Fab Fours Vengeance Front Bumper
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Fab Fours Vengeance Front Bumper

Fab Fours Vengeance Front Bumper with Pre-Runner Guard Option

A Lightweight Steel Bumper that Fits High and Tight on your Truck with optional Pre-Runner and LED Light Mounting Locations

When you’re shopping for aftermarket accessories to transform your pickup into a real trophy truck, FabFours is one of the first companies that comes to mind. And their sweet Vengeance Bumper will do just that and then some, with optional integrated LED Light Bars (sold separately by Rigid Industries) and that aggressive look of a Fab Four Bumper. It is hard to beat. Throw in the fact that its made of 11 Gauge US Steel and has a 2 Stage Powder Coat to boot, and you’re looking at one of the best looking bumpers on the market.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the Fab Fours Vengeance Front Bumper

        No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the Fab Fours Vengeance Front Bumper:

  • A Sensor Compatible Light Weight Bumper
  • Lower Cutout for Improved Airflow
  • The Vengeance Series has style and protection by the truck full
  • Finished in a Matte Black Powder Coat
  • Perfect for your daily driver and your offroad monster truck
  • Designed for lifted trucks specifically for sensors (may require some fine tuning for stock height trucks)
  • Compatible with 20 inch Rigid Industries LED Light Bar (light bar not included)
  • 11 Gauge number Heavy Duty Steel Bumper with optional Pre Runs
  • This ain’t no Aluminum Bumper
  • Mesh screen inserts over existing holes and cover up mount optional LED lights
  • Great for Road Lighting and Offroading too
  • 2 Stage Powder Coat includes solid base coat and secondary protective layer
  • Available in Raw Steel too for Easy Painting to Match OEM Truck (call if option isn’t available above)
  • Paintable over Powder Coat as well (Professional Paint Job Recommended)
  • A Fab Four custom Look in a Lightweight Steel Bumper
  • Matching Rear Bumper Available
  • Provides great tire clearance over stock bumpers
  • OEM Sensor Compatible: just plug and play (must adjust for stock height tires)
  • Light Bar Ready Front Bumper
  • Compatible with 2 two inch LED cubes on each side of the bumper
  • Light up the darkest of nights; illuminate the trailhead
  • Looks great with or without Prerunner
  • Mesh inserts look sweet two if you want to add LED’s and Light Bar later
  • A great addition to just about any pickup truck
  • Added protection for your truck and your loved ones who ride in it
  • Upgrade your front end today!

Fab Fours Vengeance Front Bumper with Pre-Runner Guard Option

There are two or three great reasons to upgrade your front bumper. Some of these reasons are obvious, and looking at the Vengeance Series bumpers, they will be even more apparent. The first one is simply looks. Your stock bumper is okay as far as looks and aesthetic go. But once you see an aftermarket bumper, especially one as cool as the Vengeance, you’ll see that your stock OEM bumper has got to go.

The truth is, manufacturers skimp on various parts and materials to save them money, but if you want a true steel bumper you’re gonna have to go with an aftermarket one. Pure and simple. And the first reason to do that is that it looks sick.

The strong angles and aggressive profile of the Vengeance front bumper make this baby a solid contender for sickest bumper on the market. And the functionality of the bumper only adds to this all.

But I truly think you should start with the looks. Afterall, when you’re driving down the road and people are staring at your truck, they aren’t going to be thinking about the improved air flow that your Vengeance series front bumper is providing to your engine compartment. It does do that, by the way. But the average person on the road with you isn’t going to be so concerned with that. Their first reaction will be all about how it looks on your vehicle.

The Vengeance bumper sits high and tight on your truck, meaning it is up on your stock grille like the stock bumper. Leaving little to no gaps and opening up your tire clearance, this bumper looks like it should have come stock on the truck, making your pickup look more representative of the power you’ve got under the hood. So there’s nothing wrong with considering looks first when you’re thinking about getting an aftermarket bumper.

But there are additional reasons to upgrade as well. And that added airflow is certainly one of them. Let’s say you’ve already upgraded to a cold air intake or a ram air system. Well, you need to make sure you’re getting great airflow up under your hood still. And some aftermarket bumpers aren’t optimized for this at all. In fact, some bumpers limit air flow rather than promote it.

But not Fab Fours Vengeance series front bumpers. These bad boys are designed to improve the air flow over stock and other aftermarket bumpers, improving your engines performance and cooling.

Next, let's consider how customizable this front bumper is. The Vengeance series has three to four load outs depending on whether you want to add on LED lights from Rigid or not. You do have to purchase the light bar and / or 2 inch LED cube lights separately, but the Vengeance bumper does come ready for these to mount easily within prepared cutouts.

However, if you don’t want or need extra lighting--maybe you already have a roof mounted light bar or you just don’t off road or need more LED lights, then you don’t have to. You can insert the included mesh inserts instead. These cover the existing holes for the light bar and the light cubes on either side, giving the Vengeance bumper a whole new look and style.

Fit in a 20 inch Rigid Light Bar, and you’ll get a sweet illuminated off road look. Put in the mesh inserts, and you’ve got an aggressive honeycomb style. So no matter what you’re looking for in a front bumper, Vengeance series probably has something for you.

Finally, there’s that optional pre-runner bar. Personally, I think this adds to both the style and the protection of the bumper, but again, here’s a great option for customization. I love the look of the pre-runner bar, but if that’s not your bag, then you can get the whole bumper without the pre runner guard.

Without the guard, you get a more sleek look, accentuating your grille. With the pre-runner equipped, you get that more rugged, off-road look that so many of us crave. That pre-runner also will intercept taller objects during a collision. And that’s certainly something to consider when you’re looking at aftermarket bumpers. The pre-runner protects your grille and pushes anything that hits it down towards the bumper, away from your grille and radiator and engine compartment in general.

Now, I truly think that the first thing I consider when shopping for bumpers is how it is going to look on my truck. But we should also consider how much added protection these aftermarket bumpers provide.

Whether you’re looking at a stylish Fab Four bumper, a durable Ranch Hand bumper, or an aggressive Road Armor bumper, these aftermarket accessories add value and protection to our vehicles.

First, let’s have a look at how the Fab Four Vengeance bumper installs. This bad boy uses provided brackets to mount directly to your factory frame. This gives the frame and your entire truck added stability during a crash. And since she’s made of high quality US steel, that Vengeance bumper is going to absorb a lot of the damage upon impact.

While factory bumpers are designed to crumble and distribute impact force throughout your entire vehicle, aftermarket bumpers are much more durable and still provide a lot of that same force distribution. What you end up getting is really the best of both worlds.

Whereas OEM bumpers crumble on impact, leading to more damage throughout your vehicle, while trying to minimize damage to the occupants, where they fail is your engine. Through enough force a crumbling plastic bumper, and you’re going to shoot right through it, into the engine compartment and into the engine itself. The engine has no where to go but back into the cab, and suddenly the occupants of your vehicle are in some serious danger.

But with aftermarket bumpers, like the Vengeance series, you get a solid amount of force distribution with the added protection of high quality durable US steel. There’s some room behind the FabFours Vengeance bumper for some give, but that added stability is going to prevent anything from shoving this bumper back into your engine and causing more damage to the cab of the vehicle.

Furthermore, since this bumper, especially with the pre-runner guard option, is designed to push the force of impact down, you’re more likely to have the brunt of the impact go low than high. This may indeed damage your suspension and frame during a serious collision, but it is still more likely to protect the people you love who are riding in the cab of the truck. 

At the end of the day, if you hit something hard enough with a stock bumper or an aftermarket one, you’re gonna total that vehicle. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much these days for something to be totalled out by insurance. But an aftermarket bumper, like the Vengeance front bumper, is more likely to protect your passengers and the driver than a stock one.

So you’ve got all those great reasons to upgrade to a Vengeance bumper today. Whether you’re doing it for the looks, the customization, the light options, or the added value and protection it provides to your vehicle and its occupants, we hope you’ll know that this is one seriously aggressive and durable bumper that will make your truck look great.

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