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A Handheld Tuner with Incredible Calibration Ability

  In the market for a Tuner? Are you the kinda person who always has to have the best no matter what? Looking for a handheld programmer? How about “The World’s Best-Selling Performance Programmer” from SuperChips? That’s right, we’re talking about the FlashPaq--an industry leading tuner that can do everything SuperChips amazing FlashCal can do plus load several pre-loaded tunes onto your engine computer. Whether you’re looking to calibrate for larger wheels and tires or want to tune for towing or performance, the FlashPaq will help get you there and then some.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the Superchips FlashPaq

        No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the Superchips FlashPaq:

FlashPaq ONLY Features

  • Load Pre-Programmed Tunes to Change the Way Your Vehicle Runs
  • Performance Tunes for Various Driving Styles and Occasions including:
  • Towing Tune
  • Daily Driving Tune
  • Performance Tune
  • and a Fuel Economy Tune to Improve Fuel Consumption
  • The Ability to Disable Active Fuel Management
  • 50 State Legal Tuner Version Available
  • This Includes a California Legal Tuner specifically!
  • Tuning for various shift points, adjust shift firmness, and even TQ management
  • Ability to adjust and customize rev and speed limiters on most makes and models

FlashCal and FlashPaq Shared Features

  • Equipped with an easy to use high definition 2.8” color screen
  • New and Improved processor increases update time and makes for faster programming / calibration
  • Speedometer correction to adjust for larger wheels / tires
  • Simple plug and play installation via OBDII Port
  • The ability to Read DTCs or Diagnostic Trouble Codes and Clear DTCs when necessary
  • Updates over the Internet easily via included USB cord
  • (Jeep Application) Lock Rubicon Lockers in 4-Hi via Axle Lock settings
  • Adjust Engine Idle, especially for Accessories that require more power when in park
  • Calibrate for Tire Size Adjustments to correct your Speedometer
  • Change your Gear Ratio after you’ve installed an Aftermarket Axle Gear
  • Adjust TC Hi / Low Ratio if you’ve installed an aftermarket transfer case
  • Particular great for improving Crawl Ratios for off-roading
  • Change your Lamp Delay, or how long your head lamps stay on after you shut off your vehicle
  • Adjust Running Lights to function with High / Low Beams, as Turn Signals, or even turn them off
  • Avoid bright light tickets with European Light mode
  • Allow powered accessories to stay on for up to 10 minutes after the vehicle is turned off via Acc Delay
  • Change how your Lane Change or Blinker / Turn Signals function
  • Turn on or off Lamp Flash when you lock your vehicle
  • Toggle on and off your Horn Chirp when you lock your vehicle
  • Turn off annoying TPMS settings via TPMS Offroad for when off-roading with your tire pressure intentionally lower
  • Change the function of your Fog Lights to have them work like High Beams or Brights
  • Scan for Diagnostic Trouble Codes, read the codes, and Clear them with on Board Diagnostics control
  • Check Battery Voltage
  • Load up to 4 different parameters as Gauges to monitor on the go
  • Data Log for racing or truck pulls or even towing to see how your vehicle performs
  • Check Info to see your vehicles VIN
  • Connects easily via OBD II Port, and doesn’t have to stay plugged in after calibration / tuning
  • Windows Update or Update with your Mac

SuperChips FlashPaq: Top of the Line in Handheld Tuners / Calibration

The FlashPaq from Superchips is such a great handheld device because it really can do it all. Whether you’re rocking a Jeep Wrangler JK that you like to take off-road all the time or a Chevy Silverado 1500 and you want to prevent that nasty cylinder deactivation from AFM, this tuner can handle it all. A favorite among the off road community, the ability to lock Rubicon Lockers, adjust Axle Gear and Transfer Case Ratios and even turn off TPMS when you lower your tire pressure for added friction and grip make this piece practically the must have device for any Jeep owner who ever takes his / her Jeep off road.

And since the FlashPaq comes with 4-5 preloaded tunes (depending on your make or model), you can tune and calibrate with the same device. Perfect for your daily driver and your off-road monster, it is no wonder this tuner is a top seller. The only possible draw back is that you cannot do custom tunes with the FlashPaq. It only has the pre loaded canned tunes it comes with, but you can still get a lot out of those tunes.

Personal, I want to keep my truck out of V4 mode. I have actually found that AFM and MDS don’t always improve fuel economy anyway, and I’d like to have the full power of my truck’s engine when I need it. If you’re looking to prevent unnecessary downshifts and improve your overall driveability and just the fun you can have behind the wheel, you’ll want to disable that nonsense right away, and the FlashPaq can do it.

And while some compare the FlashPaq to other popular tuners like the SCT x4 or the Bully Dog GT, we think for the bang for your buck, and everything you can do with the FlashPaq, it is a clear top choice in the handheld tuner market.

This baby hasn’t been called a 5 Star Upgrade for Jeeps for nothing. And with the exceptional pricing, it’s also one of the most affordable tuners around. We should note that on some vehicle makes / models, including 2015+ Jeeps, you may be required to do a PCM swap in order to use the FlashPaq to tune your vehicle. When in doubt, reach out to us directly to verify whether you need a PCM Swap or not.

And just as a personal note, Swapping PCM’s is actually pretty easy. Superchips ships you a new, pre-programmed and unlocked PCM. You get under the hood, detach a battery cable, pull a couple simple plugs from your PCM, take out a few bolts, and remove the old PCM. You then install the new one in the exact same way. You plug in the bolts, reattach your battery cables, and you’re ready to roll. You backup the old PCM in a prepaid shipping package with label and ship it back to Superchips, and you’re all done.

And did we mention that the Superchips FlashPaq works for both gas and diesel pickup trucks? Rather you’re rocking a Ford F-150 or a Dodge Ram 2500, Superchips has a great tuner and calibrator for you.

Let’s say you want a full breakdown of what all those settings can do? We’ve got a great video covering everything the FlashCal can do above in the tab and a full, hyper detailed description on our FlashCal page. I’d direct you to those locations to get through all the great calibration settings. As a quick note, please don’t adjust your Axle Ratio or TC Ratio unless you’ve actually physically installed a different Transfer Case or Axle Gear. You shouldn’t need to change those settings unless you’ve installed a physical part and now need to inform your ECU (Engine computer or control unit) or PCM (Powertrain control module) that you’ve changed a part out for something else. Even then, if you didn’t change the ratios, you don’t need to change the setting. While all the other settings can be played with out of box pretty much to adjust as you’d like or to personal taste, those two are very specific and should only be messed with if you’ve installed those aftermarket parts.

Now if you’re off-roading you probably should consider upgrading both your Axle Gear and Transfer Case. We aren’t trying to dissuade you there. Those are two great upgrades for off-road Jeeps and trucks for that matter. We just want to be thorough in our explanation.

Now don’t get me wrong. Just because I told you to check out the FlashCal page doesn’t mean there aren’t great things the FlashPaq can do over the Cal. Speaking of, specifically, the biggest difference--only difference really--is that the FlashPaq is a tuner.

The FlashPaq is a Tuner or Performance Programmer.

The FlashCal is NOT a tuner. It’s just a Calibrator.

Now for some quick notes on what to do if you’re on this page because you ordered a FlashCal and you really wanted the tuner version--the FlashPaq. Don’t panic. All you need to do to upgrade your FlashCal to a FlashPaq is to go to Superchips website, locate their Updates page. Check out the Update Agent for either PC or Mac. You should have options from there to pay Superchips directly to upgrade your FlashCal to a FlashPaq. We’d rather have you get the right one correctly up front from us, but should something tragic occur, don’t panic. We’ve got you covered.

Just remember, if you want a top of the line calibrator that is also one of the best handheld tuners around, the FlashPaq is what you want. And if you just want a calibrator to adjust some parameters and fix your speedometer cause you put on a lift kit with bigger tires and wheels, then you can go with the FlashCal and can always upgrade later if you decide you want to tune your vehicle.

Our Promise of Exceptional Service and the Lowest Prices on the Interwebs

When you’re ready to order your Superchips FlashPaq, we hope you’ll get yours from us here at Midwest Aftermarket. We only promote products we believe in and sell them at the lowest prices, shipping quickly to you for free if you’re in the lower 48 states. We have an excellent return policy and strive to get you the right product in perfect condition the first time.

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