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The Universal Smart Phone Holder that mounts inside nearly any Cup Holder in All Vehicles

Technology evolves rapidly these days. So rapacious indeed that many of us find ourselves upgrading our phones to the newest model every other year, if not every single year. And whether you’re the kinda guy who values always having the best new iPhone or top of the line Android phone, or just a regular Joe who mostly uses his smartphone for work, chances are good that you need a hands free phone mount of some kind. But with all the dimensions and various sizes of each different iteration and variant, it can be overwhelming to just figure out which damn phone you even have, let alone if it will fit in your current or the phone mount you’re considering ordering. So the solution might be a Universal Phone Holder or Grip. But many of these mount to your windshield or dash and are flimsy or immoveable once installed. What if there was an easier way--a universal phone holder that fits in nearly any cup holder in any vehicle on the market today. What if this cradle or mount also rotated to give you a horizontal view of your phone? And what if instead of having to mess with looking up what dimensions your phone was, this mount has truly universal grips that would be capable of holding nearly any smart phone on the market today? Introducing DayStar’s new and innovative Hands-Free Phone Mount for your Cup Holder.

DayStar Hands Free Phone Grip Specs

No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the DayStar Hands Free Phone Grip Cup Holder Phone Mount:

  • A Universal Phone Mount that Fits Snuggly in just about any Cupholder
  • Can handle a smart phone or device that is up to 7 inches, even 7 and an eighth inches tall!
  • Perfect for Trucks, Jeeps, RV’s, Boats, Golf Carts, ATV’s, and just about any other off-road vehicle you can think of
  • Compatible with most smartphones on the market today
  • Polyurethane construction makes DayStar’s Hands-Free mount super rugged
  • Will not chip or fade with rough use or exposure to extreme high or low temperatures
  • Made for the elements!
  • Super easy, no drill install
  • Remove intuitively for simple re-installation in additional vehicle or just a different cup holder
  • Backed by DayStar’s Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Dreamed up, Designed, Engineered, Tested, and even Manufactured right here in the US of A
  • It doesn’t get much more American than that
  • Finally, a cup phone holder mount for the rest of us!
  • A perfect gift for a loved one, any time of year
  • A universal mount with universal appeal
  • Full access to all charging ports and Aux ports while your phone is mounted
  • Rotates a full 360 degrees for any application
  • Constructed of easy to clean polyurethane--just a bit of soap and water and she’s good as new
  • A cell phone cup holder mount that is as mobile as your mobile phone
  • More affordable and durable than most universal cup holder phone mounts on the market today
  • A cup phone holder for car, truck, ATV, golf cart, or whatever you drive to work these days
  • Backed by DayStar’s Go Everywhere Warranty
  • Get your Hands-Free Phone Grip Cup Mount from Day Star Today!

DayStar Hands-Free Phone Grip

It always amazes me how quickly tech evolves, and how the rest of the world has to struggle to keep up. I’m old enough to remember a time before smart phones, but many in the world today, especially those in the younger generations, can not fathom a time before smart phones existed. And yet the average smart phone owner, which includes the average adult American, by the way, does not have a proper hands free phone mount for their truck, Jeep, or any other vehicle.

Yet the latest data shows that nearly 1 in 4 car accidents is cause by distracted driving. When we invented these ingenious machines, cell phones, the ability to makes calls wherever you were at any time appeared to be a massive boon. If your vehicle broke down, you could simply call up a tow without having to walk to a gas station or the closest house. If you had an accident, you could easily contact the authorities. And if you had to get in touch with family or friends on the go, you could. This transformed how connected we were as a society.

At the same time, the latent function of this grand new technology was that we struggled to put the damn phones down, to disconnect. These days in many States in our Union, you can get a ticket with a hefty fine just for being caught holding your cellular device in your hand while the key is in the ignition.

But the options for phone mounts out there these days are sincerely lacking. Mounting your phone off the windshield, according to cutting edge research, may be just as distracting as looking down at it in your hand since your device’s screen is constantly in your main field of vision especially when the vehicle is in motion and you should have your eyes largely focused on the road. We humans are so easily distracted by the most recent tweet or social media alert or notification that simply taking our eyes off the road for a minute could be the difference between making it home that day from work or ending up in the hospital.

Other mounts in the middle ground area attach to things like vents on your vehicle. These universal mounts are often flimsy and break easily. Heck some of them can’t even hold today’s larger sized smart phones. This too causes much distraction as the phone slipping from the mount and crashing to the floor of your vehicle’s cab is even more distracting than glancing at a text.

There’s got to be an easier and more intelligent solution than this!

With the advent of a new style of phone mount, the cup holder phone mount, the game has been drastically changed. These new styles of phone mounts are secure and universal. People can mount their phones safely in any location in their vehicle where there’s a cup holder. And for most vehicles, this isn’t in a place that will obscure your view of the road. Likewise, these mounts hold the phone up in a solid position that allows one to easily glance and see who’s calling or what’s on screen, without having to fully turn one’s attention away from the road.

As with any phone and any mount, we sincerely recommend you use some sort of driving safe software, like Apple’s Do Not Disturb While Driving or Android Auto. These modes allow one to still listen to music from your device, use Map apps with navigation features, and with Android Auto even give you the option to use voice commands to have Android read your texts too you and give options for verbal replies.

But there will always be that moment when you need to glance, whether it is to see the name of the song that’s playing or to make sure you haven’t made a wrong turn yet on your Map’s app (we highly recommend Waze, by the way), you’re going to glance down occasionally.

And this isn’t a new thing, either, really. We used to glance over at the stereo to change the station. Now many vehicles have volume and tuning control right on your steering wheel itself.

Likewise, tech needs to catch up with phone mounts.

These new cup holder phone mounts make it so that your phone can be at the optimal angle to view at a glance with minimal distraction. They are much more secure than many other phone mounts on the market. And they keep your phone out of your hands and your hands on the wheel.

But not all cup holder phone mounts are created equal.

Some phone mounts claim to be universal, but then you see a list of size restrictions, suggesting that larger phones like the iPhone 11 or Samsung Note 10 may not actually fit in their mounts. And we find ourselves right back where we started. What should you do when a universal mount isn’t actually all that universal after all?

Well, with the DayStar Cell Phone Cup Mount, universal still means something. It’s mounting grip expands to accommodate the largest of touch screen phones. With no single phone shape to conform too, such as some cradle mounts, this phone mount is practically future proof. No matter the shape of your device, if it will fit between the four grips on the DayStar cup holder phone mount, you can most likely mount it there.

What About All My Cables?

One of the first things I consider when looking for a car phone mount is whether or not I can have my charger and my auxiliary cord plugged into my phone while it is mounted. Oddly enough, this is actually a common fail on many phone mounts on the market today, so buyer needs to beware for sure and be aware of what you are getting.

Again this is another position where not all cup holder smart phone mounts are created equal. While several other similar mounts on the market claim that they allow for charging port access and even AUX port, a lot of the other mounts on the market really only give open access to the bottom of your phone near the middle of the device.

Now these days, with most current phones, that works great. But having tested out some of the competition alongside DayStar’s offering, my Note 9 from Samsung has no trouble with most cup phone mounts as far as the charging port is concerned.  But when it came to plugging in my auxiliary port cord to so I could play music through my car stereo or use headphones (which I do NOT recommend one do while in the car), I had some serious issues with several universal mounts.

Again this is a place where the DayStar Phone Mount really shined. Since it uses four adjustable mounting grips, you can make sure that all your ports are visible and usable. Likewise, the adjustable nature of two of these mounting grips makes me suspect that for many tablet users, this cup mount will even be able to hold some smaller style tabs. Again we don’t recommend that you use a tablet while driving, but if you regularly use a tablet like a phone or what cup holders in your chair or couch at home, you might want to consider ordering a second DayStar cup mounted phone gripper for use in your living room with a tablet or your phone.

This brings me to the last great aesthetic feature of this device mount: it can rotate!

While many universal phone mounts allow you to spin the device side to side or on a slight angle, the DayStar phone mount allows you to rotate your phone 90 degrees by putting it in sideways. If you’re the kind of driver who likes a better view of your Maps app or just someone who prefers having their phone horizontal at a glance, this may be the only cup mounted phone holder on the market with these current capabilities.

A Smart Design with Solid Materials

So we have an intuitive, easy to use design that lets you use your phone safely how you want to. But the thought process and engineering didn’t stop there. The techs and designers over at DayStar had to decide what material would be best for their product. Once again this separates the knock offs from truly brilliant phone mounts.

DayStar went with the highly durable and waterproof polyurethane. Most universal mounts on the market today--in fact, every one but one I can think of right now--utilize cheaper alternative plastics such as ABS or ABS with a blended Polycarbonate.

Two things here: first, polycarbonate is much more durable and less likely to deform over time due to cracks from extreme weather temperatures. Two, ABS is oil based, so not only is it bad for the environment, it also should never be mixed with food or drink. Hence, it seems kinda odd to be putting a device made of this stuff into your cup holder, where you likely regularly put your drinks.

This leads to the easy to clean ability of the DayStar Phone Mount. Since this device is waterproof, one of my key concerned over cup holder phones, like the CupFone™ from WeatherTech, was whether or not my phone mount would get really dirty and sticky and gross from getting shoved into my cup holders. Spoilers: I often drink soda, and I’ve been known to spill. I blame the kids and the wife, but accidents do happen.

One great feature about both of these products is that they are waterproof and easy to clean off.

Easy Install, Removable, and Re-Installation

One of the problematic things about some of the other cup holder phone mounts is the way they install. While most products in this category tout easy installation, which is true, not all of them install the same way. Some use cup shaped inserts to allow you to manually adjust the base size of the device.

While this technique certainly makes it easy to find the right size to conform to your particular cup holder, a simple problem occurs after install: where do you store the other sections of cup that you didn’t use?

You might be tempted to just toss them out or misplace them and never find them again. But one of the greatest features of these universal mounts is that they will work in just about any vehicle or anything with a cupholder. But if you lose an insert or two, suddenly their versatility becomes heavily decreased. And you don’t even want to know what happens if you just lose one of the inner cups!?

The DayStar is different in that it utilizes four tapered polyurethane feet that meet to form a plus sign at the bottom. The tapered design allows you to securely wedge the device into just about any cup holder, even those holders with tapered in parts of their own. In fact, DayStar developed this feature with even those kinds of cup holders in mind, as the Hands-Free Phone Grip fits into them like a glove onto a hand. Now that’s intelligent design, and there aren’t even any parts you can misplace. And to remove, you just pull it out, and reinstall it where else you would like. There’s no need for manual adjustment at all.

Future Proofing

One of the common issues with universal phone mounts though has to do with not knowing the future of the mobile phone market. Back in the day, when the Razr phone was all the rage (oh, no! Did I just date myself?!), many of us thought the future of cell phones was something small and sleek just like that classic flip phone.

Fast forward a few years, and we have the advent of the smart phone. The first rounds of these incredible devices didn’t even all have touch screens and many were about the same size or a little bit bigger than that old school Razer.

As tech improved, it became possible to make smaller and smaller devices. At one point, many pioneers in the tech industry were touting a future where phones would be so tiny, you would wear them in your ear like an ear piece.

And while tech did advance to allow for tiny devices like this, they ended up being either novelties or accessories like smart watches. And over time, instead of smart phones getting smaller and smaller, the rise and dominance of the phablet--phone / tablet--has been well chronicled. So today’s devices are actually quite a bit bigger than the original smart phones. Don’t buy it? See if you can find your first smart phone ever. Whether it was the first iPhone or a Galaxy S, a Blackberry or an HTC, I bet the device you carry on the daily today is at least an inch wider and probably nearly 2 inches taller.

This brings us to the brilliance of how DayStar has future proofed their hands free phone grip. This sping-loaded phone mount is capable of holding a device that is upwards of 7 inches tall!

Just to lay that out for you in no tech terms, that means that today the DayStar cup phone mount can handle even the biggest of phones on the market including:

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max (6.22 inches)
  • Samsung Galaxy S9+ (6.2 inches)
  • Google Pixel 3 XL (6.4)
  • Samsung Note 9 (6.4)
  • One plus 6+ (6.41)
  • IPhone XS Max (6.5)

Note that these days, none of these devices has even reached the 7 inch mark, but Day Star is ready for the day phones might. In the meantime, they can handle smaller phones, all the way down to a 4 and a half inch tiny phone.

In addition to all this, the DayStar phone mount can handle small tablets turned horizontal, such as the iPad Mini and Amazon Kindle and a Galaxy Tab S2 from Samsung.

In other words, this thing is super versatile and designed for the long haul. Now that’s what we call intelligent design.

Made in America and Still More Affordable than Many Other Options

 We often hear how we are supposed to support American manufacturing and certainly American design. But we often find ourselves curtailing to the cheaper options that are often made elsewhere. Well with the Hands Free Phone Mount for your cupholder from DayStar you can have both.

This particular device is made in the US, and it is more affordable than every single other device in its category on the market to date. Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

It is a pretty impressive feat to be able to out design the competition, still make your product here in the States, and manage to have a price point lower than everyone else’s, but DayStar was up to the task.

We highly recommend that you try out a DayStar Cup Phone Mount today. We firmly believe it may well be the last universal phone mount you will ever need to buy. Having tested it our ourselves, we were pleasantly surprised with the results. I can’t think of a reason to ever go back to prior products. The DayStar keeps my smart device secure and mounted exactly where I need it to be.

Please remember to be safe out there and only use your cellular devices in hands free mode. Distracted driving is a serious danger to us all on America’s great roadways. Be smart in the ways you use your smart phone. Get a phone mount, use a hands free app, and utilize voice commands only when your vehicle is in motion. A friendly reminder from all of us at Midwest to stay safe out there and enjoy the ride.

Our Promise of Exceptional Service and the Lowest Prices on the Interwebs

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