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Introducing the Grumper

Introducing the Grumper

So innovative, so revolutionary, so totally badass that we’ve practically run out of words to describe it, this is the Grumper. And if you have a JK or a Super Duty/Heavy Duty pickup truck, there is not reason--and I mean absolutely no possible reason in this world--not to check these babies out. First, I didn’t even know such products existed. But as soon as I saw the pics, I had two immediate questions:

  1. What is that thing?
  2. Why don’t I have one yet?

Let’s start with the easier question first.

What is the Fab Fours new Grumper?

Do you want to know what a Grumper is?

A combination grille and front bumper, with a winch included, the Grumper has it all plus extreme customization options, including upwards of 9 removable inserts covering several color options. Whether you need a winch or a grille, like green or blue, Fab Fours new Grumper system has something to offer you.

The Grumper from Fab FoursIf you have thought about getting a winch, the Grumper is a great choice. If you have always wanted a custom front bumper, check out Grumper. If you really feel like that stock grille isn’t up to snuff, the Grumper can fix that issue too. This aftermarket product is that versatile and incredibly customizable.

I really love the way Fab Fours describes this new bumper / grille / winch combo as “aggressive yet sophisticated” and “sure to change the way we look at bumpers going forward.” Damn straight! The first time we saw this product, we didn’t even ask what it was. We just wanted it. Add in the utility and you’ve got a Nation about to be overrun with Grumpers, cause if you’ve got a heavy duty pickup, 2500, 3500, or F-250/350, or a Jeep JK, then you need one of these.

Why do I need a Grumper?

What are the main reasons to install a Grumper today?

You need a Grumper if you have a use or need to upgrade any and all of these parts on your truck or Jeep:

  1. Your Front Bumper
  2. Your Custom Grille
  3. Your Winch System
  4. Your Entire Front End needs a Makeover

Let’s start at the top.

The Grumper in Red

All the Reasons You Need an Aftermarket Front Bumper

Shall I count the ways:

  • Deer and various other suicidal wildlife
  • Other vehicles driven by less vigilant people than you
  • Other vehicles driven by AI
  • Grown men and women wearing spandex riding bicycles riding down the side of the road
  • Parallel Parking Spaces and people who don’t know how to use them
  • Anyone you’ve ever thought about loaning your vehicle & the nervous feeling that follows
  • Shopping carts in crowded parking lots
  • Skateboarding teenagers

Yes, all of these factors are great reasons to install a front bumper. Why? Because any single one of them could involve your stock bumper and your entire front end getting damaged. And the truth is, most of the stock bumpers out there today are made from plastic material and just not built to withstand any major damage.

We know you take care of your vehicle. But there are other people who drive it and others on the road, plus animals and bikes and all sorts of other hazards you encounter every day. It isn’t you we are worried about. It’s everybody else.

The average front end collision costs range from a few hundos to tens of thousands of dollars. But installing a metal front bumper can drastically lower the repair bill, often down to simply replacing the bumper itself instead of the whole vehicle.

The typical driver out there isn’t made aware of this known issue. The obvious fact is this: the most vital part of your vehicle is right behind that bumper: your engine. And right behind that are the most important parts or your life: you and your family members. Upgrading your front bumper can help protect you and your pickup or Jeep against impending harm. And we all know, no matter how careful you are, sh!t happens. And when it does, you want to be prepared.

While the sick look of the Grumper is what initially drew us to it as a product for our vehicles, the material construction just added to our desire to install this front bumper / grille. I know everyone is all hot about the steel vs aluminum debate these days. And we get the cost vs weight discussion concerning truck pickup beds. But here’s the thing: in a head on collision, we’d rather have one thing between us and the other vehicle: US Steel.

That’s right--no cheap Chinese Steel here! The Grumper is made of 11 gauge Steel made right here in the US of A! And you know we don’t skimp on the little things here in the States, especially at Midwest Aftermarket. And neither does Fab Fours. They only use the best material in their Grumper because they know it could protect you and your fam from bodily harm during an accident.

Grumper on a Jeep

Alright, so the Grumper looks pretty awesome, it could lower my repair costs if I were to get into a fender bender, and it helps guard my family and passengers against injury if such a collision were to occur. But what else? As if that isn’t enough for you, she has even more to offer.

Why a Custom Grille is a Must Have These Days

Custom grilles are really all about style. Yes, a full US Steel grille, like the Grumper is, may help protect your engine and your radiator in case of collusion, but that’s not why most purchase a grille. A front bumper, sure. Those are mostly about safety and style. But the grille is all about looks, baby.

And the Grumper really has it in spades. Just check out the pictures above if you want to see why we fell for the Grumper. We are particularly fond of the green one. Those are Midwest Aftermarket colors, man! Green and black and grey! What?! How did they know! For me, this look, this style, is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a front end. It has the aggressive look that many truck owners crave plus that eye popping color! Damn, son!

But that mean green look isn’t the only reason to go Grumper. No matter what vehicle you have, whether you’re rocking a sick F-250 or a classic Silverado 3500, a stylish Ram 2500 or a rugged Jeep JK, Grumper has several customizable inserts for you. Not digging the green? Every piece is paintable. You can customize your Grumper to match your existing paint job or to compliment or contrast it. Try a lightning bolt blue. Looking for something more monochromatic? How about the classic flat black look that comes standard? Prefer grey accents? There are multiple grill inserts included, so you can try out various colors alongside the actual paintable grille and front bumper, themselves.

Grumper Side View Truck from Fab Fours

We love all the options here. And since so many parts are removable and have other options, you can really play around and customize it to your personal preference. So even if your buddy has the exact same truck as you and orders a Grumper too, chances are especially if you paint it up custom, you will still have a completely different look than his pickup.

As far as stock finish goes, you’ve got two options:

  • 2 Stage Matte Black Powder Coat or
  • Bare Steel (Paintable option)

If you’ve gotta have that Powder Coat finish, the Matte Black is pretty sweet looking. You could still paint up the grille inserts like in many of the images above. Obviously, if you’ve got a black truck or Jeep, the matte black option is a great choice to consider. But if you want to match your paint job and you aren’t rocking classic flat black, then go Bare Steel and get the pieces custom painted to match like for this sweet looking F-250!

So we’ve got the protection part covered and the style. But what about the winch? If you know you need one or you already have had one before, we don’t have to tell you. But what if the winch is just a bonus feature for you? What if you’ve never had an aftermarket winch installed before?

All the Reasons to have a Winch on your Vehicle

You might need a winch if any of this has ever or may ever happen to you:

  • Your buddy gets his truck or Jeep stuck
  • You get your truck or Jeep stuck
  • You or your neighbor get your riding lawn mower stuck
  • You get stuck anywhere!
  • You start doing lawn work and your wife decides she doesn’t want that tree or large bush in the yard anymore
  • You decide to cut down the evil gumball tree in your backyard without consulting your wife
  • The list goes on and on!

Grumper in Green

Zero Turns and Steep Lake Banks

True story. This happened to me this past weekend. Weather has finally cleared up around here. And my wife and son were out, so I decided to do some yard work cause I’m old and I love my yard now and my yard has to be the best in the neighborhood! Ahhhh!

If you aren’t middle aged and don’t yet own a house, disregard all of that, but do understand that this is your future, son!

Anyway, so I decided to get our zero turn mower out of the shed for the first time this season. I had already changed the oil and recharged the battery just in case--typical maintenance stuff. And everything is going fine.

If you’ve never mowed a yard using a zero turn, let me tell you, once you get one of these babies, you’ll never go back. We used to live out on the farm, and even though we are in town now and I could probably get by with a more traditional riding mower, I love my Grasshopper. Technically this thing is labeled a tractor, by the way. And she can go upwards of 6 to 8 miles per hour, flying across my double lot yard, the wind blowing through my hair, holding onto my shades, cause we are moving and mowing, baby!

Zero Turn FTW

And as I was saying, all was well, until I made my first pass lakeside. We live on a small lake that the neighbors and us stock. We love to fish, and it is a great landscape to gaze across when I’m grilling out. Spoiled much: yes, yes, I am!

So the embankment that leads down to the water is kinda steep and we’ve had some erosion issues over the years. Needless to say, I got cocky. Typically, the first mow of the year at least, you have to be real careful coming down to the water’s edge. Some of the bank around the lake is really flat and easy to mow with the zero turn. But there is this one really steep bank. And wouldn’t you know, I was feeling so good and having such an easy time of it, I decided to go for it, solo, and at speed!

My opening move was pretty flawless. The descent was solid. I took it at “Rabbit” speed, heading straight down the hill towards the water. Then at the last possible second (and I can no stress enough here not to do what I do, but to learn from my mistakes), I skidded her into a nice drift of a turn so that I ended up parallel to the water’s edge.

Nailed it, I thought. Until I hit a strange new bump I didn’t recall from last year.

So apparently, we’d had some more erosion and there was a little divot that really should have been fine, if I’d been a little more careful. Instead, my back tires started to spin, so I gave her even more gas. And did I mention it had rained a few days back? Yeah, so I got the mower stuck.

This really isn’t a big deal. If my wife was home, I could just have her sit in the mower’s seat, and I could push at the back end, and we’d be out in no time. But my wife wasn’t home.

I then thought I’d just call up my best buddy who lives down the road, but what do you know, he’s on vacation, out of town, probably on some beach somewhere.

Then I thought, I’ll just rock her back and forth and gun the engine at the right time and I’ll get her out no problem.

Before you know it, I had dug in those back tires so far, she wouldn’t even hardly move. And worse yet, when she did move, it was down the slope of the hill, towards the water! To give you an idea here, I was about 5 inches from the drop off into the lake here when I first got stuck. But now… now I’m more like 2 inches out. I gulped. I knew I was in trouble. And time was not on my side.

I had to act fast. And that’s when I remembered my Silverado and my winch! I rushed up to the garage, drove my truck to the top of the hill, bankside, attached my winch to the frame of the Grasshopper mower, tighten up the slack, popped the Grasshopper into neutral, and prayed to God!

And guess what? I got a new mower on order coming in next week.

Just playing! I cranked on that winch and she pulled her right out of the mud. No muss, no fuss.

The point is, I didn’t think about the winch. Hell, I’ve probably used it three times, counting this time, but when you need it, typically it is in an emergency situation like this. Whether it’s pulling your buddies vehicle out of the mud, or saving your mower from taking a dip in the lake, when you need your winch, you’re gonna need it.

And boy was I glad to have my Grumper installed that day.

Blue with Green accents on that Grumper by Fab Fours

Best Combo Bumper, Grille, and Winch on the Market

I feel pretty confident in saying that this is the best combination front bumper, custom grille, and winch system on the market today not only because it is a great product made from top quality materials right here in the US, but also because I struggle to come up with a similar product made by anyone else other than Fab Fours.

The Grumper is innovative and at the top of several classes here. Whether you need a front bumper or a winch, or just want a sweet custom looking front end and grille, the Grumper gets it done in style. I can’t recommend it highly enough. And when you’re ready to order, we hope you’ll pick yours up here at Midwest Aftermarket. We’ve got the lowest prices and parts experts standing by to answer your questions via Live Chat or over the phone. Hit us up and get your Grumper today.

Midwest Aftermarket's collection of front bumpers, custom grilles, winch systems, and much more includes all the leading styles and brands. Midwest Aftermarket is the #1 online retailer for aftermarket truck and Jeep accessories, selling products at the lowest prices and providing the best customer service in the industry. With the goal to provide the highest quality product with the fastest shipping at affordable prices, look no further for your vehicle’s aftermarket accessories. From UTV’s to Jeep-fanatics to F150’s or Chevy Silverado’s, Midwest Aftermarket will give you the customer support you deserve. 

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