Fab Fours Jeep Fire Pit
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Fab Fours Jeep Fire Pit

Finally a Fire Pit Designed for Jeep Enthusiasts

  Jeep owners know that when it comes to Fab Fours, you’re only getting top of the line quality. And after years of making bumpers and doors, armor and wheels for Jeeps and trucks, Fab Fours decided to really put their design team to the test. The request seemed simple enough: create a Fire Pit that’s shaped like a Jeep, is true scale at a ratio of 1:3.4, and provides maximum air flow to keep that fire burning all night long. Oh, and could you make sure the Jeep Fire Pit is equipped with scale 40” Kymera tires, and what do you say you throw in an integrated bottle opener just for fun? Let’s make it out of 16 gauge US steel to help the fire pit radiate heat, and you know what, why don’t we 100% manufacturer it here in the US too. And the guys over at Fab Fours said, “Challenge accepted.” And they came up with the best damn Jeep Fire Pit the world has ever seen. Introducing the Fab Fours Jeep Fire Pit!

Bullet Point Breakdown of the Fab Fours Jeep Fire Pit

        No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the Fab Fours Jeep Fire Pit:

  • A Fire Pit for Jeep Enthusiasts Everywhere
  • Constructed out of bare 16 gauge US Steel
  • 100% Manufactured in the US
  • Comes in bare steel
  • We recommend you paint it with high-temperature primer and paint
  • The most unique fire pit we’ve ever seen
  • Designed for Jeep Lovers
  • Great for camping or chilling out in the backyard
  • A True Scale Jeep Model in 16 Gauge US Steel
  • Features scaled 40 inch Kymera tires -- Fab Fours off-road / on-road famous tires
  • Integrated bottle opener is located immediately behind the front wheel
  • Designed to match a Jeep and have maximized airflow to keep your fire burning
  • Holds enough firewood to burn for hours
  • Made of US Steel and Made in the US of A
  • A 48 lb fire pit that is durable and uniquely styled
  • Made to be true 1:3.4 scale of an actual Jeep
  • Designed as a lifted Jeep to fit those 40 inch wheels
  • Full dimensions are 48” long, 22” wide, by 23” tall
  • We dare you to find a cooler Jeep fire pit!
  • Cause you can’t!
  • Jeepers everywhere rejoice!
  • Finally, a Fire Pit for the Jeep lover
  • Pickup your Jeep Fire Pit today!

Fab Fours Jeep Fire Pit

Let’s just get this part out of the way. If you love Jeep, if you live for Jeep, this is the Fire Pit for you. And just like everything from Fab Fours, this fire pit is made in the United States. So you’re supporting American Workers by purchasing this sweet fire pit.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk summer nights.

As the weather starts to warm, and the nights cool off, we Americans love to do many great outdoor activities. Whether it's grilling out in your backyard or camping at a National Park, fishing at the local lake or having a few cold ones around the fire, we love the great outdoors. And if you’re a Jeep owner, living the Jeep life, we know you feel the same.

When it comes to hitting the trail and going off-road, #JeepLife comes to mind. And as the sun sets, wherever you are, a fire is exactly what you need to keep you warm and ward off the insects that start to buzz come twilight.

These days, especially if you’re on the trail, you need to be super careful about your fire though. After all the terrible wildfires started from one simple human mistake, a portable yet durable fire pit could help prevent so much death and destruction. You need a safe way to control the blaze as well as a fun center piece item that you and your friends can congregate around. Enter the Fab Fours Jeep Fire Pit. At 48 pounds, this is a fire pit you could certainly take with you out on the trails. Made of high quality 16 gauge US steel, she’ll be right at home in your backyard as well.

This fire pit takes me back to the days when I was young. We used to go over to my buddy’s house, cause he had a nice fire pit out back. We’d bring over our lawn chairs, a cooler full of brews, and we’d grill up some brats or even have a fish fry if someone had recently had a good haul.

And after an afternoon of playing washers or hillbilly golf or even bags, we’d all gather around that old fire pit. The boy scouts among us would show off their skills. You’ve seen it before, but you humor them as they build their little tri-log tee-pee structure and fire up the pit. Then you’d sit on a cooler or in a lawn chair or if you were that guy in your zero gravity chair while everyone laughs, tells stories and jokes, and just drinks around that fire.

My buddy’s long gone now. Moved away for his new job. But those nights stay with me. There’s something about sitting around the fire, just hanging out with your friends and family.

These days, as the weather starts to turn, I think of my own backyard. I’m older now--more settled down. I have a wife and family of my own. But come to think of it, my yard is missing something crucial.

I’ve got my BBQ grill. My smoker that mostly lives in my garage gets wheeled out from time to time. My washer set of boxes could probably use a fresh coat of paint. I have plenty of lawn chairs and even a porch swing. Heck, I even have a bug zapper out by the pond. But you know what I’m missing? What I somehow still don’t have? I never picked up a fire pit.

And the thing about my buddy’s fire pit was that it was unique. I think maybe he made it himself. He was a welder, after all. But I think that was part of what deterred me from ever getting one myself. I wanted something unique and something that meant something to me or said something about who I was.

I come from a farming family. Growing up, our fire pit out back was made from an old rusted out wheel from a tractor. My pop had buried it in the backyard, but what made it so personal for him was that the wheel came from a tractor his father had drove back in the day. It meant something to him. Pop still has it in his own backyard.

Anyway, how do you compete with that kind of stuff? I mean, you can’t just get a generic fire pit with examples like that around. My fire pit had to mean something more.

So I never got one.

Until now…

Today, I am proud to announce, I have ordered my very own Fab Fours Jeep Fire Pit. As a JK owner, I finally have a fire pit that says something valuable about me. My fire pit says I love my Jeep. And when it comes to my backyard, I want it to relate to my values and loves.

Everyone who comes over to my place for a BBQ or just to chill out will know right away that I love my Jeep. And my fire pit is going to be the most unique one out of all my buddies.

Now as far as my Fire Pit goes, I plan to paint it up when it comes in. The thing about steel is it will radiate heat really well, but as it gets hot, you’ll be able to tell the difference between hot steel and cold.

So one of the first things I’m going to do when it arrives is get some high temperature primer and spray this bad boy black.

Next, I’m going to tape off the fender flares, wheels / tires, and the bars. Then I’m going to spray the fenders Midwest green and the body grey. I’m telling you, once you’ve finished this bad boy off with high temperature paints, you’re going to have a custom Jeep fire pit that could even mimic your own Jeep.

Now I guess I just need to get my Jeep ready for some 40 inch Kymera tires and some sweet wheels to boot. Maybe I should hit up Fab Fours right now.

In the meantime, I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my thoughts on my sweet new Far Fours Jeep Fire Pit. Can’t wait to fire mine up.

And you can get your very own Jeep Fire Pit here too from Midwest Aftermarket. Don’t get a cheap, generic pit. Don’t settle for being like everyone else. Make your fire pit your own with Fab Fours today.

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