Ranch Hand Summit Series Grille Guard Front Bumper
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Ranch Hand Summit Series Grille Guard Front Bumper

A Full Steel Replacement Bumper with a Grille Guard

When it comes to protecting your vehicle one of the most important aspects is your front bumper. Any kind of front in collision is going to involve this particular piece of your truck, so a well designed bumper that is durable and built to redirect and absorb impact really is a must have item. Whether you’re a family man or woman or an avid single off-roader, these products could save your life. Don’t believe me. Just check out our SEMA 2018 coverage on YouTube and hear the story of the truck owner who’s life was saved because of his Ranch Hand bumper. And that wasn’t no isolated incident either. It turns out there are tons of stories like that online and from people just like you. These heavy duty bumpers are made from diamond plate steel and 12 gauge steel tubing. Ranch Hand doesn’t hold back on the best and strongest material construction either. Once the whole thing is one-piece welded bumper is put together, they finish it in a solid matte black powder coat finish. Not only do Ranch Hand bumpers look great, but they are built to last and work with most OEM fog lights and tow hooks for most makes and models. The whole thing is manufactured in Shiner, Texas, made right here in the heart of the US. Ranch Hand is all about safety and style. And it turns out the two really can work hand and hand. You don’t have to compromise on a great looking bumper or an ultra safe and heavy duty one. With Ranch Hand, you can get both. And the Summit Series does both and then some. And the attached grille guard includes custom punched inserts. These guards are designed to match your truck brand’s grille pattern. That’s proper material design with both purpose and style taken into account. What more could you want out of a bumper and grille guard? And the Summit Series is custom made for most ½ ton trucks on up to full tons. Let’s break down the full details on this sweet heavy duty steel bumper.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the Ranch Hand Summit Series Grille Guard Front Bumper

        No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the Ranch Hand Summit Series Grille Guard Front Bumper:

  • A Custom Fit bumper made from heavy duty diamond steel plate and 12 gauge steel tubing
  • Style and Function meets Safety and Durability in Ranch Hand
  • Finished in a black powder coat
  • Full one piece welded bumper and attached grille guard
  • Grille guard is custom to your year, make, model vehicle
  • This guard is designed to match your truck’s grille pattern
  • Allows for superior air flow and still looks sick too
  • Compatible with most OEM fog lights and factory tow hooks
  • Made in Shiner, Texas
  • Support American workers and get a superior steel bumper while doing it
  • The Summit Series is custom made for most ½ ton and bigger pickup trucks
  • Improves the safety and look of your truck’s front end
  • Protect your truck and loved ones with a heavy duty steel bumper
  • A rugged look with superior design
  • Made to absorb and redirect impact damage
  • Much more safe and secure than fragile stock bumpers
  • Matte black finish matches your black trim and other black accessories
  • A True Heavy Duty Bumper
  • Made in Texas
  • And you know you don’t mess with Texas, just like you don’t mess with Ranch Hand bumpers
  • Big and Bold, Durable and Dependable
  • The Summit Series bumper has all the style you want with the function you need
  • Protects your truck’s front end from head on collision
  • Saves lives and directs impact damage out away from your engine
  • No plastic here--just heavy duty steel
  • Made in the States, by American Workers
  • One of the Toughest Bumpers on the Market for half ton trucks
  • The Summit series is NOT winch ready
  • If you need a winch, consider upgrading to the Sport Series, also by Ranch Hand
  • Gives your truck that rugged Cowboy Appeal
  • Protects your headlights and grille too
  • An all in one, heavy duty welded bumper and grille guard combination
  • Add on aftermarket lighting options available
  • A great way to upgrade and update your truck’s front end
  • Finally, a front bumper that looks great and is durable as possible too
  • The Summit Series Front Bumper by Ranch Hand
  • A One-Piece Constructed Bumper and Grille Guard
  • You can’t get much more heavy duty than this

Ranch Hand Summit Series Grille Guard Front Bumper

A Bumper that could Save your Life

While I could go on and on about the stats and details of this amazing bumper, and I’m sure I will get back into that as well, the truth is this thing just screams rugged and durable. And there are times--and I don’t want to point fingers here--when hardcore simple steel might leave something to be desired as far as aesthetics are concerned.

The truth is in the past that has been one of Ranch Hand’s main issues. They have always made super durable and dependable bumpers. I wouldn’t doubt if they were stronger and tougher than most every other bumper out there. And they seemed to be content with focusing on that superior design mantra and not putting too much more into the final look or finish of the bumper.

But times they are a-changing, as they say. And these days Ranch Hand has reinvisioned their bumpers and modernized them, giving them great powder coat finishes and custom inserts that match your truck specifically. And they’ve managed to make all these upgrades which are both functional and look great all without sacrificing the durability they are so well known for as a company.

The Summit Series is yet another great example of this new transition and elevation in aesthetically pleasing and superior product design. In other words, these bumpers look freakin’ sick and are tough as nails to boot.

We always knew that aftermarket bumpers, especially those made from heavy duty steel, were superior to stock plastic and fiber bumpers. But when we visited Ranch Hand’s booth at SEMA 2018, we, along with everyone at the show that year, got an eyewitness reason to know deep down in your guts that all of us not rocking a Ranch Hand quality bumper were doing ourselves, our families, and our trucks a disservice.

That year, Ranch Hand hauled a wrecked pickup truck around to various aftermarket and truck shows, including SEMA, and had it on display at their booth. What was so shocking about this wasn’t just that other booths had snazzy, brand spanking new off the lot 2019 models that still sparkled and gleamed. Yeah, that too made for quite the juxtaposition. But rather the condition of the front end on back.

This wreckage told a story--the story of a man who by all accounts should have been dead. He had swerved away from on-coming traffic to avoid a head on collision--a tragic story we hear all too often these days in America. Only when he left the highway, he went off the edge of an overpass and down a cliff. At the time, he didn’t realize exactly where he had directed his vehicle, knew he was in trouble, but couldn’t have known that there was a sheer drop off waiting for him ahead.

I can only imagine what it must have been like for him. Those moments when he was between the road above and the ground below, hanging suspended there. He was about to leave on the vacation of a lifetime with his loved ones in a few days. And now he was facing the real possibility of his final moments on this earth all because of a random accident.

When the paramedics arrived, they were shocked to find him not only conscious but mostly unscathed. He’d driven a full sized pickup off a cliff and feel some 20-30 feet straight down so that the nose of the vehicle made impact with the ground doing a solid 70 plus miles per hour. And he walked away with some bruises and minor cuts.

Walking around that truck that day at the SEMA show, you felt just like those paramedics must have felt, because you could see exactly what saved him.

His Ranch Hand Bumper.

That hunk of still recognizable heavy duty steel at the front of that pickup had absorbed most of the force of the impact, and then directed it down and into the frame of the truck, away from the cab. And that man not only lived, he went on that once in a lifetime vacation later that week.

When I think of Ranch Hand today, I not only am impressed with the amazing upgrades in style and aesthetics, but I’m reminded that these steel bumpers save lives. Don’t think too long and hard about whether you need an aftermarket Ranch Hand Bumper. The only thing to consider here is which style you like better, because all of these great steel bumpers that are made in America, by the way, are superior in every which way to your stock bumper. We all should be driving around with a Ranch Hand bumper proudly mounted to the front of our trucks.

I know I do, each and every day, and I do so not just because it looks great, but because I want to know my family is protected. What better way to do that than with one of the toughest bumpers on the market ever made, and made right here in America too!

Protect your family, yourself, and your truck today by ordering your very own Ranch Hand bumper.

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