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A Great Handheld Tuner with 50 State Compliant and Custom Tuning Models Available

In the market for an affordable handheld programmer for your Truck? Want to increase your horsepower and torque or improve your fuel economy? Need this tuner to be super easy to install and 50 State Compliant? Or would you rather have a plug and play device that can do custom tuning? No matter which kind of tuner you’re looking for, DiabloSport’s Predator 2 has what you need to program your vehicle with the tunes you want.

Bullet Point Breakdown

No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” you’re fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the DiabloSport Predator 2 Tuner:

  • Plug and Play via your OBDII port
  • Improve your Horsepower with Pre-Loaded Canned Tunes
  • Up Torque at the Wheels for Towing
  • Increase fuel economy with MPG tune
  • Available in 50 State Compliant SKU
  • Also, Platinum version is compatible with CMR Custom Tuning software to do custom tunes
  • Platinum version is NOT 50 State Compliant
  • Reads and Clears DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)
  • Updates via USB using DiabloSport’s free software
  • Stores your stock tune so you can easily reload it for emissions testing and resale
  • Unlock your vehicle’s full potential with the DiabloSport Predator 2
  • Adds 15-30 Horsepower, 15-30 Torque on Gas Trucks
  • Adds 100+ Horsepower, up to 250 ft/lbs Torque on Diesel Trucks
  • Calibrate Speedometer for lifts and larger tires

Tuning Options for Gas & Diesel Trucks

If you are looking for a programmer with great canned tunes for either your gas or diesel truck, the Predator 2 is the legendary Predator reborn. Known for their excellent pre-loaded tunes, DiabloSport won’t let you down with this P2.

For most gas truck applications,DiabloSport Predator 2 Handheld Tuner you’ll be looking at anywhere from 15 to 30 Horsepower gain if you run the canned performance tune. So if get up and go is what you’re after, this baby will get you where you want to go. And for diesel applications you can gain upwards of 100+ HP.

Looking to two? Tune into Tow Boosting mode, and watch your torque increase. For Gas trucks you can gain upwards of 30 foot / pounds of torque, while on Diesel Trucks you can get up to 250 ft / pds in additional torque.

Maybe you’re looking to save on fuel economy. The Mileage Boosting Tune will be your jam. On diesel trucks, this tune can still improve your miles per gallon by upwards of 3. And on gas powered trucks, expect to get even more on some makes and models.

Master Diagnostic Trouble Codes with Ease

While most of us think of tunes and horsepower when we think of programmers and tuners, another great use of the DiabloSport Predator 2 is reading and clearing DTC or Diagnostic Trouble Codes.

If you’ve ever had your check engine light come on and wonder whether you need to panic and start prepping for a massive repair bill or just add some washer fluid, then you need a tuner that can read DTC’s.

Not only can you read the codes very easily in plain English, but once you address the cause of the code, you can easily clear it out with your Predator 2. So if you are a DIY kinda truck guy, having a great tuner like the P2 is absolutely necessary.

Upgrading Wheels and Tires

If you’re looking to upgrade your wheels or rims and get a new set of tires, then you’re gonna need to correct your speedometer. And the Predator 2 can do it. This often isn’t the first thing people think of when they think of calibration and tuning. Also, when many of us upgrade our tire and wheel sizes, we don’t tend to think about our speedometer and making adjustments to it.

But if you change the size of your wheel, then your speedometer is going to be off. The bigger the size increase or decrease, the more your speed will be off. And whether you’re interested in avoiding a ticket or just sticking with the flow of traffic on the highway, knowing your speed is important.

With the DiabloSport Predator 2, you can calibrate your speedometer to adjust to your new wheel and tire sizes. This is both safer and gives you an accurate idea of your speed of travel.

Smoother Ride: Disable AFM / MDS

If you ever getPredator 2 from DiabloSport can disable AFM / MDS frustrated with your truck, feeling that she’s downshifting at inappropriate times, then a tuner may be able to solve your problem. I often used to run into this issue when driving through the super hilly sections of Missouri. It’s beautiful land, no doubt. But having to really get on the accelerator after coasting down a hill can be a real pain in the butt.

Likewise, going up a hill can be annoying too, especially if you’ve got AFM or MDS. Well, the Predator 2 can disable these cylinder deactivation methods for most makes and models. While I’m all about saving money on my commute, these methods are both destructive to your engine and annoying when you’re driving in the mid 30 MPH to 50 MPH ranges, especially in hilly areas.

I’ve personally had to floor my accelerator once or twice to try to get up a steep hill. And the annoyance is immediate and due to repeated itself when I suddenly have to replace several values or cylinders or have my entire engine re-done.

Save yourself the hassle and disable those darn “fuel saving” methods. Make sure you have all of your cylinders pumping at any given time with the Predator 2. 

Mileage Boosting

While I know everyone tends to focus on the Horsepower gains and the additional torque, I would be remiss not to mention the MPG gains. We are currently working on a blog series to try to make it easier and more affordable to make your truck into your daily driver / commuter. And while you can gain miles per gallon from various different aftermarket parts, from cold air intakes to a better exhaust system, a tuner like the Predator 2 can give you some immediate MPG gains right off the bat. And you won’t even have to pop the hood to install her.

Super Easy Installation

Another great feature of the Predator 2 is it’s plug and play functionality. This install is so easy, even Kyle could do it without breaking a sweat. Just playing, Kyle.

Simply open the box, remove the Predator 2, hook it up to your computer or Mac. That’s right. A Mac friendly tuner! What?!

Use DiabloSports software to upgrade your P2. Then plug the cord into your OBDII port, and turn your engine to On and follow the on screen instructions. The Predator 2 makes it easy to tune your vehicle even if it's your first time ever. 

You really can’t get simpler that this with a handheld full tuner. When you’re done, you can disconnect the device. She’ll still have your stock tune saved on the device, so you can always go back to stock if you need to for emissions testing or if you plan to sell your truck to someone who wants a stock tune.

CMR Custom Tuning

For the true tuning aficionados out there, the legendary Predator reborn and upgraded to the Predator 2 is not going to let you down. The Platinum Predator 2 is fully functional and compatible with DiabloSport’s CMR software. This means you can make complete custom tunes or have a professional tune shop create one for your vehicle and load it on to the P2.

So if you are a racer or a sled puller, if off-road is life, or if you just have to have every last bit of juice out of your engine, then the Predator 2 Platinum can give it to you with a full custom tuning suite designed to unleash all the power of your vehicle.

The beauty of DiabloSports software is that most mainstream and well known custom tune writing shops use it and are familiar with it. Chances are if you’ve heard of the tuning mechanic, they use DiabloSport’s CMR software regularly.

You can still take your truck to the garage and get on the dyno to get a complete custom tune that’s designed to work with your specific engine and all the aftermarket parts you’ve added on. Again, if you truly want to make your vehicle your own, you’ve gotta do custom tuning. And this is a great handheld tuner for that. The DiabloSport Predator 2 can do it all and do it right for your truck.

Data Logging

If youPredator 2 Tuner like logging data and comparing it to your buddies in person and online, the Predator 2 has those great capabilities too. She can record at 10 minutes at a time and has full data viewer playback functionality. So if you want to show off your new numbers, the P2 is a great way to go. Nothing wrong with a bit of bragging in front of your friends.

Of course, data logging can be great for adjusting custom tuning too and for towing. So keep this functionality in your back pocket, cause even if it doesn’t grab you just yet, you may well use it down the road.

Gear Ratios

While adjust gear ratios after installing new axle gears is more of a Jeep thing around these parts, should you decide to get into gear ratios with your truck, the Predator 2 can adjust those parameters accordingly.

At the end of the day, the Predator 2 is a great handheld tuner that won’t break the bank. And whether you need a 50 state compatible version or want that full custom tuning ability, DiabloSport has a model for you. Unlock the full potential of your engine, with a Predator 2 from DiabloSport today.

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