Truxedo Sentry CT Tonneau Cover

by Truxedo
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Introducing the Sentry CT Hard Roll-up Truck Bed Cover

Truxedo has really outdone themselves this time around. They’ve launched the Sentry CT hard roll-up cover, and it might be the most durable and stylish roll up ever brought to market, even with the Velcro.

We’ll break it down for you in this Midwest Aftermarket Review.

For those of you in a rush, here’s the quick version:

What are the features of the new TruXedo Sentry CT?

Here’s the features of the TruXedo Sentry CT tonneau cover:

  • Xtra-Low Profile Design
  • Super Strong & Heavy-Duty Resilient
  • Simple to Install
  • Easy to Use
  • True Full Bed Access with the Quick-Release System
  • Premium Matte Black Woven Fabric Top
  • Heavy Duty Black Aluminum Slats Underneath
  • Backed by a 3 Year Warranty
  • Made in the US of A

First, let’s talk about what hard roll-up really means.

Review of Sentry CT from TruXedo

What exactly is a hard roll-up truck bed cover?

What makes a hard roll-up tonneau cover, like Sentry CT, so special?

Hard roll-up tonneau covers are generally as secure as tri-fold hard covers while still allowing near full bed access like soft roll-ups. Many also find that hard roll-up truck bed covers are easy to open and close, much like retractables, but without the lost truck bed space that comes with canisters in a retractable cover.

This boils it all down to the fact that a hard roll-up tonneau cover really is an excellent, well rounded, and versatile truck bed cover. Typically, each individual type of cover has a certain set of advantages or Pros and each has a few disadvantages or Cons. Let’s lay it all out for you.

What are the advantages & disadvantages of each type of tonneau cover?

The Pros & Cons of each tonneau cover:

  • Soft Roll-Up: Pro: Full Bed Access, Stylish Vinyl Con: Poor Security, Least Durabile
  • Hard Folding: Pro: More Secure, Full Bed Access Con: Takes longer to open
  • Retractable: Pro: Very Secure, Easy to Open Con: Tonneau Canister takes space
  • Solid Bed Lid: Pro: The Most Secure Bed Cover Con: No Full Bed Access & Heaviest
  • Hard Roll Up: Pro: Very Secure, Stylish Vinyl,  Full Bed Access, Easy to Open Con: ?

And that’s when I figured out that one of the most versatile types of tonneau covers was the Hard Roll-up Cover. It has all the advantages and really none of the disadvantages. So most customers are going to find what they are looking for in a tonneau cover like Truxedo’s new Sentry & Sentry CT.

This was the biggest thing I realized suddenly when we checked out TruXedo’s new Sentry CT. The hard roll-up tonneau cover is perhaps the most versatile and functional truck bed cover ever.

But then I remembered, the Velcro…

Velcro on the Side Rails

In the name of transparency and just being a general critic who sometimes says things people don’t wanna here, I gotta tell you, I’m not a fan of the Velcro on the Side Rails. I’ve ranted about it before, and I don’t think I have to go into too much detail to make my point. I mean, it’s obvious, right? Anything that little kids used to use to keep their shoes from falling off their feet probably shouldn’t be used to keep a tonneau cover secure, right?

This whole Velcro business is the main reason I have picked on Tuxedo in the past. I just don’t see how Velcro attaching the truck bed cover to the side rails of your truck bed is anything to prevent any lowlife scum from trying to break into my truck and steal my stuff. So when I found out that the Sentry and Sentry CT covers were using Velcro, I was admittedly immediately turned off.

I just struggle with not being honest, really. I’m not trying to be mean, but I just want you to follow my train of thought here. Over the years, we’ve tested out a number of other TruXedo tonneau covers that use Velcro, and we found that most of them were particularly easy to break into. You just peel back the Velcro, and you’re into the truck bed.

Now let’s keep in mind that no tonneau cover, not even a truck bed lid, is 100% secure. My truck’s cab isn’t 100% secure. I knew a guy in high school who could break into just about any old vehicle in the parking lot in about 2 minutes flat. Look. I get it. If a would be theif is determined enough, he’ll get into my truck bed. But Velcro does make it seem a little too easy, doesn’t it?

So I was skeptical. Maybe even a bit harsh. And then we got in our first Sentry CT. And I tried to break into that baby, and learned exactly why TuXedo decided to name it “Sentry.”

TruXedo’s Center Security Latch

The Story of How the Parts Prof Had to Eat Crow

So here’s the scene: Cory and Kyle (probably mostly Kyle, I’m just guessing) installed the Sentry while I was out to lunch or something. So when I came back to the studio, all I see is a matte black vinyl tonneau cover. And I’m thinking, another TruXedo that I can try to break into. Fun times.

It’s almost become a workplace joke that one of us has to try to break into the new tonneau cover. And with a lot of these, we fail. But the Velcro ones, I mean, we pretty much always get into those, so I’m thinking this will be easy.

I march my happy a$$ on back there and proceed to “peel and enter” as I like to say. Or so I thought. I started near the center of the truck bed cover, above the wheel well. I wasn’t really thinking about the location. Needless to say, I was having a lot of trouble.

So I cheated, but just a little. The tailgate was unlocked, so I lowered it and took a look. Here’s what I found: the Center Security Latch. This is a locking mechanism, similar to the one at the end of the tonneau cover down by the tailgate, only it is located near the center point so that people like me won’t be able to break in there.

Was I deterred? Not at all. No Velcro can stand up against my mighty fingers. I went back and picked a new location, about halfway between the bulkhead and that Center Security Latch.

And guess what? I peeled back that Velcro like a pro. But it did put up a bit of a fight. I guess it was just because this tonneau is so tight and stretched across, but I wasn’t even thinking about it.

As soon as I had a large enough opening, I shoved my arm in nearly up to the elbow. And that’s when it happened--the disaster. I don’t know if it’s my blood pressure or the fact that I had a moment of panic, but I got stuck.

I’m going to admit it. I’m a man. I’ll take the ridicule like one too. I broke into the new Sentry CT tonneau cover and got my arm stuck. Now technically I was in, but there wasn’t anyway I was getting out without some help.

And I tried, folks. I tried. I didn’t want to cry out for help like a scared little biotch. Trust me; I tried until my elbow was turning red.

When I finally gave in, the first person into the studio to answer my distress call was Heather. And when she realized I was stuck, she feel on the floor laughing, which, if you can imagine it, called the attention of pretty much everyone else in the building.

Once most everyone had some fun laughing and throwing ping pong balls and black Midwest Aftermarket themed stress balls at me, Cory finally came over and helped me get out. He actually had to pull on the edge of the tonneau cover with both hands, and it looked like he was exerting a good deal of force too.

Needless to say, the Sentry CT had humiliated me. And I deserved it. That time I was trapped there, it gave me a lot of time to consider the design. And guess what? I changed my mind. That Center Security Latch coupled with the tightness of the tonneau cover make it really hard to break into.

Again, I think someone with more strength then me or maybe smaller arms could possibly get in, but even then, seeing as the tonneau cover only has so much give, it would be pretty hard to get anything larger than a screwdriver out. And even then, you’d have to be really working at it.

Again, this isn’t just about security. It is about deterrence. And the Sentry CT convinced me. This tonneau cover, even with the Velcro, was going to keep even the most determined of thieves out. So I fully endorse its security.

Matte Black Aluminum Slats

On top of the epic security measures, I was particularly marked by the matte black aluminum slats. Just beneath the matte black top, is--drum roll please--more matte black.

Initially this didn’t seem like that big of a deal, until we rolled up the tonneau cover the first time. And let me tell you, there’s something about it. The black slats with the Premium matte black fabric tonneau cover just looks right.

The Quick-Release System & Why It is Awesome

As Previously Introduced on the Pro X15

When I first looked into the Quick-Release System on the new Sentry CT truck bed cover, I thought it had something to do with the slam latches down at the tailgate. So here I was thinking that this wasn’t anything new and innovative at all.

Then Cory (and maybe Kyle too, maybe he helped) installed the new Sentry, and they showed me just how wrong I was.

It turns out the new Quick-Release System, which was previously included on the Pro X15 tonneau cover from TruXedo, has nothing to do with the locking system, really, as such. Instead it is a system that allows you to completely remove the tonneau cover off the rails.

Here’s how it works. You can roll the Sentry CT completely up to the bulkhead. Then lay down in the truck bed and look up at the base of the roll up cover. In the corner you’ll find a black latch that is kept locked by a metal tab.

If you press in this metal tab, you can slide the latch out and over the tab. Once you do this at one corner, move on over to the next to unlock the tonneau cover completely.

Now the entire rolled up cover is loose. You should be able to pick it up and move it off the truck bed rails and set it someplace in your garage. You might need a buddy to help you with the roll, more because it is awkward than because of the weight.

Now admittedly, this is a little bit of effort, but having the ability to have full true truck bed access when you need it is truly a Godsend. You never know when your buddy is gonna call you up cause he needs help moving that big rectangular deep freeze that he changed into a double kegerator. Or when your father decides he’s throwing away all your old weights, and you remember you had weights in your dad’s basement, so you have to go and quickly pick them up on your way home from work on night ‘cause they are on the curb and the trash is getting picked up in the morning. We’ve all been there.

The point is, full bed access, it comes in handy when you really need it.

So I gotta say, overall, I’m pretty impressed by this new tonneau cover from TruXedo. I know I’ve given them a hard time about the Velcro stuff, but honestly, the Sentry and Sentry CT are extremely secure and durable and solid tonneau covers. I dare say the CT might even be my next purchase for my own personal truck.

Truxedo Sentry CT at SEMA 2018

SEMA 2019 | The TruXedo Sentry CT with Katie Osborne

TruXedo Sentry CT Hard Roll-up Truck Bed Cover with matte black woven fabric - Quick Overview

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