Dauntless Tailgate Assist Shock

Save 22%


These custom made Tailgate Assist Shocks, from Dauntless, are OEM certified and work with your factory cables to dampen your tailgate’s descent. Made from top quality seamless steel and filled with anti-wear hydraulic oil straight from Germany, this Tailgate Assist slows your tailgate from falling, is easy to install, and limits unnecessary wear and tear. Whether you?re looking to prevent personal injury from dropping your tailgate or just making it easier for children or adults with their hand?s full to get into the truck bed, the Dauntless Tail Gate Assist Shock is the best product for your truck. And it’s backed by our industry leading lifetime warranty.


  • Slows the opening of the tailgate, preventing abrupt stops and wear and tear
  • Custom made for your make and model vehicle
  • Top Quality Design, using superior steel materials
  • German Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil
  • Filled with 99.99% Nitrogen--many knock off brands just use air
  • Sea salt tested for over 95 hours: designed to withstand the elements of Winter
  • Lasts 2 to 4 times longer than other tailgate assist products on the market today
  • DIY, super easy install: no drilling and utilizes OE cables and mounts
  • Install only on drivers side: only need one Dauntless shock to handle your tailgate?s weight
  • Backed by the Dauntless outstanding lifetime warranty