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The Final Storage Solution for near your Truck Tailgate

Whether you’re hauling tools around to various job sites or just going grocery shopping, we’ve all ran into the issue of our gear and equipment sliding all over in the back of our truck bed. That is, until now: the Last Boks Cargo Storage System keeps your gear and tools and even groceries and golf clubs from moving around in your truck bed while your vehicle is in motion. No more climbing up under your tonneau cover to get that coffee can that rolled to the front of the bed or that wrench that fell out of the toolbox. Everything will stay in its place, and the best part is that Last Boks is incredibly effective at keeping your gear near your tailgate, making loading and unloading super easy, and the Last Boks won’t break the bank either. Did we mention it’s made in America? Let’s break down all the details on this great innovative storage solution for your truck bed.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the Last Boks Cargo Box Truck Bed Storage System

No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the Last Boks Truck Bed Organizer:

  • A Durable Truck Bed Storage Box
  • Keeps your gear, groceries, tools, and sports equipment near the tailgate
  • Prevents whatever you are hauling from sliding around the truck bed
  • Made from Lightweight Material
  • Less than 15 lbs., Easy to Slide in and out of the truck bed
  • Fits under most Tonneau covers
  • Coated in Anti-Skid Material
  • Protects your Truck Bed and Whatever You’re Hauling
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Last Boks slides out onto your tailgate when loading / unloading
  • Simply slide it back in, and you’re all done
  • Quick and easy installation: a couple bolts, a couple tethers, and you’re done
  • Made here in America!
  • Full Sized Dimensions: 56” wide, 21.5” deep, 10.5” tall
  • Mid Sized Dimensions: 52” wide, 20” deep, 10.5” tall
  • The last storage solution you’ll ever need for your truck bed

The Last Boks Review

One of the first issues new truck owners run into has a lot to do with the simple and obvious differences between the trunk of a car and the bed of a truck. We’ve all been there. You go hunting and throw your gear in the back of the truck bed, you go golfing and throw your clubs in, you go to work at your mother’s house or a job site and throw your tools in the back, even when you go shopping for groceries, and you throw bags of food in the back of the bed: this crazy thing called interia kicks in. By the time you get home, your gear and tools and groceries are spread all over the back of your truck. It becomes a real job task collecting everything or reaching it from the back, and even then, nine times out of ten, the groceries have come out of the bag or your clubs are out of the golf bag or your tools are everywhere. It’s a real issue, so major that it has spawned an entire line of expensive truck bed organizing products. But whether you go with the most simple of options: a cut 2x4 wedged in behind the wheel wells or the most expensive toolbox money can buy, we all need some kind of storage solution for our truck beds. For many of us, that expensive option might not be in the cards or might not even do the job, and the cheap option doesn’t look great and fails any time you have bags taller than a few inches that are top heavy. So what should we do? We should all invest in the last truck bed organizing system we’ll ever need: the Last Boks.

Setting Last Boks Apart from the Herd

What really makes Last Boks so innovative, isn’t that it doesn’t do all the things the other products in this category does and do it well. The Last Boks keeps all your gear and whatever you store in the back of your truck bed near the tailgate. And again, there’s a whole industry devoted to truck bed storage. Just check out the rest of the website if you doubt me. But the key facet of storing something effectively in your truck bed is keeping it in place and from sliding around the whole bed.

Anytime something, whether it be tools or sporting equipment or groceries, starts to slide in the back of your truck bed, it’s very likely to get damaged itself or to damage your truck bed. So you’ve just gotta have a liner or some kind of rubber mat to protect the bed and try to slow down or prevent sliding of gear. But even then, if you make a hard enough turn or come to a sudden stop, your stuff is going to go flying.

 Enter the truck bed storage world, and this is an obvious fact and step one to creating a great storage solution or truck bed organizing system. However, Last Boks doesn’t stop there. Sure, it keeps your groceries at the tailgate, sure it keeps your tools from sliding up near the cab and getting damaged. But it does so much more and so simply that just about anyone can operate it and install it.

What sets Last Boks apart from the crowded field of low cost to exorbitant priced organizers is that Last Boks keeps your gear near the rear and it makes loading and unloading it incredibly easy.

This is the other issue new truck owners run into, and it’s lead to some innovative designs on new truck tailgates, like that new GMC Multipro tailgate. Your tailgate is two plus feet wide and makes reaching into the truck bed difficult or awkward, and it gets worse the older you get.

Many of us love our trucks, and I personally love to drive mine just about anywhere and everywhere, whether that be to the country club to play a round or to the store to do some shopping. But I don’t want my stuff flying all over my truck bed.

The Last Boks keeps your gear near the back of the truck bed, yes! But it also moves where and when you want it to.

That’s right!

And that’s the big kicker here. Lots of products hold your tools and bags near the back by the tailgate, but Last Boks’ strap system means the Boks won’t slide forward, further into your truck bed, but when you have the tailgate down, you can simply give it a pull and slide it out onto your tailgate.

The tether will prevent it from going too far and falling off the edge of the tailgate, just as it stops the whole system from moving too far into the truck bed itself.

It’s simple, but also quite brilliant!

Finally, we have an affordable truck bed storage solution that doesn’t look fugly and does everything you need a truck bed organizer to do. Again, many products out there, like the old fashioned ratchet load bar, will keep things from sliding around to the front of the truck bed. But very few affordable options exist that will also make tall items stay stationary and make loading and unloading this painless.

What’s the Last Boks Made Of

Well, for starters, it’s made right here in the US of A. And that means something today. Too many of our products are cheap and made elsewhere anymore. It’s time to support the country and the workers in our country who we cherish. And I always love it when we get to promote a product that is made by American hands.

Next, the Last Boks is so lightweight but extremely durable because of how it is made and the material it is made from. Last Boks is thermodynamically molded or thermoformed from a single piece of polyethylene thermoplastic. It has a very high melting point and tensile strength for the cost and density. This means that the product can be both very strong and durable--able to take a real beating over time--and also extremely lightweight, so that just about anyone can move it or use it.

Forming a product like this using a mold also means that there are no weak points. There are no seams of any kind. There are no welds or rivets holding this piece together (of course, there may be rivets or glue holding the logo on, but that’s not what’s holding the product together, my friend). This means that the whole product is one solid piece. There’s very little installation to be done, and it is built to last.

Speaking of…

Installation of the Last Boks

While Last Boks has a clever little picture guide on their website that we recommend you check out, for the most part, this installation is probably optional for some of us. But if you want to get the most out of your Last Boks, and of course both we and Last Boks recommend that you follow the entire installation guide, you should use the straps.

The tethers or straps prevent the Last Boks from sliding back further into the truck bed, but they also make pulling the Last Boks out onto your tailgate easy and worry free.

Installation involves taking a bolt and a washer, putting them throw the whole near the top right / left of the Last Boks, attacking the guide plate that will hold the strap. Then run the tether through the strap, adjust it to the correct length, and attach it to your tie-down. Now do the other side, and you’re all ready to start using your Last Boks to haul your equipment.

It really is that easy, but if you’d rather have a full picture guide, here’s a link to their website: Last Boks Picture Instruction Guide.

 Last Boks Product Review--with Kyle!

The Last Boks In Action

What Goes Into a Last Boks? About Anything You Can Think Of

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