Raptor Magnum RT Gen 2 Step Bars

by Raptor
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Now with a Wider Step Area and Even More Durable

Just when you thought the original Magnum RT steps from Raptor Series couldn’t be out done or improved upon, Raptor cranks the word “upgrade” into overdrive with their Brand NEW Generation 2, Magnum RT Step Bars. Imagine everything you loved in the original RT Magnum Steps cranked up to 11, with a durable three stage powder coat over the top of the whole kit and caboodle, and you’d be getting the cliff notes version of this new and improved step system. The angular design looks sharp on any ride and makes this particular step bar easier to use. Couple this with the new and improved wider step area on these bad boys, and even big footed guys like myself are gonna love these new steps. Raptor backs these babies with a shocking 10 year warranty, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Generation 2 of these Magnum RT Step Bars.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the Raptor Magnum RT Steps Gen 2

No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the Raptor Magnum RT Steps 2:

  • The widest step area to date for a Raptor Series Magnum Step bar
  • 30% more tread area!
  • Maximum step area for even the biggest of boots
  • Sleek angular design
  • Patented Quad-D Steps: Distinct Drop Down Design
  • A unique step bar you won’t find elsewhere
  • Generation two is more than an iteration for Raptor
  • It’s a massive overhaul
  • Constructed from Heavy Duty 14 Gauge Steel
  • Bolt on installation
  • Perfect for the DIY installer
  • Put these babies on from the comfort of your home garage with ease
  • Finished with a durable 3 stage powder coating process
  • Customized to fit most makes and models of trucks out there today
  • Environmentally protected via the tough powder coat finish
  • A true no drill installation process
  • Mounts directly to your vehicle’s rocker panels
  • And if that wasn’t enough, Raptor backs it with a stunning 10 year warranty
  • The sleekest new steps in 2020 yet!

Raptor Magnum 2 RT Steps

These days there are a lot of running boards and nerf bars out on the market. And with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down the selection or even to make yourself stand out in the crowded field of step bars for trucks. For some of us, though, we have to really consider the difference or weight between things like style and functionality. I find this to be especially true for those of us who are larger individuals, whether in height or weight, and those of us with particularly big feet, myself included in at least two of those categories.

The issues largely have to do with durability and step pad area. For instance, I have a pretty big foot, and if you shove those feet into large work boots, I really have to wonder about and consider whether or not I can comfortably step on a bar or board to get into my pickup truck. The problem here is not that I can’t step on most boards or bars out there. Of course, I can. But if the only part of my foot that can get on there is the toe or just the side of my boot, this can become not only less than ideal, but even hazardous.

While on a nice sunny day, with nothing in my hands or no distractions, I can get in and out of my truck pretty easily even in work boots even on the smallest of step pads, once you through in things like rain or water on the board, sleet or snow, mud or ice, or even having something in my hands like a six pack, some tools, or even my bouncing baby boy, things get a bit more tricky.

When I’m putting my kid into his car seat in the back seat of my Silverado, the last thing I want to be worried about is slipping off of or completely missing the step area of my step bar or running board.

To that end, I have found myself, as I am sure many of you larger guys have, gravitate towards running boards. Most boards either have very large and wide step pad areas or even at the extreme end, the entire board is textured. In this case, you don’t hardly have to worry about having a large foot or missing the gripped area. And yet, while many love these running boards, they don’t have a lot of options when it comes to style. You probably only get to choose between black or silver, round or flat, and beyond that, it’s a running board. Nothing fancy.

And until recently, there wasn’t a great option for larger footed individuals beyond those. Let’s say I want a hoop step or a drop down step bar. If I’m wearing some flip flops or going barefoot, I have lots of options out there, but let’s be honest, that’s rare when it comes to me hopping into my truck. A lot of these styles of nerf bars have narrow step areas and even thin areas between mounting and step, hence even the thickness of your shoe makes it hard to use them for some.

So if I really wanted a particular style bar, like a drop down step, I didn’t personally have that many options, until now.

The best possible step bar option for someone like me is an angular bar that drops down and extends out from the truck itself. If I were to design such a bar myself, I would want it to have over a three inch wide step area and at least a 12 inch length step area at every door on my truck. I would want it to be slotted so that the elements can flow pretty easily off the step pad and of course textured so it was grippy, creating friction to keep my foot on that bar when I’m entering and exiting my truck’s cab. I would want the board to be made off heavy duty durable material. And finally, I would want it to be made to last, built to stand up to the elements, including the harsh winters here in the Midwest.

And until recently, there hasn’t really been an option for me. And then Raptor Series said, we’ve gotta step up and make a bar for every size individual, large and small. We’ve gotta make a nerf bar that is super durable and with a massive step area. And we’ve gotta build it to last.

And then they did it!

They designed their Generation 2 Magnum RT steps to have a 30% larger step area over their previous steps. These babies have a 16 inch long by 4 inch wide step area. Find me a larger step area on a drop down or hoop step bar anywhere. Good luck.

They used heavy duty steel to construct these durable steps. And as if that wasn’t enough, they powder coated the whole package using their 3 stage process. 

In my humble opinion, Raptor has really knocked it outta the park with this one. This upgrade to the original Magnum RT Nerf Bar is massive. And anyone looking for a new step bar for their truck should take a long look at this great new nerf step bar.

The Harshest of Weather and Climate

After dealing with the simple aspects of whether or not I can easily step onto a nerf bar or step, the next concern I often have when trying out and reviewing these kinds of aftermarket accessories is the environment. And no, I don’t mean I’m some hippie freak. I mean, how harsh my local environment is going to be on these products once I install them on my truck.

Anyone who has ever put a pair of steps or boards on their truck and lives in an area that has high humidity and / or gets a lot of snow in the winter knows how damaging snow, sleet, and ice, not to mention road treatments like salt and de-icers, can be to your truck’s underbelly and your steps or boards.

Whether it is rusting steps or damaged mounting brackets, typically one aspect or another wears down over time. And while this is to be expected over many years, the worst thing ever is when your brand new running boards or step bars don’t even last through a single season without showing serious damage and wear and tear from the elements.

One solution that some have done is turn to other metals like aluminum. And while these are great options, many of us long for that high quality and durable heavy duty steel America is known for.

But steel is known for rusting rather rapidly. So any company looking to use this material has to consider the tradeoffs between durability and surviving the winter months. And yet again Raptor stepped up here, pun intended.

Raptor’s three stage powder coating process seals their Magnum RT steps against the elements. This state of the art sealing process leaves the entire bar coated and finished in a matte black veneer. Not only does this protect the product against the harsh winter climate, but it also looks really sick too.

Once you take into account all the massive improvements to these sweet new steps, it is hard not to recommend the NEW Raptor Series Magnum RT Gen 2 Steps to just about any truck owner in the nation. You will not be disappointed.

Get your brand new for 2020 Generation 2 Magnum RT nerf step bars by Raptor today for your diesel or gas truck.

A Quick Little Install Guide from ICI

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