Bushwacker Cut Out Style Fender Flares
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Bushwacker Cut Out Style Fender Flares

The Most Extreme Pocket Style Fender Flare on the Market Today

If you’re into bolt on style flares and you want an extreme pocket version, then you really should take a look at Bushwacker. Not only is this the company that started it all, developed the very first fender flares, and has gone on to innovate on them ever since, but they are also the first company to offer a cut out style flare. This style is the most extreme version out there, meaning that while others may still claim to have a “cut out” style flare, the rest on the market really don’t compare. While many other cut out flares are closer to what Bushwacker calls their Pocket Style flares, showing a slightly recessed bolt inside a pocket, Bushwacker’s Cut Out Style present visible bolts that on first glance make it look like those bad boys are very nearly flush with the side of your vehicle. So if you want that extreme look that makes it appear that your fender flares really are bolted on through the body of the truck--a strictly decorative feature I assure you--then you have to get some Cut Out Style fender flares from Bushwacker. Past the obvious extreme and aggressive look of these flares, you’re also dealing with a company that makes great products that are built to last. These Cut Out style flares are no different. Made from their extremely durable Dura-Flex thermoplastic, a proprietary material that is UV resistant and resists warping and cracking, these flares are designed to take a beating and hold their shape. They are ready to take on the harshest of environments too, so if you’re into off roading or just want to cruise the local strip, these babies can do all that and in style too. Each flare is custom made to fit your year, make, and model vehicle, using the most advanced CAD software. And these babies extend out over your tires offering upwards of 3 plus inches of tire tread coverage. So if you’re concerned about getting a tire ticket because you’ve got wide tires or just want a bigger fender flare to catch mud and road debris and prevent it from flinging all over the place, these flares are a great option. These flares come in a smooth matte black finish for most trucks, but are also available in a textured matte black for many Jeeps. Regardless of which finish you get, these fender flares are also paintable, so you can paint them up yourself or get a professional to paint match them to your own vehicle exactly. Designed to last and made right here in the US of A, you can’t hardly beat Bushwacker on style, durability, and being American proud. Each fender flare is backed by Bushwacker’s limited lifetime warranty, and they are available in pairs or sets of four, though we recommend you deck out each and every wheel well you can find in these sweet fender flares. Let’s get into the details of these extreme Cut Out Style flares from Bushwacker.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the Bushwacker Cut Out Style Fender Flares

        No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the Bushwacker Cut Out Style Fender Flares:

  • The Most Extreme Cut Out Style Flare to Date
  • A Pocket Flare and Then Some
  • Bolts are as close to flush as possible
  • A deep recessed pocket on a large style fender flare
  • Offers upwards of 3 plus inches of tire coverage for some makes and models
  • An Aggressive Bolt On recessed style from the company that started it all
  • Finished in a smooth paintable matte black
  • For Jeeps, available in a textured matte black finish too
  • Designed to offer great tire tread coverage and look great doing it
  • Transform your truck into a rugged off road monster
  • Custom made to fit your vehicle
  • Designed using the latest in CAD software and machinery
  • Made in America
  • Constructed from Dura-Flex Thermoplastic material
  • This proprietary material resists fading, cracking, and warping
  • It stands up to the harsh UV rays from the sun
  • And can handle the cold temperatures of a harsh northern winter too
  • Pairs well with extremely large tires or wide offsets
  • Some cutting is required to install these massive flares
  • Made from Dura Flex 2000 ABS material
  • Sold in pairs, available as a set of four
  • Gives an aggressive off road look to your truck or Jeep
  • Can accommodate the largest wheels and tires on the road
  • All mounting hardware is included
  • Proudly made right here in the US of A
  • Bushwacker is based out of Oregon
  • Backed by Bushwacker’s Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • An aggressive and stylish look
  • Makes your truck stand out from the rest
  • The bolt on look with a deep pocket
  • More extreme than any other bolt style flare on the market
  • Paintable to match your paint job
  • Comes in smooth black to match many stock trim levels
  • Visible bolts are just decorative
  • Installed using factory holes and / or automotive grade adhesive
  • Some sheet metal cutting is required however
  • American made by American workers
  • Built to Last
  • The Ultimate Bolt on Flare from Bushwacker

Bushwacker Cut Out Style Fender Flares

When you need tire coverage and are looking to get a set of bolt on style flares, I always turn to Bushwacker first. Seeing as they have so many different styles of bolt on flares, you have a lot of great options to choose from. If you want the more traditional pocket style flares, you can go with their Boss Pocket flares. Looking for a slightly recessed style, that’s still likely a bit more recessed than many other pocket style flares out there? You’ll want to check out their Pocket style fender flares. Want extra coverage with bolts too? Check out those Max Coverage Pocket style flares. And if you are looking for the most extreme, most aggressive, deepest recessed bolts on the market, then you’ve gotta get yourself some Cut Out Style Fender Flares from Bushwacker.

These flares have pockets or recessed indentions so deep that the heads of the bolts or rivets almost look like they are drilled flush into the side of your vehicle. Of course, they are not. These bolts are just decorative, so they aren’t actually drilled into anything except the flare itself. But they do give that look of a truly bolted on fender flare.

And if that aggressive look is what you’re after, these flares have that and then some. But if you’re also looking for tire coverage, these cut out style flares offer upwards of 3 or more inches of additional tire tread coverage. In many States and local municipalities across the US of A, you are required to have some kind of fender coverage over the top of your tire tread. This isn’t a big deal if you’re rocking stock tires and wheels, but the second you start upgrading or changing off set values or just getting wider wheels and tires, you can get yourself into some trouble with the local PD that could involve a hefty fine.

So Bushwacker was born to try to take care of that issue and do so with an extra helping of style. These fender flares add on that tire tread coverage to prevent tickets and look good while doing it. While we all have our opinions about government trying to overstep and such, in this case, the law is probably in place to prevent wider and larger tires from slinging mud and road debris at other vehicles.

Of course, this also can happen to your own vehicle. If you’re ever been mudding before, you know you’ll often get a spray pattern across your driver’s side door and passenger too for that matter. Adding on some extra coverage with a fender flare is likely to keep that to a minimum by catching more of the mud and muck that your tires fling backwards.

But doing something solid and useful like this isn’t the only reason to pick up some fender flares. Flares these days add style to your vehicle, changing your appearance and giving you a custom look in your truck. And Bushwacker’s offerings in this category offer some of the most distinct and innovative styles as well. The DRT, their newest in the line of fender flares, has continued to turn heads and set Bushwacker once again apart from other manufacturers.

And these Cut Out flares do that too. These babies offer the most extreme cut out style, creating the illusion that these fender flares are bolted directly to the fender wall of your vehicle. And if you’re looking for that rugged, bolt on look, these fenders give it in so many great ways.

These flares come in a smooth matte black finish that is paintable after purchase. So if you want to pick these up and then have them professionally paint matched, you can do so. For Jeeps, these flares also come in a texture matte black option, if you’d rather have a powder coated look on your fenders.

Made from high quality Dura Flex 2000 material, this ABS thermoplastic is designed to hold up against the harshest environments and conditions. It is both UV resistant and protected against cracking and warping from extreme temperatures.

These flares are made in the United States by hard working Americans. Bushwacker is based out of Oregon and is the first company to ever offer a fender flare. Their origin story is actually worth checking out over on their website on their About Us page. Talk about good old American ingenuity.

These fender flares are backed by a limited lifetime warranty from Bushwacker. So you know this American company is one you can trust and that they stand by their products and their customers.

Looking for that rugged and extreme off road style? You’ve found it with these Bushwacker Cut Out Style Fender Flares! Get yours now!

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