AVS Bugflector 2 Dark Smoke Hood Shield
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AVS Bugflector 2 Dark Smoke Hood Shield

A High Profile Hood Protector Made From High Impact Modified Acrylic

If you’re in the market for a bug shield that is all protection and no fuss, then the AVS Bugflector 2 may be the hood protector for you. This super durable, scratch and impact resistant hood shield is designed to deflect bugs and rocks away from your hood and windshield. The most high profile design Auto Ventshade has made to date, if this baby can’t shield your hood, nothing can. The wrap around design provides the ultimate in coverage and protection. And the high impact modified acrylic construction means it can take a hit from a large bug or rock and still keep right on rocking in the free world. And did we mention the no drill install? That’s right. The Bugflector II installs using 3M tape for most applications. And this hood protector is backed by Lund’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. And the whole kit and kaboodle is made right here in the United States of America. So if you want to support American workers and keep your hood safe too from paint chips and damage from rocks and such, the Bugflector 2 hood shield is the one for you.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the AVS Bugflector 2 Dark Smoke Hood Shield

        No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the AVS Bugflector 2 Dark Smoke Hood Shield:

  • AVS’ highest profile bug shield yet
  • Designed to protect your hood and look good while doing it
  • OEM style that matches factory trim
  • Comes in a smoke finish
  • Constructed out of high-impact modified acrylic
  • Resistant to scratch and impact damage
  • Made in the USA, down in Buford, GA
  • Backed by Auto Ventshade’s Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Wrap around design custom fits the front of your hood
  • Offers max protection against insects and bouncing rocks
  • Deflects debris and bug guts up and over the cab of your vehicle
  • Help keep your resale value high and your paint job entact
  • Prevents annoying cracks in windshield by deflecting pebbles and rocks away from the glass
  • Made right here in the States, by American workers
  • Simple, DIY Installation process
  • Utilizes 3M tape, no drilling to install
  • Simply one of the best, high profile hood guards around

AVS Bugflector 2 Dark Smoke Hood Shield

Protecting your paint job and windshield is paramount. These Bugflector II hood protectors are designed to keep you going even when the biggest darn bugs smash into your vehicle head on at 75 miles per hour.

Let’s break down all the great benefits and reasons you need a hood protector real quickly.

First there’s the insect situation. I know when I’m driving around in my huge pickup truck the last thing on my mind is whether or not some tiny little insect is going to smash into my hood or windshield. I might notice for a moment when one splatters all over the glass, but a little windshield wiper fluid and a couple passes of the wipers and those insect guts have left my mind completely.

If fact, this entire topic didn’t really come into my mind until one crazy summer night when I was out driving around my pickup truck with the windows down, blaring music. I think I was with my girlfriend at the time who’s now upgraded to being my wife, but don’t quote me on that.

We were just being young people, cruising around the country back roads, minding our own business, when we turned back onto a semi-main drag, so to speak.

The night was cool and dark, and my headlights lit up yards ahead of the vehicle. We were just taking it easy, maybe moving at 50 or 60 miles per hour, but not in a hurry--just driving, cause we really had nowhere to go or to be except with each other.

When up ahead, I saw an overhead light at a crossroads. There was no stop light or stop sign or nothing. But it was just one of the street lights that shows you a turn off onto a more major road than just some random county backroad.

I’d never thought anything of it really, and probably wouldn’t think much now except for what happened. I mean, it’s just a random streetlight in the middle of nowhere. And it would have remained as such in my mind if I hadn’t driven under it that night.

I think we were laughing or singing or something. All I know is I remember glancing over at her right as we passed underneath the lamp light. And our laughter abruptly stopped when we heard what sounded like a sudden hail storm smash into my truck.

I think she saw it first because I remember time slowing down and her face transforming into a grimace. So I followed her gaze back towards the front of the truck, and what I saw was a massacre of bugs and bug guts splattered all over my windshield.

I’ve never seen so many dead and dying little insects. I tried the windshield wipers and the wiper fluid, but it really wasn’t up to the task.

We headed back to town, and I hit it hard with some cleaner at a gas station while the gal went in to get some drinks.

It was a real mess. Even after scrubbing at it for five minutes or so, you could still see that I had drove through a wall of bugs.

The next morning I decided my truck was due for a real washing. That’s when I discovered that the bugs weren’t just splattered all over my windshield. They were on the front of my hood and in my grille and all over my front bumper too.

No big deal, I thought. I’ll just scrub them off with a sponge or one of those hand mitts for washing cars. But some of them were really stuck on there. And that’s when I realized that while the new bugs from the night before came off pretty easy, some of these splatters had been there for some time. And the longer they had gone unnoticed, the harder they were going to be to clean off.

I had stumbled onto an issue that car detailers and painters have known for a long time now.

Bug guts will damage your paint job over time.

It turns out the little suckers have acidic insides, like those interstellar creatures from that movie Alien. And over time, their acid guts were eating into my paint job. I didn’t have any major damage just yet, but here and there I spotted what looked like tiny chips in the finish. I couldn’t believe that little bugs could possibly do this to my truck, but I was seeing the evidence right in front of my own eyes.

That’s when I realized I really needed a bug deflector for my pickup truck.

AVS Bugflector 2

When you need maximum protection against bugs and bug gut related incidents, there’s one thing you need to look for above all else in a bug deflector: height.

This Bugflector 2 is the highest profile hood shield that AVS currently offers, and it features a wrap around design to protect your entire hood and windshield, running nearly the entire width of the vehicle.

This bug shield means business too. It is made of super scratch resistant high impact modified acrylic and designed to last. When I’m looking for a really solid hood guard, I want something that is built to last that will do its job of protecting my hood, paint job, and windshield too and that will look good while doing it.

The smoke finish of the AVS Bugflector II gives you just that too. It is just see through enough to give you that semi-transparent look while being dark enough to match the trim on my truck. Personally, I like what it adds to my hood and the front of my vehicle. It just looks like it belongs there.

And this thing is built strong and made right here in the United States of America, down in Buford, Georgia, to be exact. I like knowing that my hard earned dollars are staying within our American economy and paying hard working Americans for making a great product. I trust that products made in America will last longer and are more quality made than some knock off from overseas.

And on top of that and probably because of that high level of quality, AVS and Lund stand behind their products too by backing the Bugflector II with their lifetime warranty.

What more could you ask for. We’ve got a great hood guard, made in the States, designed to last, and backed by a great warranty from a reputable name in the industry.

At that point, it just becomes a bonus that this bug deflector is so good at keeping bugs off my hood and deflecting rocks and pebbles away from my windshield.

You really will be hard pressed to find a hood shield that does a better job than this great Bugflector II from AVS.

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