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An Affordable Bed Mat to Protect your Truck Bed

No matter what you do with your truck, you need a layer of protection over the top of your truck bed. A bed mat, like the TrailFX Nyracord Mat, protects your bed from scraps, rust, and dents as you go through the day to day abuse of using your truck to get the job done. Let’s take a quick look at the details of these bed mats.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the TrailFX Traditional Nyracord® Bed Mats

No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the TrailFX Traditional Nyracord® Bed Mats:

  • Protect your truck bed with a custom molded high strength bed mat,
  • Skid protection prevents sliding cargo from damaging your truck’s bed
  • Nyracord® will not crack or curl in cold Winter temperatures
  • Raised ribs make loading and unloading easy
  • Drainage channels prevent mildew and excess moisture from becoming trapped underneath the mat
  • ⅜ inch thick bed mat prevents scratches and dents
  • Reduce shifting cargo with this textured mat and optional tailgate protector
  • Custom molded products designed to fit your truck’s bed
  • Stops mildew and prevents rust
  • Mat stops scratches and dents
  • Prevents mold and mold spores from spreading beneath the mat
  • Stopping rust before it even begins
  • Keeps your cargo from sliding around in your truck bed
  • Prevents scratches and dents from gear falling or being dropped
  • A custom bed protection / lining that won’t break the bank
  • Designed for your truck bed to keep it looking like new
  • Made from recyclable materials
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Universal versions also available

TrailFX Traditional Nyracord® Bed Mats

There are a lot of fancy products out there designed to line and protect your truck bed. And don’t get me wrong, many of them are great. But when you’re just looking for something simple to keep your stuff from rolling around in your truck bed while you’re on the go, sometimes it is best to keep things traditional.

And while you won’t find any marine grade carpet or side wall protection with these TrailFX Bed Mats, what you do get is an affordable product that does what it says it will: protects your truck bed.

Many fancy products offer additional traits including knee protection or water proofing or UV coatings, so of which is included with the TrailFX. But at the end of the day, when I go out in search for a bed mat, what I really want is something that’s going to protect my paint job in my truck bed. The easiest and simplest way to do that is with a mat. You could call it a liner too since the Trail Fx bed mats are custom fit for your specific make, model, and year truck bed, but again, let’s keep it simple. It’s a mat. Enough said.

I don’t need anything more complicated than that. And when I go shopping for aftermarket accessories to protect my truck bed and keep it in optimal condition, I’m looking for something durable and thick enough to take a beating.

Why you Need a Truck Bed Mat from TrailFX

I remember my first truck. That old Chevy sure was a workhorse. And I tried her like one. I had had several great examples of what a truck was supposed to be and do from my father, grandfather and grandma, and even my uncle. Truck are meant to be used. And so when I picked up my own used truck, I was less concerned with whether the truck bed had scratches and scraps than if the frame had any rust on it. I focused on the structural issues because I knew I was going to scratch up my bed.

I would toss dead batteries into the back, various metal scrap we were recycling and salvaging, throw trash in the back, all without a second thought.

Then my dad bought me my first TrailFX Bed Mat.

I was happy with the purchase initially. I thought it would look good in my white truck bed, but I was less concerned with the potential damage. When my dad helped me “install” it, which is really just unrolling it and putting it down in your truck bed, he started pointing out all the damage I’d done. There was a small hole where I’d dropped a cement block on it’s edge one time. There was a dent near the one wheel well from the time I was moving and dropped a few weights from my Olympic weight set just wrong. And I won’t even mention all the scratches.

I thought that it didn’t matter too much. I mean, it was a work truck, right? It’s not a show truck. And trucks are meant to be used. I’d been taught that from a young age. My dad of course was one of the guys who’d reinforced that lesson.

However, he pointed out, that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t be careful with my truck and try to make it last as long as possible either. And, as he showed both by his actions and his words, picking up a truck bed mat was an affordable and solid way to keep that truck bed in working conditions for years to come.

I suppose one of the second biggest hurdles for me was the cost. I certainly want to keep my truck in good condition, but if it costs me an arm and a leg, then I have to think on it at least.

Since my pop bought me this one, I wasn’t too worried, but I must confess, I thought the liners were a little pricey. My buddy had a custom drop in, and I just didn’t think it was worth the cost nor did I like the way it looked on my truck. But when my dad picked me up a TrailFX, I liked the way it just covered the bed of the truck and not the side walls. The contrast between my white truck and the black mat looked cool to me also.

And my buddy had a full liner, like a drop in, and I just couldn’t stand it. I didn’t like the way it moved around when you were on it, kinda floating over the top of the bed. And that might have been due to a poor installation. I really don’t know. But it was certainly something I didn’t much care for. But he loved that thing, until the day he broke it and had to remove it.

So we were helping another friend of ours move out of his parent’s house, back in the day, and I don’t remember if it was his dresser or the metal parts of his bed frame, but one of us--I’m not gonna point fingers here (Cory, it was totally Cory)--dropped something just right near a corner section of the liner, and it just cracked.

By the time the day was done, after several additional loads to the new apartment, that whole section of the plastic liner was destroyed. So when the next day my friend asked me to help him remove the liner, I wasn’t expecting it to be much of a chore. And removing it wasn’t that hard--not nearly as easy as pulling out my TrailFX Bed Mat, but still not that difficult: a two man job at worst. But once we removed it. Oh boy, we were not prepared. I think he’d had that liner on for maybe a year and a half. And I don’t know if it was the harsh Winters or the soggy Springs that did this, but underneath that drop in, his truck bed was a rusted mess.

It turns out you have to be careful what you put in your truck bed. Now this was a cheap plastic drop in, I believe, but it was obviously not a top of the line product. This thing had over time let a bunch of moisture build up underneath it, and with nowhere to go, the trapped water started to rust the metal of the truck bed. I’m pretty sure this was back when we all had full steel beds, too. So it was just a mess. I remember stepping on one spot and feeling the metal sort of give under me, and I was a bigger guy, but I wasn’t no 500 pounds or nothing either. I mean, steel shouldn’t cave in like that.

And once we had that liner fully removed, we started to notice particular areas that had more scratches and more rust than other places. I got that the water must have pooled in particular spots, but after doing some research, I found out that many of those drop in liners vibrate and rub at your truck bed as you’re going down the road. And over time, that scratches and rubs off paint, and before you know it, you’ve got exposed metal. Throw in a little water, and you’ve got a recipe for rust, my friend.

I just find it ironic that the very product my friend bought to protect his truck bed ended up ruining it. At the end of the day, though, my buddy was actually glad our mutual unnamed friend broke that drop in liner because he might not have caught it in time otherwise.

My friend was able to clean up the bed a bit, then he hit it with some Rustoleum, and he covered it up with--are you ready for this?--a TrailFX Bed Mat. And that truck kept running for years to come, and last I saw him, he was still using the bed. Granted I wouldn’t put anything too heavy back there cause of the rust damage, but since the TrailFX mat let’s the water escape instead of pooling, he didn’t have any new spots get rusted or scraped up after that. And since the TrailFX was so easy to put in and remove, he could always pull it out once or twice a year to make sure the bed was still in useable condition.

At the end of the day, you really should protect your truck bed, and a TrailFX bed mat is an affordable way to do just that. And it helps keep your gear from sliding around too. What more could you want in a bed mat?

Product Spotlight: Vintage Bed Mats

Vintage Bed Mats from TrailFX

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