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Husky Liners UltraFiber Truck Bed Mat and Tailgate Mat

A Full Truck Bed Mat with an attached Tailgate Guard, All made from Marine Grade Material

When it comes to protecting your truck’s interior, one of the first names to come to mind is Husky Liners. Now Husky has expanded their offerings and protection to offer something to help keep your truck bed looking great too. The new UltraFiber Truck Bed Mat line is unique from many competitors offerings though because this is a truck bed mat and then some and it is made out of a material that is much more impressive, durable, and stylish than most traditional mats. Most truck bed mats are just what they sound like: mats that you throw in the back of your truck. These mats typically only cover the bed itself and if you’re lucky they might wrap around your wheel wells. That’s pretty much it for the traditional truck bed mat. And it certainly does add some protection to your truck bed, but it does not do it in style and it typically doesn’t cover everything. In fact, even some of the more expensive upgrades of truck bed mats, even the ones that cover the whole truck bed, fitting around the wheel wells, often miss one very vital part of your truck bed: the tailgate. Some offer this tailgate mat as an add on, meaning it is a separate piece you have to purchase separately. But with Husky Liners UltraFiber the tailgate mat is not only included, it’s attached. This may not seem like a big deal up front, but the method by which it is attached actually changes the game. Both the tailgate mat and the truck bed mat are made from marine grade ¾” polypropylene material with a foam pad underneath that offers superior durability and water resistance on top, with soft cushion on bottom. Giggity! This is very solid material that is made to withstand water just like the material you commonly see on the deck of many boats at your local lake or marina. And this UltraFiber material is highly superior as far as being mold resistant, dent and ding prevention, and it’s not hard on your knees either, especially when compared to some knockoff mats that are often made out of recycled tires. Yeah, you heard me right, Nyracord. Hey, I guess you get what you paid for. But the gap is really what’s so interesting here besides the superior material and construction. HuskyLiners created a GapGuard that is made from strong and dependable mesh material that attaches the tailgate mat to the truck bed mat. This GapGuard prevents anything small from getting in between your tailgate and your bed. So whether you’re picking up mulch or rocks for landscaping or just hauling some dirt to level out your yard, this GapGuard will keep it from getting down stuck in between your tailgate and your bed. And all this comes together as one solid package at a hell of a price. When you look at all you get from a Husky UltraFiber Truck Bed Mat, when you compare it to anything else on the market, you’re gonna be wondering why you didn’t think of Husky Liners first when it comes to protecting your truck bed. Trust me. You will from now on.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the Husky Liner UltraFiber Truck Bed Mat and Tailgate Mat

        No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the Husky Liner UltraFiber Truck Bed Mat and Tailgate Mat:

  • A Truck Bed Mat with all the fixings
  • Made from Marine Grade Polypropylene
  • Backed with ¾” of cushiony foam
  • Protects your truck bed from dents and dings
  • Soft on your knees and tools
  • Prevents scratches on your paint job
  • Constructed from material that is waterproof, chemical resistant, and protected against harmful UV rays
  • Foam backing is made from material that is like that you find in life jackets
  • It will not absorb water, so it will not mold or mildew
  • Super easy to clean
  • Just spray it off with a hose or pressure washer
  • Feels like marine grade carpet to the touch
  • Included and attached tailgate mat
  • GapGuard connects main truck bed mat to tailgate, preventing small items from getting in between your tailgate and your bed
  • DIY Install
  • No tools required
  • Uses Automotive Grade 3M tape attached to the bed with hook and loop fasteners on the other side
  • Hook and loop fasteners attached to the underside of the mat, keeping the mat held in place
  • 3M tape will not damage your truck bed or paint job if you ever remove the mat
  • Install allows your normal truck bed drainage to work properly
  • UV Resistant and Resists Fading too
  • Keeps your truck bed looking great
  • Designed to absorb impacts from tools and equipment dropped into your bed
  • Anti-skid top layer stops your gear and cargo from sliding around
  • Material is so tough is can handle harsh chemicals like battery acid and bleach
  • Backed by Husky Liners’ limited lifetime warranty
  • Made right here in the USA by American workers
  • Easy to clean up with a hose or even a household vacuum
  • The best of all worlds: durable yet soft on your knees
  • Looks great and protects your truck bed
  • Keeps harsh chemicals off your bed
  • Lets water drain out the factory drain holes
  • UltraFiber material is made to last
  • Never lose anything in between your truck bed and tailgate gap again
  • The pinnacle of truck bed mats
  • Top quality and a decent price
  • Protect your truck bed and tailgate today
  • Get a Husky Liners Ultra Fiber Truck bed mat and tailgate mat today

Husky Liner UltraFiber Truck Bed Mat and Tailgate Mat

There are tons of truck bed mats on the market today, but few offer as much protection and style as Husky Liners UltraFiber Truck bed mat. Not only is this mat made from superior material, but it includes an attached tailgate mat as well. That’s right! The tailgate mat doesn’t cost extra or anything like that. It is part of the truck bed mat, itself. And that part that connects the tailgate mat to the main truck bed mat is made of a durable mesh material Husky refers to as GapGuard, since it prevents anything small from ever getting down in between your tailgate and your bed.

This included accessory, which is often an item that must be purchased separately, really makes this UltraFiber Bed Mat rise above the rest, and that’s not even including the great construction and quality.

Speaking of…

Most truck bed mats on the market are made out of rubber (or Nyracord, which is essentially recycled rubber from old tires). And there’s nothing wrong with rubber. It gives a little bit of bounce when something hits it. It has a little bit of cushion, though not much. But all these qualities are aspects that material like Polypropylene has in spades and then some. This marine grade material is more durable than traditional rubber and provides more cushion from the foam backing too. So basically it isn’t that rubber is a bad material to use. It’s just that UltraFiber is considerably better. It is higher quality in every which way, including durability and how long this mat is going to last.

And this waterproof material is going to be easy to clean, not mildew or promote rust, and it lets the water underneath naturally drain out via factory drains. Add in the fact that it is UV damage resistant and fade resistant, and you’ve got a highly superior product on your hands.

And whereas the anti-skid top of many rubber mats is just a stamp in the rubber that will hurt or at the last irritate your knees and skin, UltraFiber works as an anti-skid layer by feeling more like marine grade carpet than rubber bumps. The cushion and carpet-like top layer create friction that won’t hurt or harm your equipment and is gentle on your knees when you’re crawling around your truck bed if you have a camper shell or anything like that.

At the end of the day, all of these great features and upgrades over traditional truck bed mats make Husky Liners latest offering in truck bed protection, the UltraFiber Truck bed Mat and attached Tailgate Mat, superior in just about every which way. Add on the fact that it is backed by Husky’s own limited lifetime warranty, and you realize the bonuses just won’t quit.

And did we mention it’s made right here in the US by hard working Americans like yourself? Cause yeah, it is. So it turns out with Husky Liners you really can have your cake and eat it too, so to speak. Here’s a superior product, that is highly durable, yet soft to the touch, is built to last longer than traditional rubber mats, includes an attached tailgate mat with GapGuard at no additional price, and it is made in America. What more could you ask for?

Get your Husky Liners Ultra Fiber Mat today!

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