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AirBedz Pro 3 Truck Bed Air Mattress

A Pro Series Mattress with Integrated DC Air Pump

If you’re looking for an air mattress designed to fit your truck bed exactly and completely, the Pro3 AirBedz mattress is highly recommended for it’s mixture of durability, comfort, and ease of use all at a nice price point. The Pro3 features all the great qualities you’ve come to know and love about AirBedz--like the super thickness of one foot of air-coil system support, the ability to pass extreme torture tests, and a superior 1,000 pound weight limit that is likely lowballing the actual weight capability of this mattress by 2 fold at least. But this particular AirBedz has something more over the Lite version and in a way over the Original too. The AirBedz Pro3 comes with an integrated DC air pump with a 19 foot cord. This feature  allows you to air up your mattress via your cigarette lighter or auxiliary power port on your truck. Being able to air up your mattress in under 3 minutes wherever your truck is without worrying about the battery being dead or looking for an AC  outlet and extension cord. This baby is built for you to just hit the road and hit the hay whenever you’d like. Add in the stylish heavy duty cloth top and the tan and green coloring and you’ve got one of the best looking and functioning truck bed air mattresses on the market today. And just like the other AirBedz models, this patented design fills the entire area of your truck bed, including going over the top of your wheelwells, virtually transforming your truck bed into a Queen sized, 12 inch thick, air mattress. Finally there’s a way to sleep on the go in style. Let’s check out the details of this fantastic truck accessory: the AirBedz Pro3 Truck Bed Air Mattress.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the AirBedz Pro 3 Truck Bed Air Mattress

        No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the AirBedz Pro 3 Truck Bed Air Mattress:

  • An Air Mattress that fits your truck bed perfectly
  • Extends over the top of your wheel wells too
  • 12 inch thick design features weight distributing air coil system
  • Weight rated for up to 1,000 lbs.
  • Torture tested and passed serious weight tests above and beyond that limit
  • This Patented design is the only air mattress that fits over the around your wheel wells
  • Fits most 6 foot Standard beds and 8 foot Long beds
  • Make sure to enter your fitment information above to get the right AirBedz for your year, make, and model truck
  • Comes with a built in air pump
  • This pump uses a standard 12 volt auxiliary power socket or cigarette lighter to power itself
  • Capable of airing up or deflating your air mattress in under 3 minutes flat
  • Comes with a handy storage bag that includes a shoulder strap for easy carrying and transportation
  • Patch kit is included, as well as some glue, for an emergency quick fix from puncture damage
  • These babies are hard to damage as well, made from heavy duty cloth fabric and tested to the max
  • Backed by AirBedz 1 year limited warranty
  • Made by Pittman Outdoors
  • Converts to a standard Queen air mattress by purchasing the separated Inflatable Wheel Well Inserts (sold separately)
  • The Standard bed version will fit in most Chevy / GMC 5 foot 8 beds with the tailgate lowered
  • A High Quality Truck Bed Mattress that is Made to Last

AirBedz Pro 3 Truck Bed Air Mattress

While some might look at the Pro3 as a middle of the road item when compared to the Original (top of the line) and the more affordable Lite version, the truth is that for many on the go regularly, the AirBedz Pro 3 is the perfect version of the AirBedz for a few key reasons.

One of those reasons is fairly elegant in its simplicity: the way the air pump is powered.

While the Original boasts of a pretty impressive rechargeable battery that works great for long family trips or camping, the Pro 3 is powered by your truck’s battery using a 19 foot long DC power cord. This means you don’t have to use AC power to recharge the battery or plug it in. And this baby is perfect for most individual’s solo use and great for couples too because it has a solid weight rating as well.

If you’re a guy always on the go, then these AirBedz might just be the perfect solution for all your travels.

A buddy of mine is a traveling welder. He’s signed on with one of those companies that ships you from town to town to work on various projects, and the pay, he assures me is stellar. The only problem is he’s never home. But he’s young (early 20’s), and he doesn’t have an apartment or house yet. He’s saving his cash for a down payment on a house. In the meantime, he’s got one of the most bad ass trucks I’ve ever seen a young man driving around in: a Chevy Silverado Z71 with the off-road package. Fun times.

Yeah, I’m only a little jealous.

So he tells me how the company he works for gives him a housing allowance, and he can choose to spend that however he pleases as long as he makes it to work on time every day. For instance, if he wants to stay in a hotel or motel in town, so be it. He wants to crash with some friends nearby. No biggie. He wants to commute 2 hours to work from home. Sure, why not.

Heck, one month he was working down in my neck of the woods, so he crashed in my spare room rent free.

So he gets to thinking about how much extra money he makes when he doesn’t have to pay for a hotel. The issue with his gig is a lot of times he won’t know exactly how long he’s going to be somewhere. So while it might be more affordable to say rent an apartment if he knows he’s staying in one place for say 6 months, he often doesn’t know he’s staying a full 6 until the 4th or 5th month into the project. And he’s had people claim they’re gonna need him that long, only to find out that the company needs to ship him somewhere else anyway, so they’re gonna contract out some other company to finish up.

Point is it is kinda chaotic for him to find a place to stay sometimes, so he often just ends up using the whole or a large portion of the housing credit on a cheap hotel.

But when he came to stay with me that month, we got to talking about aftermarket parts, as I often do. And I mentioned the Rightline Gear Tent and the AirBedz Pro 3 and how I was looking to pickup both of them for the coming summer to go camping.

Once I explained to him how they both work so well in tandem--a tent that goes over the top of your truck bed and a truck bed air mattress that fits perfectly underneath--he says, I need to get me some of that too.

Sure enough, by the end of that month, I’m hoping him install it for the first time in a dry run. We rolled up his soft tonneau cover, put on the tent, and then we aired up the mattress underneath. He popped up into it and just smiled out.

Now when he’s working in the South or anywhere really in the summer, my buddy doesn’t waste that money on cheap hotels. Instead he camps out at a local camp ground, grabs his showers there in the evening, and he has his tent with him wherever he goes. And this bad boy is so easy to pick up and put back down that he hardly ever takes it completely off. He just leaves it under his soft tonneau cover, ready to put back up when he gets to his neck gig.

In fact, it was so brilliant, I was pretty impressed with his plan.

Now whereas just about any of the AirBedz models would have worked for one or two trips, my friend’s issue is that he isn’t always home for sometimes months at a time. And while some camp grounds have AC power to their sites, he didn’t want to have to leave some kind of charger hooked up during the day while he’s out working. So for him, the Pro3 is the best of both worlds. It has the built in air pump like the Original, but the DC power cord is exactly what he needed over the rechargeable.

Now for me, as a family man, I’m going to go with the Original because I can charge it up at home, use it while on my week vacation, and then recharge when I get home.

So at the end of the day picking the right AirBedz for you might have to do with your power options and how long of a trip you really are planning on taking.

For my traveling friend, the Pro3 was the perfect solution to a difficult problem. He’s well on his way to being a homeowner now.

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