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All the Features of the Number One Selling Dash Cam in America and then Some Alexa thrown in as a Bonus

As Dash Cams go there are a few aspects that are worthy of direct comparison. For instance, you could look at the resolution and image quality of one dashboard camera over the next. You could consider what frames per second each can shoot at. You could look at how wide the viewing angle is and how low the f-stop goes to see how it will perform in low light conditions. But at some point you’ll top out on all of these. You’ll get into that category of digital video recording dash mounted cameras that are just stellar across the board. For instance, take the specs on this NextBase 422GW. It’s capable of shooting in both 1440 (a.k.a. Quad HD) at 30 frames per second and 1080p full HD at 60fps simultaneously. It has a wide viewing angle of 140 degrees and an impressive f-stop of f/1.3. Yes, you read that right, photography enthusiasts: f1.3! But you might put those impressive specs up next to another similar style camera, or even NextBase’s current flagship, the 322GW Dash Cam, and say that for the price these two are pretty darn close to each other when it comes to specs. And you’d be correct. In fact, the 422GW and it’s little brother the 322GW have many of the same great and impressive features beyond just great camera specs. The Flagship NextBase 422GWThey both have NextBase’s impressive Emergency SOS system that notifies the paramedics when you’ve been in an accident and are unable to do so yourself. They both boast Next Base’s Intelligent Parking Mode that monitors your vehicle for bumps and dings even when it is parked while you’re away for up to one week on a single charge. Both Dash Cams have the best location ability on the market to date utilizing two--count ‘em--TWO different global position satellite systems to pinpoint your precise location. And both cameras store your last pinged location for up to 2 hours after you’ve turned off the vehicle so that when you start your journey back up there’s no delay in grabbing initial location data. Wish my smartphone could do that. Both excellent cameras are compatible with the full range of Series 2 camera modules including the Rear View Camera, the Window Mounted Rear Camera, and the Cabin View Camera module.And while the Quad HD resolution of the 422GW is significantly more crisp than the standard full high definition of the 322GW, you might be tempted to go with the more affordable option, since after all the human eye can’t tell the difference between HD and Quad HD typically. Then again that increase in resolution might be the difference that catches that license plate number in a hit and run collision, but that still might not be enough to convince you that the 422GW’s price tag makes it worth the investment over the lower priced 322GW.

Then you might notice the one really big feature that the 422GW has, which its little bro does not. You may have heard of her. She’s called Alexa. And suddenly your world has been flipped. This Dash Camera isn’t just a Dash Camera. The 422GW is also an integrated Alexa device, meaning you can talk to her and she’ll answer you just like your Echo does at home. Only this device goes with you where you go, rides along with you in the cab of your vehicle. You can tell her to play a song for you while you’re handsfree driving down the interstate at 75 miles per hour. You can ask Alexa for directions to the nearest ice cream shop cause you’ve got a hunger only rocky road can cure. You can even tell her to order your another pair of camo Crocs cause you just saw the old ones fly out the back of your pickup truck’s bed when you hit an unlikely bump going over some railroad tracks in the middle of BFE. And you better bet you’ll get 2 day shipping, my friend. Huge touch screen display of the Next Base 422GWThose Crocs are probably coming to you drone style by the time you’re ready this. And while this might all sound frivolous, and I’m sure you can tell I’m having a bit of fun here, we shouldn’t down play the important role this device will play in lower distracted driving incidents. Too many of us fail to use our current generation of hands free device capabilities because the voice to text feature sucks or Siri gets it wrong or I have to hold the phone up to my face to speak commands at it anyway, so I might as well just look down at it and use my fingers to select what I want. But with Alexa’s superior AI functionality, all that is gone. I mean, she often knows what I want to watch at night on TV before I even say it. Wouldn’t it be nice if she could ride with me in my truck and play the exact right song right when I need to hear it, all while I get to keep my hands on the wheel and my eyes on the road. Yes, my friends, this is the game changer you’ve been waiting for. This is an Alexa enabled device that goes with you on the road each and every day. And suddenly when you look at the price tag you’re wondering how NextBase can possibly afford to sell such an impressive dash camera spec wise that also has Alexa built in. And did we mention they are working on being able to control the camera functions themselves via voice command prompts through Alexa? Yeah, update coming soon to a 422GW near you via WiFi. This isn’t just the Dash Cam you deserve, my friend. It’s the Dash Cam that might save your life in a number of ways. Introducing the truly revolutionary NextBase 422GW. Let’s get to the specs and details already so you can just buy this thing and get back on the road already.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the NextBase 422GW Dash Cam

No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the NextBase 422GW Dash Cam:Next Base close up of 140 degree wide angle lens

  • A max recording resolution of 1440p at 30 frames per second
  • Simultaneously records at 1080p full HD at 60 frames per second
  • Features a 2.5” High definition IPS Touch screen
  • Wide Angle lens captures a 140 degree view range
  • 6 layer glass protects the superior lens
  • Dual GPS systems pinpoint your location 10 times per second for the most precise location services on the road today
  • Updates via Wifi and use QuickLink to share captured footage to your smartphone
  • Integrated low power Bluetooth 4.2 to quickly share and connect to your smart device
  • Compatible with NextBase’s polarising filter to prevent window glare on footage
  • Comes with Alexa built-in to the device
  • Future updates to include voice commands to control the camera itself via Alexa
  • Emergency response system notifies emergency services when you’ve been in a collision and are unable to do so yourself due to injury
  • Emergency SOS links to your phone and gives you the option to decline notifying the authorities of an accident
  • If the Dash Cam detects that after a collision has occurred your smartphone is not moving, Emergency SOS kicks in
  • Truly a device that might just save your life in the event of an accident
  • Intelligent Parking Mode protects your vehicle while you’re away
  • The G Force Sensor detects any movement or bump of the vehicle and starts recording for up to 3 minutes to catch any perpetrator
  • Can run on the camera’s internal battery for up to a week
  • Catch a parking lot fender bender in action
  • Find out who dinged your door with their car door while you were shopping
  • Compatible with all three current Series 2 Modules
  • Rear View Camera module (sold separately) captures the road behind you
  • Rear Window Camera (sold separately) has eyes on the tailgate and the tailgater alike
  • Cabin View Camera (also sold separately) watches you and your passengers while on the road
  • Cabin View in particular is great for checking in on teen drivers and making sure they are paying attention and focused on the road ahead
  • The 422GW can capture front view at full 1080p and rear via a module also at 1080p
  • The option for 1440 Quad HD from front view and 720p rear is also available422 GW Next Base Dash Camera
  • Alexa integration makes your driving experience truly hands free
  • Play music via voice commands
  • Get directions on the go
  • Use the full function of Alexa while you’re on the road
  • No more fighting Siri and text-to-speak software
  • Alexa comes with you wherever you go in your vehicle
  • Fight distracted driving with the Alexa integrated 422GW Dash Cam
  • Catch accidents on camera
  • Prevent accidents via Alexa
  • Avoid traffic slow downs with Alexa and GPS abilities
  • Transforms your vehicle into a smart vehicle from the future
  • The Alexa Integrated NextBase 422GW Dash Cam

NextBase 422GW Dash Cam

Now that we’ve got all that dash cam goodness out of the way, let’s briefly talk about what these babies, specifically the 422GW, are designed to do in the first place.

While the basic function of a dash camera is pretty straight forward--literally forward, to record what’s happening ahead of your vehicle--let’s step back from that for a second and consider what that actually means and what it is supposed to accomplish.

Dash cameras by their very nature are designed to make the road safer for everyone. Yes, the footage from a dash cam could be used to prove you weren’t at fault during a collisioNext Base Dash Cam: What if we all had a Dash Cam?n. But the idea of the dash camera itself is that if everyone had one or at least a good chunk of the population did, then everyone would drive safer.

Let me explain with a simple analogy.

Let’s discuss briefly how laws work. Let’s assume that some, if not most, laws in our country are designed to protect us both from others and from ourselves. A good example of this dual nature of law is the simple speed limit.

Now you and I both know that sometimes that speed limit seems awfully low. But as tech advances and driving becomes safer, then speed limits go up. But even then it seems like we are all breaking that law just a little bit most days, right?

Why, you might ask.

Well, the answer which might seem pretty complicated initially is actually pretty simple. We don’t think we’ll get caught.

Better yet, we believe that if we are only going say 5 miles per hour over the speed limit, our friendly neighborhood traffic cop won’t pull us over and give us a speeding ticket. And on most days that is true, but occasionally that cop from the next town over gets bored and rights you one anyway. I kid. I play.

But seriously, this is how law works. If every single time I got on the highway I knew that a particularly bad tempered or just proud and honorable rule stickler cop would be right behind me every step or wheel turn of my trip, then I’d follow the speed limit exactly.

Want to see this phenomenon in action? Just pay attention the next time you see someone pulled over ahead of you or even in the other lane of the highway heading the other direction.

When the average Joe sees those cherries and berries blaring, they slam on the brakes and slow down, often to below the speed limit.

Of course, you’re not average. You’re better than that. You keep right on speeding at 75mph, like me, right? Cursing at the fools who are slowing down because you know that at this momenNext Base 422 GW Windshield Mount Magnetict you are even less likely to get pulled over than before because that cop already has someone pulled over. Of course, this is negated if there’s another traffic cop watching from the overpass, but you see where I’m going with this.

The point is that when you know you’re being monitored, you’re less likely to break even a simple law like the speed limit.

Now imagine what happens over time if everyone starts to use dash cameras. The hit and run becomes a thing of the past because everyone who tries to flee the scene of an accident gets caught by the dash camera and prosecuted. The risk vs reward ratio just doesn’t hold. Drunk driving goes down because it gets reported via dash camera footage as proof, and no one is willing to take the risk any longer. Accidents go down in general because all the risky behavior many drivers participate in becomes questionable since people are actually getting caught for it regularly.

Heck, maybe I can even report someone for driving slow in the left hand lane, a ticketable offense in my State, cause I’ll actually have the proof to show it occurs so regularly.

You can see how this dash cam revolution could change the way we drive in America and improve safety several folds.

But I’ve missed one crucial aspect. You see driving fatalities in America have been declining pretty steadily since the 1970’s due to advancements in technology and safety. Next Base Dash Cam Emergency Response AbilitiesBut something weird happened in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. The death toll stopped declining and plateaued. Then it took another little drop before it suddenly spikes in the last few years. We haven’t seen a sudden spike like this in deaths on the road since cars first became so commonplace back in the 1920’s and 1930’s. So what could possibly cause this plateau in decline and then the sudden spike?

For many researchers, police officers, and first responders alike, the answer was simple: smartphones.

Today this phenomenon is known as distracted driving. To explain how sudden this jump was and really put this into perspective, in 2017 driving fatalities jumped by about 5,000 deaths. According to the NHTSA, 3,166 of those deaths were due to distracted driving. And that’s just the deaths. The CDC estimates that roughly 9 people are killed each day and upwards of 1,000 injured due to distracted driving. Do the math. Even if most of those accidents involved two people in each vehicle getting injured in each accident, that’s still 250 plus collisions each and every day just here in the United States because of distracted driving.

And what’s the biggest cause of distracted driving? Smartphones. It used to be that these government agencies placed most of the blame on texting and driving. These days it’s no longer just texting. Now it’s SnapChat and Netflix, video calls and video games on your phone, not to mention checking an app for traffic updates or directions.

Distracted driving is quickly becoming the most commonplace cause of accidents in America.

And how are we going to turn this around? Well, we could just all agree to be adults and put away our phones while we drive. But let’s face it. Most of us probably won’t do that. And since the built in handsfree software is pretty lacking, it seems like many people are just doomed to wreck one of these days.

What NextBase has accomplished though by including Alexa in this particular 422GW Dash Cam is quite possibly one of the biggest leaps forward in the fight against distracted driving. Some people just Alexa and the App for Next Base Dash Cameraaren’t going to put down their phones until they can use them just as accurately via voice.

Enter Alexa. This sophisticated AI figures out what you mean when you say “skip this song” or “what’s traffic look like ahead” and verbally responds to questions. Having Alexa with you in the vehicle could be the big innovation that finally reduces distracted driving instead of increasing it.

Add to that the power of the Dash Cam itself. If we catch these distracted drivers in the act and can prove that what they were doing was dangerous and caused harm to others--if these individuals are punished for this behavior more commonly, less people will try to get away with it.

Let’s face it, America. If we want to continuing driving in this digital smartphone laden age, we are all going to need to pickup a 422GW Dash Cam with Alexa integrated or a similar device very soon or these distracted driving incidents are just going to continue to become even more frequent.

Let’s do ourselves a favor and be trailblazers this time. Let’s beat the rush here. Get yourself a Dash Cam from NextBase and help fight against distracted driving. And if you go with the 422GW or 522GW, you’ll get Alexa too, so you won’t feel like you’re really giving up your smartphone when you’re on the road anyway. Actually, it will just be even mAlexa for Hands Free Directions and Music via Next Base Dash Camore convenient than ever before.

Let’s turn that rising death tolls from traffic accident trend around and make that number fall next year and from here on. Pick up your 422GW Dash Cam today from Protect yourself. Protect your family. Protect your vehicle. Prevent distracted driving. And use Alexa wherever you are, even when you’re on the go. Welcome to the Dash Cam age. Are you ready? Hit record.

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