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BAKBox 2: the Perfect Truck Toolbox for under your BAKFlip

BAKBox 2: the Perfect Truck Toolbox for under your BAKFlip

A Toolbox that Fits under any BAKFlip or Revolver Cover

When BAK Industries revolutionized hard folding covers by offering true full bed access, they became a true staple of the industry. In fact, to this day, when most of us think of tri-fold covers, we think of the BAKFlip line. Likewise, when it comes to hard rolling covers, few come to mind outside the Revolver Line from The BAKBox 2 toolbox that fits under your tonneau coverBAK. To say that BAK has changed the tonneau cover industry forever by innovating on these product types would not be an overstatement. But there was one small issue still that tonneau covers had also created, much like the lack of true full bed access from the original covers that hit the market. You couldn’t really have a toolbox and a tonneau cover in the same truck bed. Now since then, several companies have come out with shorter covers that work with toolboxes, but BAK found out that they could make a toolbox that went underneath their covers. The BAKBox toolbox was born. But that just wasn’t enough for BAK apparently. Yes, this new toolbox was very secure and even hidden from plain sight, but didn’t it take them back a step, creating an issue they had already solved. How could you have true full bed access if you have a toolbox taking up the space at the front of your truck bed? The BAK Box 2 tool boxThe BAKBox 2 set out to solve that issue. BAK created a toolbox that would work underneath their covers and had the ability to fold up against the front of the truck bed. Once emptied, this BAKBox 2 could be tucked up and folded flat against the bulkhead, allowing you once more to have true 100% bed access with a tonneau cover and a toolbox installed at the same time. No need to remove the cover or the toolbox. Just fold both up, and you’re good to go! Now the same company that revolutionized the tonneau cover industry twice has done it again. The BAKBox 2 has changed the game again! Here we have a solid, extremely secure toolbox that can be folded up to allow you to have full 100% truck bed access. The BAKBox 2 is 10 inches by 10 inches by the width of your truck bed. This toolbox is constructed of durable ½” thikc FRP composite panels with a solid core. Capable of holding up to 200 pounds worth of tools and equipment, the BAKBox 2 is solid and a truly versatile toolbox. Designed to protect your gear, keep it from sliding around your truck bed, and then fold up for full truck bed access when you need it, the BAKBox 2 is the most revolutionary truck toolbox to hit the market to date. And it’s a no drill install. This baby just clamps on to your existing BAK Industries tonneau cover rails. Let’s break down the full details of this game changing BAKBox 2 toolbox.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the BAKBox 2

No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the BAKBox 2:

  • A toolbox that fits underneath your tonneau cover
  • Compatible with all BAKFlip and Revolver truck bed covers
  • 10 inch by 10 inch by your bed width in dimensions
  • This truck bed toolbox can hold a wide variety of tools and small equipment
  • A hidden toolbox no one will even know is there
  • Super easy install
  • No drilling required
  • Clamps onto tonneau cover rails
  • Sliding tray included for small items
  • Folds up flat against bulkhead when you need true 100% truck bed access
  • Can handle up to 200 lbs worth of gear and tools
  • Solid core panels are ½” thick, providing superior support and durability
  • Locked and hidden away underneath your BAK Industries tonneau cover
  • Truly one of the most versatile truck bed toolboxes on the market today
  • Can be positioned anywhere along your truck bed rails
  • Finally a toolbox that can be installed underneath your truck bed cover
  • Can be placed near tailgate, over wheel wells, or even more traditionally at your bulkhead
  • Fold away design means the BAKBox 2 is there when you need it, gone when you don’t
  • Sizeable enough to hold many common tools, but small enough to be out of the way when you want to load larger equipment in the bed
  • A no drill install that is easy to remove and change positions
  • Whether you’re rocking a Revolver or a BAKFlip, this toolbox is designed to work with all those BAK covers
  • Now the most versatile and innovative covers on the market have a compatible toolbox
  • Folds up in seconds; folds out just as easily
  • A hidden toolbox for BAK truck bed covers
  • Protect your valuables and keep them from sliding around your truck bed
  • Sits beneath the tonneau cover, out of sight and secure
  • A revolutionary new toolbox system
  • The BAKBox 2 truck bed cover compatible toolbox
  • BAK Industries has done it again
  • Backed by BAK’s solid 1 year workmanship and material warranty

BAKBox 2

If you ever wanted a toolbox but didn’t want to get rid of or replace your tonneau cover, you’re in luck. Likewise, if you want a toolbox that works with your BAK cover, this product could be exactly what you’re looking for.

While BakBox2 a toolbox that goes underneath your truck bed coverthere are many smaller tonneau covers that are compatible with more traditional toolboxes these days, you’re always making compromises. Either you give up part of your bed or lose full bed access or most often both. And those more traditional toolboxes are practically targets, sitting up above your truck bed rails, screaming that there’s valuable equipment stored inside.

Likewise so many of these toolboxes are expensive, old school diamond plated chrome, and overly bulky. So if you aren’t into that style of toolbox anyway and are looking for a great alternative that is also compatible with your current BAK tonneau cover, you’ve found the perfect product for your truck.

The BAKBox 2 fits under your truck bed cover and provides a hidden and secure storage compartment that can hold various tools and equipment. When it comes to security, a hidden toolbox that is out of sight underneath a tonneau cover with the tailgate locked is about as secure as you can make it.

The BAKBox 2 A toolbox that hides under your tonneau cover BAKBox 2also doesn’t take up nearly as much space as more traditional bulky toolboxes, but it can still hold upwards of 200 pounds of equipment and tools. The included small tray fits nicely in the top of the box for storage of smaller items you don’t want to lose in your toolbox. We’ve all been there. Searching for a bolt or screw that you know was right there a second ago, but now it’s gone forever in the depths of your toolbox.

And even if you’ve never had a full sized toolbox, you’d be shocked how well thisLots of space to store your gear under your tonneau cover Bak Box 2 BAKBox 2 keeps your truck bed well organized. Whether you’re hauling jumper cables or bungie cords on the reg or just like to haul a few tools around just in case, the BAKBox 2 will keep it secure and stored inside your toolbox. And since it is stored up above the floor of your truck bed, you still have the full truck bed to use up until the top 12 or so inches of your bed, and even then it’s only at the front of your truck bed unless you decide to install it elsewhere.

And that’s another great part about the BAKBox 2. Collapsable truck tool box that fits underneath your truck bed coverThis toolbox installs along the rails of your tonneau cover wherever you’d like. If you’d prefer the more traditional route, you can put it up at your bulkhead as many do. But if you’d rather install your BAKBox 2 near the tailgate, you can do that too. And if you want it to go over your wheel wells, in the middle of your truck bed, that’s an option as well.

In fact, this toolbox can be installed pretty much anywhere along the rails of your truck bed cover. So you get to choose what’s best for you.

Personally, IBak Box two from BAK Industries fits under a BakFlip or Revolver tonneau cover like mine back close to the tailgate, about a foot or so in. This gives me easy access to my tools with the tailgate down and forms a barrier if I want to toss in a mobile toolbox or groceries or anything of that style near the tailgate. You can see right away how much more versatile and useful this is than your more traditional top mounted toolbox.

At the end of the day, if you’ve always wanted a toolbox that worked with and underneath your BAK tonneau cover, this really is the best solution to date on the market. And the fact that it is compatible with one of the most common and well made brands of tonneau covers on the market today really doesn’t hurt either.

The BAKBox 2--a super innovative product that let’s you have the best of both worlds: a truck bed toolbox when you need it, and full truck bed access when you don’t.

Our Promise of Exceptional Service and the Lowest Prices on the Interwebs

When you’re ready to order your BAKBox 2, we hope you’ll get yours from us here at Midwest Aftermarket. We only promote products we believe in and sell them at the lowest prices, shipping quickly to you for free if you’re in the lower 48 states. We have an excellent return policy and strive to get you the right product in perfect condition the first time.

What are you waiting for?A tonneau cover over the top of a BAKBox2 toolbox Give us a call or place an order directly through our website. We’ll get your product out to you ASAP so you can enjoy your vehicle and make it your own. If you have a vision of what your truck or Jeep could be, let us help you achieve that image, that goal. We put aftermarket right at the tip of your fingers on your smartphone, web browser, and even via various apps, making ordering the parts you need super easy.

Let us help make your aftermarket dream possible. Let us help you build your dream machine. We want you to drive the truck or Jeep of your dreams right now. So when you get it installed and love it, make sure you share us some pics on social media so we can live vicariously through you. Because we too are aftermarket enthusiasts, truck and Jeep owners, who love and own many of the products we sell. In other words, we don’t just work aftermarket--we are aftermarket.

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