ADD Stealth Fighter Front Bumper
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ADD Stealth Fighter Front Bumper

An Aggressive Modern Radius Plate Front Bumper with a Metric Ton of Universal Lighting Options

When it comes to Addictive Desert Designs, the hard part isn’t figuring out what to like cause it’s all pretty damn awesome. Rather the tough part is also one of the greatest pluses of their great aftermarket products, such as this Stealth Fighter Front Bumper: there’s just so many great options it can get hard to choose. Luckily, they have it all spelled out for you and under control with their patented universal light mount system and the ability to add some excellent lighting options directly to your order. In fact, it’s so damn easy to get yourself into a brand spanking new, aggressive and sleek, fully tricked out and lighted up Stealth Fighter that you almost would be suspicious. I mean, it’s a little too easy. But that’s just because the folks over at ADD know their bumpers and know that some of us just gotta have that winch and the rest of us hold to the age old mantra that you can never--and I mean NEVER--have too many light bars or cube lights. Never. Period. So what’s our final recommendation for choosing the right load out on one of these sweet Stealth Fighter front bumpers from ADD? Check out all the pictures. Then add the one that fits your year, make, and model to the cart. You’re welcome. Oh, and don’t forget the Intercooler Relocation kit for your newer Ford Raptors, and you might need that Adaptive Cruise Control relocation bracket, but that’ll be included. And you should consider a frame reinforcement kit if you plan to go with the winch option. Okay. Okay. Maybe there’s a bit more to it than just adding to cart. But I’d still probably start by having a look at the images above and figuring out whether you want a winch or not and then what kinda lighting options you want to go with. I’m thinking green cube lights for the side panels. What about you? Let’s get deep into this sweet front bumper from ADD.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the ADD Stealth Fighter Front Bumper

        No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the ADD Stealth Fighter Front Bumper:

  • One of the most aggressive, modern bumpers from the most bada$$ baja bumper company around
  • Yeah, that and then some
  • For reals, though, this is one of the coolest and most customizable bumpers on the market today
  • Featuring a Patented Universal Center Light Mount System
  • And one of the tightest fitting modern radius plate bumpers ever designed
  • For most years, makes, and models, offers four different light mounting locations
  • Center Mount Light options can handle up to a 40” Radius Light Bar or 10 different Cube Lights via this Universal Mount system
  • Side Panel Lights can handle 6” bars up to 10” for some models, all the way down to single cubes for some makes
  • Optional Winch Mount for most vehicles as well (though you lose a light bar mounting location)
  • Recommended Frame Reinforcement Kit if you plan to tow / winch or use D-rings
  • A full bolt on design that requires no cutting or drilling
  • Compatible with and recommend light options include: RIGID and Baja Designs
  • Works with most factory parking sensors and adaptive cruise control (though additional mounting bracket may be needed)
  • Each bumper is 100% fully made in America
  • The look of the bumper compliments the factory body lines
  • In other words, it makes your front end look even better
  • Retains OEM skid plates for most applications
  • A tight fitting steel plate bumper that is heavy duty without the extra bulk
  • Tightly mounted, extends typically an inch or less further than the original bumper on many applications
  • Most versions have reinforced clevis mounts designed to utilize ¾” D-Rings
  • Purchase lights with the bumper kits or separately
  • Transform your vehicle into a Stealth Fighter
  • Finished in a classic black hammer style
  • If you like matte black, this hammer black finish is sure to please
  • No cutting or welding necessary
  • Heavy duty thick steel material construction
  • Designed to be tough and look sweet too
  • An enclosed panel design with a pre-runner bumper feature
  • Customizable to the Nth degree
  • Pairs nicely with the Stealth Fighter Step Bars and Rear Bumper
  • Has so many options, each Stealth Fighter bumper once installed is unique and has its own light pattern to boot
  • Start with the sweet looks above, then select your options
  • Pickup any style aftermarket light bars or cubes
  • Most will work with this Universal Light Mount System
  • An innovative design from an innovative company
  • Makes your truck look sleek and speedy
  • A true head turner that will also protect your front end
  • A Precise Laser Cut or CNC Design for a perfect fit every time
  • The ADD Stealth Fighter Front Bumper

ADD Stealth Fighter Front Bumper

When it comes to upgrading your bumper and adding great style and durability to your front end, few do it as well and make bumpers as customizable as Addictive Desert Designs. Whether you’re rocking a Chevy Silverado or a Ford F-150, a Dodge Ram or a Toyota Tundra, these ADD Stealth Fighter bumpers have lots of lighting options to choose from.

Take into account the fact that this product includes a universal light mount kit for the top center lighting area, and you can pretty much take your pic of lights. While we recommend Rigid and Baja Designs, both of which ADD has tested their lighting kits with, they have options for standard and other types of light bars and cube lights too.

That center light location for most full size truck’s can handle up to a 40” light bar or 10 separate cube lights down to just about anything smaller than that. This means that if you have some lights in mind for your new bumper, chances are good they will work.

And while the lighting options are going to make this bumper your own, the modern style and aggressive look of it also is designed to compliment your existing trim and front end shape.

In other words, ADD has pretty much thought of and covered everything we could think of. This is one great bumper for just about any truck out there they make it for.

Are you considering a Winch to mount on this bumper?

ADD highly recommends that you pickup a Frame Reinforcement Kit as well if you are going to be towing, winching, or even pulling using your D-Rings. These reinforcement kits add strength to your frame for various towing applications, whether you’re pulling yourself out of the mud and muck or hauling someone else out of a ditch. And they are compatible with both OEM bumpers and all Addictive Desert Designs bumpers.

A true modern radius plate design, this bumper is unique and stylish, giving your truck an aggressive and fast appeal. We aren’t saying this bumper will make your truck faster, by any means. But it will make it look pretty sick.

Overall, ADD has the stylish products that make your vehicle stand out in the crowd. Whether you’re looking for great lighting options or a sleek plate look and feel for your bumper, these Stealth Fighter bumpers are impressive. And when it comes to customizing your bumper, you’ll be hard pressed to find a product out there that has more options. Whether you’re adding on more lights or light bars, or implementing a frame reinforcement kit, adjusting for parking sensors or adaptive cruise control--it really feels like Addictive Desert Designs has thought of everything.

And if you’re looking to add on a Winch, make sure you get the Winch option for your bumper. ADD recommends SmittyBilt and Superwinch, but we are sure a Warn would work well too.

When it comes to Baja style bumpers, with modern designs and tons of great customization that are sure to make your bumper unique and just look great, Addictive Desert Designs really does have it all in spades. Whether you’re looking for a winch bumper or just some great lighting options or just to replace your damaged bumper or upgrade that OEM bumper to something with a bit more style and durability, the Stealth Fighter line comes highly recommended. We think you’ll be very pleased with all the options and features, not to mention how great this bumper will look on your truck.

If you’re having any issues figuring out the options or selecting kits, lights, or anything at all, please don’t hesitate to call or Chat us. Again the massive amounts of features and options is amazing, but we get that it can also be confusing. Just hit up one of our friendly customer support ninjas for any help at all. We’ll get you setup for your brand new Stealth Fighter bumper from ADD in no time.

At the end of the day, if you are looking for an aftermarket, heavy duty front bumper and you think you might ever be interested in adding light bars or aux lighting to your bumper, there’s really no good reason not to go ahead and pickup a Stealth Fighter front bumper from ADD now. And when the time comes, adding in the rear bumper of this particular style completes the package. Whether you’re into off-roading or just drive a lot in the country, this sweet new heavy duty bumper from Addictive Desert Designs is hard to pass up. I mean, just look at it. It’s enough to make me hope I need a new front bumper replacement sooner rather than later.

The ADD guys have really out done themselves this time. This bumper truly shines a degree above the rest of the pack. Check it out today.

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