ROUSH 2005-2010 TVS 2nd Sheave Dual-Belt Mustang Serpentine Belt

by Roush
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Product highlights for the 2005-2010 TVS 1st Sheave Dual-Belt ROUSHcharged Mustang Serpentine Belt:

  • Length is 2,984 millimeters.
  • 6k Rib Belt.
  • Works for 2005-2009 TVS P1 & P2 Duel-Belt 1st Sheave.
  • Works for 2009 P51-B TVS P2 Dual-Belt 1st Sheave.
  • Works for 2005-2009 TVS P3 Dual-Belt 1st Sheave.
  • Works for 2010 TVS P1, P2, & P3 Dual-Belt 1st Sheave.

This Mustang TVS Dual-Belt 1st Sheave Belt is a replacement belt for your 2005-2010 ROUSHcharged Mustang.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm