Tein Mono Racing VSTD8-K1LS1 Coilover Kit For Toyota 86 BRZ 2012-2017

by Tein
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Sport Shock Absorbers with advanced setting for Affordable prices.

  • MONO RACING is developed to satisfy the drivers who frequently take their cars for a spin at the race tracks. Based on the settings of the high-end model SUPER RACING and on a wealth of data gained through participation in various motorsports, spring rates and damping force for MONO RACING are determined to be most suitable for sports driving.
  • Camber/Caster adjustable Pillow Ball Upper Mounts. For front strut suspensions, MONO RACING includes the camber and caster angle adjustable pillow ball upper mounts evolved from SUPER RACING upper mounts. Many upper mounts provide camber adjustment feature, but MONO RACING upper mounts are also caster adjustable.
  • Camber adjustable lower bracket. Lower brackets on strut type suspensions come with camber angle adjustment feature. Camber angle can be adjusted by rotating the eccentric washer 180?. This feature can enable camber angle adjustment, even if it can not be adjusted with the upper mounts. Both adjustments at the upper mounts, if applicable, and the lower brackets combined allows for total camber angle adjustment to meet various needs and preferences.
  • Selectable Spring Rate. At the time of purchase of a new MONO RACING kit, +/-2kgf/mm of the standard spring set can be chosen.
  • Damping force customize system. Customizing the damping force settings and/or stroke length to meet your driving styles.
  • Mono tube (upright strong tube). Mono tube structure of MONO RACING completely separates the oil chamber and the gas chamber and hence aeration does not occur. This enables stable generation of linear damping force, reacting to the finest changes in road surfaces, even when running aggressively and repeatedly on circuits. For strut type suspensions, which require high lateral stiffness, highly-rigid "Upright Strong Tube" structure, the fruit of participation in professional motorsports worldwide such as WRC & WRX, is adopted.
  • Full-length ride height adjusment has little effect on ride quality. In addition to combining a low down style with ride comfort, this system offers more setup options for sport driving too.
  • MONO RACING uses "ADVANCE M.S.V." for damping force adjustment feature. "ADVANCE M.S.V." combines "M.S.V." mechanism to finely control damping force in micro speed range with "ADVANCE Needle" to widen the damping force adjustable range, for superior steering response and traction performance, fully utilizing the damping force adjustable range.
  • Damping Force Adjustment.MONO RACING features 16-level damping force adjustment, for simultaneous adjustment of compression and rebound. Modify ride comfort and handling according to your preference, changing the properties of the shock absorber with the adjustment dial.
  • Compatible with EDFC series (optional). The EDFC Series offer easy damping force adjustment from the driver's seat (some vehicle models are not compatible).
  • High durability and reliability. Thanks to its smooth compression and high durability, the dust boot guards the piston rod from damage, and keeps foreign material out of the shock absorber. Cold formed with SAE9254 steel (minimum tensile strength 200 kgf/mm2), Tein's springs are outstandingly sag-proof and boast extreme resiliency. Since TEIN's damper oil maintains a stable viscosity in a broad temperature range, it sustains smooth stroke and reliable damping force in a variety of circumstances. A bright TEIN-green powder paint is used on the shock absorber's shell case. Tein's powder coating technique produces an extremely strong and durable barrier. Tein's unique ZT Coating surface treatment on the ride height adjustment thread is abrasion resistant against gravel/debris, and further enhances its corrosion resistance.