Decked Truck Bed Storage System

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Truck Bed Organization at its Best

For some of us, storage outside of our truck's cab isn’t something we think about, especially when you don't have a tonneau cover to keep things relatively secure and away from the elements or sticky fingers. Well, we’ve covered a few products on truck storage, as well as some bed products to help peeps get more out of their truck bed. The product we’re going to showcase today takes the best of both worlds and combines them into one incredible American made product. Ready to maximize storage while still having full use of your truck's bed? Read on!

Bullet Point Break Down of the Decked Storage System

No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the DECKED Truck Bed Organizer:

  • Transform your entire truck bed into two gigantic storage drawers
  • Each drawer has a 200 lb weight capacity limit for maximum storage
  • Organize your tools and equipment safely and effectively
  • With a locked tailgate up, DECKED becomes a super secure organizer too
  • Weatherproof drawers keep water out
  • Ergonomic design makes accessing opened drawers at waist height super easy
  • Utilize your entire truck bed by storing up to 2,000 lbs on top of the DECKED
  • Customizable drawer dividers allow you to make larger or smaller compartments as needed
  • Includes an attached bottle opener for convenience, especially when tailgating!
  • Fits under most tonneau covers
  • Added storage of ammo cans (the only non-waterproof area of the DECKED system)
  • All your stuff, stored and organized out of sight, securely
  • Additional add ons available, including storage boxes and removable D-Boxes of various sizes
  • Made right here in the USA

1 - Truck Bed Storage System

1 - AD5-DTAN Desert tan D-Box

1 - AD6-DTAN Desert tan Crossbox

1 - AD7 Drawerganizer drawer bin

1 - AD8WIDEx2 Locking tab wide drawer dividers

Introducing the Decked Storage System

It you haven't read our previous articles, the two items I was referring to were the Husky Liners Gearbox and the BedSlide. Our featured product here today has taken those concepts on to the next level with a very unique design that appeals to the Tetris freak in all of us. Drum roll please? Introducing: The Decked Storage system. Sorry, I suppose that could have been a little more dramatic... Essentially a massive drawer setup for your truck’s bed. But instead of sitting in between the wheel wells, the Decked system mounts above the wheel wells and give you even more room up top for hauling ability and bed space. Underneath, you’re looking at the most versatile drawer you can think of. With a few different sizes to fit many different bed configurations and lengths, this is one solution to deck out your truck--literally. The Decked System sits 12” inches tall, which means it won't take up your entire bed height. Worried if you have a midsize or full size truck and not having enough drawer space? Well, no need to worry because no matter what size truck you have, you’re guaranteed 4 feet of drawer space to hold anything and everything you might need.

All pictures above this article are borrowed from Decked to help promote their sweet gear!

Decked Design

Decked Construction

Now let’s talk about construction. The Decked system is made right here in the US of A with recyclable materials and a finish that is guaranteed to last. The Decked system’s strength and durability due to a combination of construction that is part 13 gauge steel subframe that is laid within an HDPE exterior and surface. Now you might be thinking what on earth is HDPE? Well, for starters, it's not Hopefully Dependable Plastic Everything. Just joshing. In reality it stands for High Density Polyethylene, which in English means a very durable synthetic material that is used to taking a beating each day. Not to mention it is made from recycled materials. Boom: look at you saving the environment by driving your pickup!  

The one incredible benefit of this system that other bed storage products don’t have is the ability to install the Decked System without the need to drill into your bed. This is a very great feature to have not, only for a quicker install, but also for easier on the fly maintenance on the off chance you need to adjust your Decked System. Not to mention if you just dropped $60k on a brand new truck, I’m sure the last thing you would want to do as a consumer is to drill holes into the your bed to make something fit. If you’re worried about not being able to install this, don’t worry. Simple hand tools are all you need to get this installed on your vehicle. Now, like I said, hand tools only. Using an impact drill or air compressed drill can either A.) strip bolts/screws that help keep the Decked System secure. Or B.) overtighten bolts/screws such that it could cause a warp or bow within the HDPE material. 

Easy Install: Everything You Need to DIY

So now that I’ve given you a fair warning on the impact gun, here is a little overview of what you’ll need to install and get this built:

  • Crescent wrench
  • ½” Open ended wrench
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • ⅜” socket
  • 7/32” Hex wrench
  • 10mm Open ended wrench (Depending upon vehicle make/model)
  • T30 / T40 Torx Driver (Depending upon vehicle make/model)

As you can also see from the picture, these Decked Storage Systems are great for everyone from your adventurer out on a hike, to your hunter/fisher sports enthusiasts, as well as law enforcement and fire fighters. These products make individual's lives easier whether they are at work during the week or at play on the road exploring on the weekend.

Store All Your Crap (Literally?) & Much More

Got too much junk in the trunk? You need space for all your crap? No problem, Decked has you covered. With both full size and midsized trucks having two drawer systems, there is plenty of room for tools, gear bags, rifles, fishing poles, or anything you can think of really! Need a little bit of extra room? No problem, because each corner of the Decked System has a small cubby hole. They like to call these Ammo Crates. Frankly, I don't mind that name one bit, and with solid organization like that, you'll have even more room for items than you know what to do with. Need some storage for a few beers after a long day of work? We’ve heard of a few folks using the Ammo Cans to store some cold frosty beverages as well (ice cubes not included)! The Decked System has many different customization options as well, including adding Thule or Yakima racks on top to haul bikes or anything you might need for projects. Not needing accessories for the top? No worries, Decked has you covered with numerous boxes for storage or even drawer dividers to help keep tools or parts separated and secure. Also, there is no need to worry if you don't have a tonneau cover to help keep the drawers secure. Simply close and lock your tailgate, and the drawers cannot be opened. Need a little extra security? Decked offers the ability to mount a locking mechanism to keep your drawers from opening just in case someone attempts to take a peek inside your truck bed. Also, it works great as a baby changing station when you are out and about!

Top Notch Storage with Style & Security

So the structure of these systems is pretty much top of the line. The security and style are top notch. Super durable and weatherproof, which means if you don't have a tonneau cover, don't even worry. Simply drill a few drain holes in some of the compartments, and you’re good to go! Remember I said weatherproof, not waterproof. Yes, sometimes you can get a small amount of water or dust into these, but overall they keep out any would be rainfalls or the occasional run through the car wash. The drawers have a strong weather seal at the front which helps to repel any water that might attempt to make its way into the Decked System. For the Ammo Cans, however, simply drill a small hole and watch that water run right out and under your Decked System. 

The Decked Storage system is a great tool and customizable option for your truck. Not to mention you can also mount a Decked System in many different styles of vans to help organize and maintain all that clutter for you DIY or maintenance personnel who have to bring your tools with you everywhere you go. So, if you’re looking for another storage system or bed option for your truck, you might want to consider the Decked Storage System. This is one fantastic no drill option for your vehicle to help give your truck some more versatility when tackling projects or just heading outdoors for an adventure. Also, dogs love the Decked System too! Check out all Decked has to offer today.

If you’re looking for a transformative product that will alter the way you store your stuff in your truck, then the DECKED cargo storage system for your pickup truck bed is for you. Just check out the socials for all the crazy and innovative ways customers have used their DECKED organizers to change the way they work and play on a daily basis.

Get Decked Out!

A Truck Bed Organizer for the 21st Century

No matter what you do with your truck, the Decked Storage System really does transform your truck bed into the ultimate storage organizer. Whether you’re a hunter or a handyman, a hobbyist or a small business owner, Decked changes the game. And with the lockable storage drawers it adds an additional layer of protection. We personally enjoy the bottle opener too.

If there is any downside to Decked it could be argued that you lose true full truck bed access. Indeed it does change the depth of your truck bed. But since the Decked can support upwards of 2,000 pounds on top of it, you really just need some tie downs and you can still haul just about whatever you’d like. But we do understand the argument. Certainly this innovative product isn’t for everyone, especially if you often store very large items under your tonneau cover.

However, for most of us, this transformative system makes every day life much easier. Whether it is always having the tools you need with you in your truck bed to simply organizing your hunting or fishing gear when you go out into the wilderness, this truck bed organizing system changes the game in a good way. And even someone like me who mostly uses my truck to pickup lumber for projects around the home like redoing my wood deck in my backyard or minor remodels of my man cave, the Decked system changes how I use my truck bed.

I’ve seen stories about people using the Decked drawers to change a baby in public, and while I haven’t done that, I have regularly started taking my truck on weekend grocery shopping trips. When I’m going to Sam’s Club or Target, Aldi or Walmart, I regularly toss plastic bags and boxes of stuff into my truck bed. I use one of my Decked storage drawers almost exclusively for grocery shopping. My son and I can spend one full day hitting every store we need, and feel safe leaving the tailgate and the Decked drawers locked while we go out for lunch or go into another store. And instead of having bags of items and boxes from big box stores sliding all around my truck bed or having to rig up bungies to keep stuff at the back of my truck bed, I just use the storage drawers. So even something as mundane as grocery shopping has been drastically transformed by the addition of my Decked storage system. So I guess I take it all back: Decked is for pretty much everyone!

SEMA 2018 with Decked

Decked Installation with Midwest Aftermarket

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    DECKED LLC warrants to the original purchaser of this product that the product will be free from manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials for a period of three (3) years from the date of the original purchase. If within three (3) years from the original date of purchase this product fails due to defect in materials or workmanship, DECKED LLC will replace any defective part at its option.

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