Pop & Lock Power Tailgate Locks



A Powered Tailgate Lock that Works with your Stock Key Fob

These days just about everything on your truck is powered. We’ve got powered windows, powered door locks, even powered side view mirror adjustment. So Pop & Lock answered a great question for us: Why not have a powered tailgate lock too? We say yes please. The Power Tailgate Lock from Pop&Lock allows you to lock and unlock your tailgate using your factory key fob. Once installed, when you press the button to lock your doors, your tailgate will lock too. Ready to unlock that tailgate? Just hit the unlock button. It’s just that simple and easy. So whether you want to be able to unlock your tailgate so your wife can get that mulch she bought out of it without you leaving the comfort of your recliner or you want to be able to lock the tailgate while you’re sitting in a restaurant waiting for your food to show up because you want to be sure that truck bed is secure, you can. Not only does this Pop and Lock Power Tailgate Lock give you peace of mind and control you desire over your tailgate, but it also makes locking your truck bed a routine. How often do you already lock your truck as you’re walking away from it by using your key fob? Now when you hit those lock buttons, you’re also securing your truck bed at the tailgate. It’s just that easy. Pair this powered lock up with a tonneau cover and you’ve got a super secure truck bed that can hold most any item or equipment and protect it from not just the elements but potential thieves too. And instead of having to walk back to your tailgate to make sure you locked it, you can just hit the button on your key fob. So many of our customers swear by this product to the tune of suggesting they won’t buy another truck without getting a Pop and Lock Power Tailgate Lock too in the future. Let’s run through all the great features.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the Pop and Lock Power Tailgate Lock

No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the Pop and Lock Power Tailgate Lock:

  • Upgrade your existing tailgate lock to a Powered Lock activated via your door lock system
  • Works with existing remote keyless entry or key fob
  • When you lock your doors, the tailgate locks too
  • Press the unlock button, and your tailgate unlocks too
  • No need for extra keys or remotes
  • Uses your existing tailgate lock
  • Call for options if you do not have an existing tailgate lock on your truck
  • Wires are hidden away inside your tailgate
  • Helps keep your cargo and truck bed secure
  • Made in the USA
  • Covered by Pop and Lock’s one year warranty
  • Helps prevent tailgate theft
  • Improves cargo security and prevents unwanted truck bed access
  • Matches OEM trim and handle
  • Made out of corrosion resistant, durable steel
  • No drilling or welding required for installation
  • Easy install following simple to read instructions
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Added peace of mind, knowing your truck bed is secured
  • Keeps goods and equipment safe underneath a tonneau cover
  • One of the best accessories a truck bed cover owner can buy
  • Never forget to lock your truck bed again
  • Features a tamper proof design
  • Available as full handle replacement for some makes / models
  • Versions available for most trucks with or without factory tailgate locks
  • Call for more info and / or if you have questions about fitment
  • A great accessory for anyone who ever hauls valuables under a truck bed cover
  • A must have tailgate accessory

Pop and Lock Power Tailgate Lock

With the modern vehicle having all sorts of great powered features, it seems like the next step is to start tying them all together and securing your truck bed just like you do your cab. Well, Pop & Lock has done just that. The Powered Tailgate Lock from Pop and Lock makes it so that you can control and lock your tailgate just like you control your truck door locks. In fact, exactly like that.

This tailgate accessory links your key fob and truck door locks directly to your tailgate lock, making it easy and convenient to lock your tailgate just like you lock your truck doors.

Linking these locking systems means that when you hit the power lock button on your door, your tailgate locks too. If you have a remote keyless entry or key fob, those lock and unlock buttons now control your tailgate lock as well. And even if you have one of those crazy vehicles that automatically locks your doors when you hit a certain speed--you guessed it--that’ll lock your tailgate too.

So now you no longer have to worry about whether or not you locked your tailgate, because if you locked your truck doors, you locked your tailgate also.

At first glance, I think some truck owners think that this item may be a little bit too specific or not have that many actual uses. But let me tell you after having it installed for a while, both myself and number of customers have told us that they can’t imagine going back to not having a powered tailgate lock. In fact, many of the purchases for this particular product are repeat buyers picking up another Pop and Lock for their new truck because they loved the one they had on their old pickup truck they traded in.

So let’s talk install real quick.

While the installation process is pretty straight forward, this is an install that does often require running some wires. The Pop and Lock Power Tailgate Lock requires wired power and to be tied into your existing locking system via a wire as well. So there is some wiring hookup and wire to run underneath and into the cab of your vehicle. While on most year, make, and model vehicles there is no drilling required, if you don’t feel competent running wire yourself, then you may want to have this one professionally installed.

We’ve done a number of Pop and Lock installs here at Midwest Aftermarket, and most of them went pretty smoothly, but we also have a lot of experience with these products. So we just wanted to let you know the dets of this install up front.

There shouldn’t be any cutting or drilling at the tailgate either. The powered locking actuator is installed inside the tailgate itself. You simply remove the tailgate back and attach the device using factory mounting holes. Since the device itself is installed out of sight, it is a virtually tamper proof locking system. Next you run the cables up to the battery and one into the cab. Hook them all up, and you’re ready to roll.

Do make sure you double check that it is properly working before you reattach the tailgate back because there is a 50 / 50 chance that the lock / unlock might be reversed. If so, you simply swap two wires on the harness at the tailgate and you’ll be back to normal. You don’t want the tailgate unlocking every time you lock your truck, after all. That would be a real mess.

Shopping Run with my Pop & Lock

While I’d like to think that my truck’s primary purpose is as a work truck, picking up lumber and tools and helping me get projects done, the truth is I use my truck just as often if not more often to go on runs to the grocery store with my baby boy in the backseat.

Since the birth of my son, my truck has sort of become the family vehicle. So whether we’re heading over to visit grandma for the weekend or running to the big box store to get some diapers and as much coffee creamer as I can fit into my fridge, we’re probably doing it in the truck.

Before I had my Pop & Lock automatic tailgate lock installed, I often ran into a difficult situation that I imagine most parents have been in. Here I am trying to load up my truck and lock it while holding my baby boy or preventing my now toddler baby boy from running around the parking lot playing with a ball or the new puppy friends fire truck I just bought him.

This is likely a common story, maybe even too common.

And while I always get the truck loaded up, I don’t always remember to lock my tailgate.

Often times, after a long day bumming around with the kiddo, we’ll pull into his favorite wing place--that’s right. My boy has a favorite buffalo wing place already. And we’ll have a bite to eat. Sometimes in the past it wasn’t until we got home that I would realize my tailgate was unlocked that whole time we were watching the big football game and eating wings.

Now I’ve never had anything stolen out of my truck bed and most of the areas I shop in are relatively safe, but now I’d rather have the piece of mind to know that my truck is locked whenever I walk away, both tailgate and truck bed.

Obviously, I have a tonneau cover. So I think of my truck bed as being relatively secure. But it wasn’t until I got my Pop & Lock Powered Lock that I really felt strongly about that.

Now whenever we stop to eat some wings, we don’t have to worry too much about whether or not I locked the tailgate. I just hit the button on my key fob or have the boy press it, and I know with a certainty that my tailgate is secure.

As most of our customers, myself included, can attest, I can’t imagine not having my powered tailgate lock from Pop and Lock. I’ll definitely be picking one up for my next truck too.

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