Rigid Radiance + SR Series RGBW Light Bar

by Rigid
SKU RIG-210603


A Rigid Light Bar that Pulls Out All the Stops, Backlit Style

When it comes to the world of off-road lighting options for your truck or Jeep, Rigid has been the go to for years. Known for their quality, durability, and innovation, Rigid Industries has taken their already stunning Radiance Plus SR series and pushed it to the next tier level by adding on a backlight with 8 different options. These light bars can be set to rotate through all 7 different colors or turned to any one specific color to match your ride. The color options are: white, blue, light blue, amber, red, green, purple or rotating through the full list. Couple that with Radiance’s already amazing Broad Spot optics and their stellar IP68 rating, and you’ve got a light bar for the truck and Jeep enthusiast that is going to be hard to beat. And it’s priced competitively to boot. Let’s dive into the quick details of these sick new light bars from Rigid Lights, before we get into the talking Shop part of the post.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the Rigid Radiance + SR Series RGBW Light Bar

No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the Rigid Radiance + SR Series RGBW Light Bar:

  • Available in 10 inch, 20, 30, 40, all the way up to 50” of sick Light Bar Goodness
  • Rigid’s SR Series Light Bars feature Single Row LED lights
  • That’s what “SR” stands for!
  • 8 Different Backlighting options
  • All toggled separately from the main LED lights
  • Backlight Options include: Green, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Red, Amber, White, or Rotating through them all over time
  • Covered by Rigid Industries’ stellar 10 Year Warranty
  • Independent controls for backlights and main lights, via Switch Logic
  • Note: 9-15 Volt DC Harness and Switch Sold Separately
  • Finished in a protective and stylish black powder coat
  • Protected via Pressure Equalizing Vent
  • IP68 Compliant: no dust or water damage here!
  • Constructed from High Grade Aluminum Alloy
  • Heat Sink included to protect from overheating
  • Over/Under Voltage Protection built in
  • Lens is made from High Impact Polycarbonate
  • Durable AF
  • Comes with Mounting Brackets
  • RFI/EMI Protection and RoHS Compliant
  • Rigid stresses that these lights are for Off Road Use Only
  • Don’t get a ticket driving down Main Street with these babies blazing

Review of the Rigid Radiance + SR Series RGBW Light Bar

Ever since each and every one of us got our first car or truck, there have been two reasons to upgrade: to make it more fun to drive and to make it look sick to everyone around us. Some of my first ever upgrades to my first truck years (read: decades) ago included big and better tires as well as upgraded shocks and struts, mostly for mudding back then, off-roading and crawling today. What can I say. I was young and… well, having fun, frankly!

The next options we all looked for back in the day were sick lights. I grew up in the era of neon lights under your muscle car or pickup truck. If you wanted to be cool driving the strip, that was the thing to do on a Friday night. Fire up your lifted pickup, flip on your neons, and hope the cops don’t hassle you too much.

And these days, well, the only thing that has really changed is how advanced the technology is. Back in the day, we had neon tube lights that burnt out slowly but were super easy to damage and difficult to install. These days, we have LED’s and sick light bars, like this particular model from Rigid Industries.

Today’s custom light bars, like the SR series, often run a little less than most neon jobs did back in the day, and they last way longer due to LED technology. And finally, while I may be nostalgic for all the light tickets we all got back in the day, today’s LED Light bars with Backlight options from Rigid would have blown everyone way back then, and frankly, they do the same now.

While there are tons of light bar options out of the market now, few do it with the style and tenacity that Rigid Industries does. And with this particular launch, Rigid has taken one of their best selling and most durable light bars and added in a backlight option that transforms your single look light bar into a 7 plus variable treat for the eyes.

It used to be that when you were thinking about color options for lights, you had to plan out your paint job and all the other accessories you were hoping to add to your vehicle over the years because if your lights didn’t match or clashed with the trim of your new truck, you were gonna look like a mess for sure. But these days, changing up the LED backlighting of your light bars is as simple as the flip of a switch, with Rigid Industries Radiance Plus SR series RGBW Light Bars, at least.

In a sense, this is the ultimate upgrade to the Radiance SR series. The new RGBW backlight Radiance Plus still fits all the same mounting solutions as the original SR series bars, but now it does so with even more style. These light bars are made from high grade aluminum alloy, so they won’t rust or get damaged from heat over time. And if you’ve seen any of the old school durability test videos Rigid has put out over the years, you’ll already know just how tough all of their lighting products are. But this particular model is finished in a black powder coat that not only protects the metal housing and all the sweet LED’s inside, but also looks sick while doing it.

So if you want your ride to have the ultimate accent lighting, Rigid really is the best place to turn to, and don’t forget you’re getting the best deal on Rigid Industries lighting products here at Midwest Aftermarket. But enough of that. What if I’m looking to go off-road?

Own the Night, Off and On the Road

Enough about accent lighting and backlighting, though, did I mention you could set these babies to rotate through all 7 backlight options over time? Cause that is kind of sick.

Let’s take a look at the Broad Spot optics of these sweet new light bars from Rigid.

While no one is against looking cool in your ride, as I mentioned above, the other big reason to upgrade is to take your ride out on an adventure. And whether that is off-roading or hitting the trails, mudding or crawling, having some serious auxiliary lighting options is a must.

Now there are several excellent light bar companies out there that are worth considering, but when it comes to name recognition and sick branding, it’s hard to find anyone more legendary in the business than Rigid.

And their products hold up to that scrutiny, by the way. And that’s where the legendary name and respect come from. Rigid lights are built to last, so you can take them off-road knowing they won’t fail and that they can take a beating, just like your Jeep or truck can, and keep on performing.

And with their Viewpoint feature on their website, you can get an idea of just how amazing these lights are. For instance, when it comes to the 50” version of this Radiance + Light Bar with Backlighting options, you’re rocking over 15,000 raw lumens! That’s insane coverage and visibility. And if those numbers don’t mean squat to you, then go check out the images on the Viewpoint. You’ll want to select the Product Family: Radiance to get a look at just how bright these LED’s are.

Furthermore, these LED’s have an impressive longevity and cost to light hour efficiency. LED technology is better at lighting up the night, more cost effective, and lasts so much longer than old school halogens or neons, that there really isn’t any comparison. Add in the lower cost, and there’s an obvious reason why those outdated lighting options have fallen from grace.

LED really is the future.

And personally, I love the Single Row “SR” series options from Rigid. There’s something about the setup of all those little LED’s stretched out in that long row. It’s clean. Slick. Solid. Immaculate.

When we speak about lighting perfection, and I really do consider myself a light nerd--the premiere lighting nerd here at Midwest Aftermarket--we do not say it lightly. But this just may be it. The mere fact that Rigid has taken one of the best light bars on the market, with the Radiance Plus, and added on some very stylish backlighting options, and then coupled that with individualized controls so you can have one or the other off, while the other one is one. It’s just hard to beat. And really it’s something you have to see to understand.

Rigid Radiance Plus SR Series bars with the RGBW backlighting have really taken me back to my high school days, cruising around Main. Only then they brought me right back to the 21st century by making these babies waterproof, durable AF, and the mere fact that they are completely, 100% LED tech. I mean, these babies could last the life of my vehicle. Find me some old school neons that would last that long back in the day. I dare you. That just wasn’t a thing. Oh, to be young again. 

Rigid, you really are inspiring. I’ve gotta get a pair of these installed on my Chevy, stat!

And if you feel the way I do, then you won’t be disappointed with these fantastic new light bars from Rigid, nor any other wonderful light options from Rigid Industries. They’re considered the bench mark in the industry for a reason, after all. Pick up your Rigid Industries Radiance Plus Light Bars today!

SEMA 2018 Rigid Booth

Rigid Industries Original Radiance (the older model, though similar to Plus with Backlighting)

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