AMP Research BedXTender HD Sport
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AMP Research BedXTender HD Sport

Extends your Ability to Haul Longer Items in your Truck Bed, including Dirt Bikes and ATVs

When you need to load items longer than your truck bed, it’s time to look into a truck bed extender. And the most common bed extenders on the market and arguably the most reliable are made by AMP Research. Their BedXtender line, which includes three different styles or types of bed extenders, is optimized for your specific task at hand. If you need maximum loading capacity, the BedXtender HD Max is probably what you’re looking for. Want to haul a motorcycle? Then you need to check out the HD Moto. Looking to move an ATV or dirt bike or just want a little extra room added on in the middle of your tailgate? Then you need the HD Sport, and you’re on the right product page. Shaped like a deformed “V,” the HD Sport Bed Extender gives you great additional space, up to 2 extra feet worth, in the middle of your truck bed onto the tailgate. It is angled at the edges to help keep an ATV or dirt bikes from turning out or rotating. Likewise, this stylish accessory transforms into a great cargo holder near your tailgate when you fold it back in. The entire BedXtender line can be folded out over the top of the tailgate to act as a bed extender, or it can be folded back inside the bed with the tailgate closed to hold cargo near or at the tailgate instead. This versatile design is part of what makes AMP’s BedXtender series some of the best bed extensions on the market today. Let’s get into the specific details on the HD Sport version.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the AMP Research BedXTender HD Sport

        No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the AMP Research BedEXtender HD Sport:

  • The perfect addition to any short or standard bed truck
  • Extends your truck bed out 2 inches over the top of  your tailgate
  • A versatile addition to make hauling longer loads easier
  • Great for ATV and dirt bike haulers
  • Shaped like a flattened out “V” to provide extra length over the middle of your tailgate
  • Stored within the truck bed when not in use
  • Forms a great cargo storage area near your tailgate when flipped into the bed to store
  • Lower tailgate and flip out to use as a tailgate extension
  • Great for hauling lumber or ladders that are up to two feet longer than your bed is
  • Adds safety and an easy place to secure loads that are longer or taller than your truck bed
  • Available in a black powder coat finish and in silver powdercoat too
  • Made out of military grade 6063 T6 aluminum alloy
  • Uprights are made out of a nylon composite
  • Both lightweight and super durable too
  • Built to last
  • Backed by AMP’s 3 year warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Super easy and fast installation
  • Perfect for DIY truck owners
  • No drill installation for most vehicles
  • Adjustable for your truck bed width
  • Compatible with most tonneau covers (spacer kit may be required)
  • Available Quick Latch add-on makes the BedXtender quick and easy to remove and reinstall as needed
  • A great accessory for anyone hauling longer loads regularly
  • More secure than traditional tie downs or strap systems
  • Adds function and use value to your truck bed
  • Great for groceries and storing cargo near your tailgate
  • One of the best truck bed accessories on the market today

AMP Research BedXTender HD Sport

We’ve all been there. You go to load up something large, maybe wheeled, and after some minor struggles and a few curse words, you get that darn ol’ 4 wheeler up into that truck bed. But after slapping a few high fives with your buddies and congratulating each other, you go to close the tailgate, and it’s pretty damn obvious that’s not happening cause those back tires… Yeah, they’re sitting on the tailgate.

And about this time you might be cursing yourself for buying a short bed truck or not getting the long bed or not measuring your buddies four wheeler before you used those make shift ramps to load the sucker up.

But you have worked too hard and gone too far to turn back now. So you strap that puppy down and hit the open road anyway. But the whole time you’re nervous and keep glancing back and double checking that your bro’s expensive 4x4 is still there.

Okay, so maybe we haven’t all been there, but I sure have. And looking back on this particular instance and various other times in my life, I can tell you now, I wish I’d had my AMP Research BedXtender HD Sport years ago.

Not only does this particular truck accessory add great peace of mind when your hauling something long and large like a four wheeler or a pair of dirt bikes, but it also has a lot of additional bonus features--things I never knew I needed that I don’t know how I managed without now that I have them.

For instance, this bed extender doubles as a cargo gate / storage area when it is folded in. Who knew?! This means if you want to store some tools in the back of your truck bed at the tailgate, you no longer need a separate cargo bar or anything like that. The BedXtender HD Sport creates a nice little area that will hold your gear at the tailgate and prevent anything from sliding or rolling to the front of your bed.

And the BedXtender HD Sport isn’t just great for ATVs either. Having an additional 2 foot of bed length in the middle of your tailgate means you can haul all sorts of things without relying solely on tie downs and straps alone. Whether you have a short bed or a standard, with the HD Sport, you can suddenly haul 2 feet more of lumber or a taller ladder than ever before and all with the security of having something closer to an 8 foot bed, while still just having your regular truck.

How often have you been about to start on a project when you realize you’re going to have to have the lumber or drywall delivered, which of course costs more, because it just won’t sit in your truck bed flat. Now with lumber you could always let it hang off the edge or prop it up on your closed tailgate, but neither of those options is as secure as using a tailgate bed extender, like the HD Sport.

The AMP Research BedExtender also fits under most tonneau covers, so you won’t have to worry about it being out in the elements either, and you can keep it on all the time secure and stored in your truck bed under your truck bed cover.

Do note that for some tonneau covers with wider rails, you might need an adapter kit to install the BedXtender HD Sport under your cover. It is just a Spacer Kit designed to correct the gap between the two and allow the Xtender to easily fold or flip up and over, out of the truck bed and onto the tailgate and back again.

Alright, so this AMP Research Bed Extender sounds awesome. But are there any downsides to installing it in your truck bed?

Well, let’s say you want to store something that is just a little shorter than your truck bed length in your bed under your tonneau cover, and you really don’t want to have the tailgate down. And guess what? The BedXtender is in the way now, preventing this from happening. Maybe the weather is bad and you are trying to keep this large item from getting wet or something. Are you totally screwed now because you installed the BedXtender? No. Not at all.

First, you can easily remove the BedXtender by following the instructions you followed to install it in the first place, only in reverse. Great!

And again, the install is super easy, so removing the product isn’t hard either.

But let’s say you are considering buying this bed extender but you’re afraid that while you will need it often, you will also often run into situations like this when you’ll need to remove it. Should you still consider buying and installing it?

Yes, you should. But you should definitely consider the Quick Latch upgrade to this part. The Quick Latch is designed to make it super easy to remove the BedXtender at any time. This is definitely the product for you. This quick latch add on makes it super easy to remove and reinstall the BedXtender HD Sport.

Personally, beyond the ability to haul large wheeled items like 4 wheelers and bikes, I love this product because it helps keep my gear stored properly and in place near the tailgate in my bed. You can even attach straps or loop bag handles over the uprights to help keep items in place. What a great versatile product for every truck owner.

Check out your BedXtender today!

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