Husky Liners Front and Rear Mud Guards For 2009-2017 Dodge Ram 1500 w/o Fender Flares 58176

SKU HUS-58176


A Mud Guard to end all Mud Flaps, this custom molded all-weather thermoplastic guard is designed to fit your vehicle?s fenders exactly, deflecting and catching mud, rocks, and whatever your tires kick up whether on the highway or hitting the trail. Whether you?re trying to keep your truck clean or want to protect resale value and the paint job, these flaps are designed to get that done and then some. Constructed of impact resistant material, Husky Liners Mud Guards can handle mud, rocks, snow, salt--whatever your drive throws at them. Great for both off-roading and driving on the highway, these guards keep the side of your truck clean and catch or deflect rocks and various road hazards. Featuring Husky?s exclusive Husky Shield Film, this invisible protective barrier lines the area between the mud guard and your fender, protecting your vehicle?s paint job and finish. And these Guards are super easy to install too. Most truck owners can install these babies from the comfort of their home garage. Protect your finish and your truck?s value by installing a pair of Husky Liners Mud Guards today.