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Low Profile Tonneau Covers Reviewed

Looking for a Low Profile Truck Bed cover? Not sure which Access Cover is right for your truck? We'll break down all the Low Profile options from Access Cover in this Midwest Aftermarket product breakdown and help you select your new cover.

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Shared Features of all Low Profile Access Covers

Before dividing these three Low Profile Tonneaux into their respective places, I thought we'd take a moment to discuss their similarities. First, they are all fairly low profile, meaning they don't stick too far above the side walls of your truck bed. The Vanish and Tonnosport both only are elevated 1/2" above your truck box, while the Lorado reaches about a full inch skyward. Low profile tonneau covers not only look sleek and aerodynamic, but they actually reduce drag and can improve your fuel economy. See our article on tonneau covers here.

All of the Low Profile tonneau covers from Access are made of the same durable vinyl material. This textured vinyl is specially treated to be reinforced against UV damage. Seeing as one of the biggest downsides to vinyl covers is sun damage, this aspect has huge upside. Correcting and protecting again one of the biggest flaws of a vinyl cover means that these bad boys are built to last and worth every penny. Furthermore, this textured vinyl is double coated to commercial grade standards. On top of all that, these covers come equipped with Fabric Guard, an integrated front and rear vinyl seal designed to protect the inside of your truck bed and your stuff from the elements and of course prying eyes.

The three Low Profile variants also come equipped with Tight Bite Clamps, designed to keep your cover secured to your truck bed without the need to drill any holes or use special equipment. These bad boys can be installed and adjusted easily in your own garage.

The Lorado: A Premium Low Profile Tonneau

If you're the kind of truck owner who can never settle for anything less than the best, and you happen to find yourself looking for a roll-up vinyl tonneau cover, then stop your search immediately. You've found your truck bed cover with Access' Lorado. This puppy has all the features and more. Having looked into and research all of Access Cover tonneaux now, I can say that this cover is right up there with the best ones offered in the Increased Capacity line. While each of the three here have their own unique features and price point, if money is no object, I highly recommend you go with the Lorado. We start offering this excellent model at $472. And at that price, you'd be hard pressed to find something with as much bang for your buck. Let's show you what exactly makes this cover premium & unique.  

If any of the following features are a must have, they are only offered with the Lorado.

Let's see what makes the Lorado stand alone, starting at $472. 

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Exclusive SlantBack Rear Design

Not only does Access' exclusive SlantBack Rear Bar look super sweet. It also helps to drain water and debris off the top of your tonneau year round. Talk about form and function!

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AutoLatch II Dual Locking System

The Patented AutoLatch II system locks your tonneau close the second you shut it. And it easily opens with a simple pull of the cord, shown above. Security & ease of access in one.

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5 Year Limited Warranty

All of Access Cover's Tonneaux are made right here in the US of A and backed by their stellar warranty. The Lorado has a 5 year version, the longest they currently offer.

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Premium Storage Straps with Cab Guard Design

These Storage Straps use Quick Clip technology to secure your rolled-up tonneau cover at the front of your bed, while the Cab Guard, shown above, protects your paint job.

The Lorado and the Vanish

A Couple Shared Elements

There are a couple features that cross over between these two great tonneau covers: the Lorado and the Vanish. Rounding out the review of the Lorado, we get into some of the premium features that it shares with the more affordable Vanish line. Both are great truck bed covers, but if you want all the bells and whistles, the Lorado is the clear winner. Here's what they share.

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Premium XT-Dial Tension Adjuster

Easy to use with the grooved and notched dial. The simplest way to adjust taughtness.

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Element Seal Gasket

As the pic explains above, this seal provides excellent protection from the elements.

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The Vanish: Great Middle of the Road Tonneau

If you are looking for value, you've found it. The Vanish Low Profile truck bed cover by Access really stretches your dollar. With the excellent Element Seal Gasket and Premium XT-Dial Tension Adjuster, discussed above, plus the premium exclusive features below, we challenge you to find a better Low Profile Tonneau for the price. While it doesn't quite stand up to the myriad of specs from the Lorado, it holds its own in the top of the middle of the pack. You really can't go wrong with this tonneau cover. A great buy from a great company.

The Vanish offers a couple exclusive features not available in another tonneau cover from Access. We'll discuss and show those off below. But for now, consider this:

The Vanish Tonneau starts out at the low price of $370. 

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Adjustable Storage Straps

Simple but effective. This hook and loop storage strap keeps your rolled-up tonneau in the proper position at the front of the truck bed even when your vehicle is in motion.

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3 Year Warranty

Access Cover's tonneaux are all made right here in America and backed by an industry standard 3 year limited warranty. You really can't go wrong going with Access Cover.

Linking the Vanish and the Tonnosport

There are a couple of features that connect the Vanish and the Tonnosport, Access' budget offering in the Low Profile category. While the Vanish in most ways is the superior of the two, the Tonnosport actually has a couple unique features, one of which may be a step above Vanish's Adjustable Storage Straps, as the Tonnosport has Quick Clips. Here's what they both share.

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Trigger Latch with 2 Slide Locks

The trigger latch system is another automatic locking mechanism that seals and secures the tonneau as soon as you shut it. To release the cover though you must hit both triggers.

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Flat Rear Bar

While the SlantBack looks pretty cool, many customers prefer the flat low profile look, and both the Vanish and the Tonnosport give off just that kind of feeling--aerodynamic & sleek.

The Tonnosport: a Budget Tonneau with Flare

While the Tonnosport is the cheapest of the three Low Profile tonneau covers offered by Access Cover, that doesn't mean it is cheaply constructed. In fact, some of its features are even a step up from some of the other offerings. At the lowest price of any truck bed covers from Access, this baby is a steal. If you are looking for a roll-up tonneau on a budget, you should definitely check out this model because it has a lot to offer for the price point.

While the Tonnosport shares some of the features shown above, it has a few exclusive features we will explore below. I'm particularly impressed with those Quick Clips!

Starting at $279, the Tonnosport is the most affordable roll-up tonneau we've seen in a long time, and that says a lot because we are always looking to bring you the best products at the lowest prices possible, and with the Tonnosport, I don't know how you could find a better offering at a similar price point.

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Standard EZ-Dial Tension Adjuster

While just as easy as it sounds, the EZ-Dial is a great affordable tool for adjusting tension in your cover.

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Quick Clip Storage Straps

Love these bad boys! The Quick Clips make it so easy to stow and secure your rolled-up vinyl tonneau. Value!

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2 Year Warranty

As with all the other tonneuax, the Tonnosport is made in the US & has a Limited Warranty, in this case, only 2 years.

Break It Down, Clear

Which Tonneau is Right for You?

Now that you've seen all three Low Profile offerings from Access Cover, it is time for you to make the decision. While there is roughly $100 separating each model, I can think of reasons why you might want to go with each various model due to the uniqueness of them all and, of course, that price point. However, ultimately, it will be up to you to choose. I still think that for the price, you really can't go wrong with that Lorado. And yet the Tonnosport has great value too, and the middle of the road Vanish has some great features too. Time to choose.

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The Lorado: Starting at $472


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The Vanish: Starting at $370


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The Tonnosport: Starting at $279