How to Remove Wheel Well Liner Clips?

Wheel well liners and their clips vitally protect the underbody and wheel well region of your automobile. They may appear to be minor parts of your car. However, learning how to remove wheel well liner clips may be difficult because you may be unaware of how to do so.

Midwest Aftermarket details wheel or tire well liner clips and their functions. By learning how to remove wheel well liner clips, you can also know if driving without them is favorable.

What is a Wheel Liner for?

A wheel well liner is also called a fender liner. Tire well liner clips are tiny fasteners that hold the liner in place. They are usually made of plastic and come in a variety of sizes and forms, depending on the car's make and model.

These clips are essential to the fender liner's continued attachment. They also protect delicate parts, such as:

  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Wheel arches

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How to Remove Wheel Well Liner Clips?

Removing tire well liner clips is a simple procedure. However, it may look challenging at first. The correct equipment can help you learn how to remove wheel well liner clips like a pro.

Get the Instruments You Need

A flathead screwdriver or a trim removal tool will be necessary to pull out and remove the clips without damaging them or the surrounding region.

Find the Clips

lips are often positioned around the edge of the liner. They secure the fender liner to the inner wheel arch and body panels.

Show Off the Clips

Place the screwdriver or trim removal tool beneath the clip's head and gently press it outward. Don't let the clip snap; instead, push evenly.

Take Out the Liner

After all the clips have been unfastened, carefully remove the liner from the automobile to reach the parts beneath.

Can You Drive Without a Wheel Well Liner?

Driving without a wheel well liner is feasible. However, we do not recommend it for several reasons.

Increased Vulnerability

Delicate parts like the suspension and brakes are more vulnerable to harm from salt, moisture, and road debris. It is harmful to drive without tire well liners, particularly in harsh weather.

Vibration and Noise

Road noise and vibrations may rise in the absence of a fender liner. It can make driving less comfortable.

Aerodynamic Impact

Liners help optimize airflow around the wheels. When they are not placed properly, some cars may not perform as well or use less gasoline.

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Is it Bad to Drive Without a Wheel Well Liner?

Driving without wheel liners can impose adverse effects. It negatively impacts your vehicle's parts and driving experience. 

Damage to Components

The wheel well area's components are prone to corrosion and early wear due to their exposure to moisture and road debris.

Safety Concerns

When there is no wheel liner to cover exposed parts of the car, damage to essential parts like the suspension or brakes may occur. It might jeopardize driver safety.

Long-Term Costs

Replacing a damaged or missing wheel or tire liner can be significantly more inconvenient than repairing or replacing damaged components.

The Bottom Line

Learning how to remove wheel well liner clips for cleaning or maintenance purposes is acceptable. However, you must be cautious when putting them back in place. Fender liners and the clips that hold them in place greatly enhance your car's protection and functionality. Driving without a tire well liner might have serious consequences. Ensuring your car's wheel liner is fitted and maintained correctly is imperative.