Edge Evolution CTS3 Gas Tuner

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A Massive Upgrade to One of the Top Gas Tuners in the Industry

If the CTS2 was a true game changers at time of launch, the CTS3 is all that and so much more. Redefining gas tuning and digital monitoring of just about any parameter your mind can think of, the Evolution CTS3 by Edge takes it all to the next level. And couple the classic superior tuning ability with massive upgrades to the touch screen and responsiveness, plus auto dimming technology to make day and night driving using this monitor as pleasing to the eye as possible and you have the next gen tuner for 2021 and beyond for your gas truck right here! And we haven’t even gotten into the Wi-Fi updating, background and gauge customization, or the new towing accelerometer gauge, which just isn’t something you can find outside of Edge as of this writing. It is time to step up your tuning and digital gauge monitoring game with Edge’s NEW Edge Evolution CTS 3 Gas Tuner.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the Edge Evolution CTS3 Gas Tuner

No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the Edge Evolution CTS3 Gas Tuner:

  • A Massive New Edition to the CTS line: the best touch screen tuning device to date
  • Faster processing than other tuners on the market and quicker swipe capabilities
  • Pre-loaded with up to 4 levels of tuning: Performance, Extreme, Towing, or Daily Driver*
  • Unlock your internal combustion engine’s full potential
  • Add up to 50 Horse Power and 50 foot pounds of torque on non-turbo gas trucks*
  • More like up to 80 HP and 90 ft-lb of torque for turbo charged gas trucks*
  • Adjust your shift firmness, Torque management, shift points, fuel pressure, throttle sensitivity, and much more*
  • Great for beginning tuners and pros alike
  • Increase your Speed Limiters, adjust Rev Limiters.* Drive your truck like you want to!
  • Calibrate proper tire and wheel size to correct your speedometer*
  • Plug and play install is easy as pie! Just connect the HDMI cable to the CTS3 and the other end to your OBDII port.
  • No extra wires, no splicing, just plug it in and drive!
  • Set up custom gauges to monitor just about any parameter or PID you can imagine
  • Digital gauges for turbo boost, RPM, transmission temperature, and dozens more
  • Just about any PID your vehicle can track can be set up as a visible and fully customizable digital gauge
  • Touch screen with the highest resolution yet for a CTS device
  • 5” of full color gauge monitoring and tuning!
  • New auto-dimming feature automatically adjusts brightness to your environment
  • Excellent resolution and all the data you could possible want right at the tips of your fingers
  • The most advanced and fully customizable monitor yet
  • Change backgrounds, upload your own custom images, and even adjust gauge colors
  • On ignition, starts up directly to your selected gauge screen--no fumbling with screens after boot up when on the road
  • The best interface yet, easily swipes from one screen to another, such as from gauges to the brand new tow helper screen, on the fly
  • Tow gauge uses a built in accelerometer to show real time G forces at play
  • Loaded with performance tests such as the quarter mile, 0 to 60, and much more!
  • Fully integrated advanced data logger can export nearly any and all data directly to your PC
  • The last tuner you may ever need!
  • Options to purchase additional vehicle licenses to tune as many compatible products as you would like
  • Diagnostics made simple: read and clear DTC codes from the comfort of your own steering wheel
  • Updates over Wi-Fi, so you don’t even have to unplug to get the latest info and tunes

*Features vary by year, make, and model, as well as additional aftermarket upgrades, so as always, your mileage and performance may vary.

Review of the Edge Evolution CTS3 Gas Tuner

When I first got my new Chevy Silverado, I fell in love, as we truck owners often do. She didn’t have all the fancy bells and whistles, but she was mine. Yet over time, there were a few minor issues here and there that drove me crazy. There was some acceleration lag at times. I didn’t like some of my issues with handling when hauling a full truck bed of gravel, for instance. But overall, I couldn’t really complain about much, except for the dreaded AFM / DFM.

And whether you’re rocking a GMC or Chevy (AFM / DFM) or Dodge (MDS), you know that simply having the option to disable these horrible stock features is enough to warrant picking up a tuner, like the CTS 3.

When the EPA went all fuel economy crazy, Dodge / Chrysler and GMC went all digital with these new systems designed to disable your cylinders from firing depending on the situation and power requirements. And when they work, many you do see a few extra MPG’s, but those of us in the real world know that this was rare and did not account for the addition wear and tear on certain cylinders.

Needless to say, these new trucks just didn’t perform like our classic, un-hinder, un-limited combustion engines of the past. So we needed a solution.

For me, personally, my first big solution was the CTS2. And I was blown away by the tunes, the improved fuel economy, the ability to disable AFM, and of course the countless numbers of gauges I could monitor.

But everything has its limitations, and while the CTS 2 and DashPaq were amazing devices, and still are, there’s a new tuner on the block, and she outshines everything that came before and then some.

The CTS3 brings all the functionality of the CTS 2 or the DashPaq had to offer and then some, along with the new Towing system that uses the built in accelerometer to adjust to G forces on the fly. This is towing like we’ve never seen before, literally allowing you to optimize your acceleration up and down hill when hauling heavy loads all via a beauty, high resolution touch screen monitor.

We’re talking about all the innovative new digital gauge monitor features from the Insight CTS 3 from Edge plus the ability to tune your engine and even calibrate your tires and dozens of other parameters, many measured on the fly, live while your vehicle is in motion. It just doesn’t get much better than this.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Whether you’re looking to get started tuning your truck or just want to turn off AFM / DFM / MDS, this may be the last device you ever need. So here’s the biggest feature that I think is underrated and under appreciated about the new CTS 3 Evolution from Edge:

You no longer need to purchase a new tuner every time you get a new vehicle. That’s right. With the CTS 3 Evolution, you can purchase additional licenses directly from Edge to tune multiple vehicles. This is not only every DIY tuners dream come true, but perfect for shops who need great diagnostics tools like the CTS 3 every day, along side the tuning capabilities.

This really is the dawn of a new age in tuning with Edge. And we’ve barely scratched the surface of this great new programmer.

The Edge CTS 3 Evolution brings with it all the optimal gauge monitoring you could possible need. You can swipe through screens quickly and easily, just like you would on your smart phone. And whether you’re testing out race times or monitoring exhaust temperature, this one device can handle it all.

But where the CTS 3 really shines is in its ease of use when tuning. For most makes and models, there are four tuning options, with the ability to always flash back to stock--which is always important, especially if you live in an area that mandates EPA emissions testing, like I do. Sigh.

The modes available to each and every model include a daily driver mode for optimizing fuel economy, a towing mode to improve your ability to tow heavy loads and pull trailers, and a performance mode to unlock your engine’s full potential. Some years, makes, and models even take it a step further with an extreme mode that boosts your horsepower and torque performance to the next level.

Your personal performance gains will vary depending on your make, model, year, and other modifications you have made, of course, but expect to see increases of 50 horsepower and torque for many gas applications, more like upwards of 80 horsepower and 90 torque on super charged trucks.

And as if the tuning and ability to monitor all the PIDs wasn’t enough, this next gen device also has more customization than ever before. Not only can you customize your gauge screens to the max, but you can also add your own custom backgrounds and even alter the color of the gauges themselves.

Finally, the whole package can be updated over Wi-Fi, so no need to hold on to USB cables or remove your tuner from your truck to take inside to update. Have we discovered the end all be all of tuning in the 21st Century? I have no doubt we’ll see even more improvements in the coming years from Edge, but for now, the CTS 3 really does take the cake and do so at next generation levels.

New Faster Insight CTS3 with New Features and Functions!

Please note that the Insight CTS3 is just the digital gauge monitor. The Evolution CTS3 includes tuning options and calibration, plus all that the Insight has included.


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