the road into it, and the algae bloom is a really monster.

Point is, you’re probably better off preparing for the worst than the best possible situation or outcome. When our boss bought that mat, he was right--it was technically large enough to handle most of the work we’d throw at it on an average day. But he should have planned for a non-average day--for the pool cleaner’s day from hell!

This is part of what makes the BedRug VanTred Cargo Mat such a no brainer. Since it lines the entire floor section of your van, you don’t have to worry about it not being big enough to handle whatever you throw in the back of the van. If it fits in the back, it will be on the mat. Enough said.

The other big issue we ran into was with the rubber of the mat itself. I don’t care how careful you are, spills are gonna happen. And when it comes to heavy duty pool shock like chlorine bleach, you’re gonna want to not spill any on your skin, your clothes, or just about anything because strong chlorine like this reacts with just about everything.

Now the boss again was no fool. He knows that the containers leak a little. In fact, we purposefully often used the leaky ones on our jobs because we were careful when loading them and we knew they leaked. Nothing worse than having a customer complain that their trunk carpet is stained now because the shock you loaded leaked.

Anyway, the boss knew there would be spills. The rubber mat was there to protect the metal of the van from the chlorine. But over time, the chlorine made the mat super brittle, and one day when we set a couple five gallon jugs on it, it cracked. Now this may have been the second season or near the end of the first summer, but still, that mat did not last very long. Needless to say, one trip, old Fred and I were hauling three jugs full of chlorine and we might have just taken a pretty hard turn. That mat had seen better days already, and what do you know--that toolbox fell over the damaged edge of the mat.

No big deal. Right? The toolbox has seen better days.

Well, it wouldn’t have been a big deal, except we had to slam on the brakes due to some deer in the road that morning, and one of the jugs hit the toolbox, and the jug actually cracked some. We saw the jug and toolbox had moved, but when Fred asked me if everything looked okay from the passenger seat, well, it did look alright. It was just sitting there still, full of chlorine. But by the time we got to our first job, the mat was covered in shock. And that would have been fine too, but guess what--the mat had been damaged over time. So there were pools of bleach all over the van’s metal floor here and there.

Fred was displeased.

But it wasn’t really anyone’s fault. It was just bad luck and an accident. But if we’d had a VanTred Cargo mat instead of a cheap rubber one, we wouldn’t have been in that situation in the first place.

By the end of the day we were covered in bleach burns and our shorts were stained. We spent the last hour of the day trying to spray out the back of the van at the car wash and cleaning up the toolbox and the various other pool cleaning tools. What a pain in the butt? And even when we were done, we still had metal flooring that was all wet and wet tools and empty jugs all over the place.

Oh, and the boss was none too happy when we told him that we (read: Fred) threw away that old crusty mat.

Save yourself the hassle. Get the right cargo mat the first time. Protect your investment with a BedRug VanTred Van Cargo Liner / Mat.

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