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The Gooseneck that Changed it All: Turnoverball® by B&W

When it comes to extreme towing of upwards of 25-30,000 lbs., you’re gonna need a gooseneck hitch. And when it comes to Goosenecks, the best on the market, the first ever to still allow for full truck bed access, the Turnoverball® from B&W is the first to come to mind. They’ve been doing it right and innovating along the way since 1987. Based out of Humboldt, Kansas, they are one of the only hitch manufacturers still making all of their products right there in Kansas, truly made in the USA, the heartland of America. The Turnoverball® changed the game for trailer hitches. Today, B&W is largely employee owned, and manufacturers all their hitches using American steel because they value quality and superior craftsmanship above all. When it comes to American hitches, nothing compares. B&W stands alone. And if you need a gooseneck hitch to do some serious towing, the Turnoverball® set the mark when it first launched and is still leading the pack today. 

Bullet Point Breakdown of the B&W Turnoverball® Gooseneck Hitch

        No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the B&W Turnoverball® Gooseneck Hitch:

  • A Gooseneck Trailer Hitch when you need it, Full Truck Bed Access when you don’t
  • The Turnoverball® locks in place using a latch located in your wheel well
  • Unlock the ball, flip it over, and you’ve got the flat truck bed space without the hitch ball
  • The most versatile gooseneck around, the original Turnoverball® hitch
  • A Level Bed for Hauling, Gooseneck Turn Over Ball for Towing
  • Only requires a 4” hole in your bed for install
  • Recommend professional installation
  • DIY Installers should check out B&W’s great YouTube video guide on their website for great tips and install guides
  • Bolts to existing stock holes on your frame
  • Requires no welding during installation
  • Comes with a machined 2 5/16” ball
  • Receiver socket is a solid one-piece mounted to your truck’s frame underneath the bed
  • A spring loaded ⅝” steel locking pin keeps the ball in place when towing
  • Flexible latch pin handle located in your wheel well can be used to release the ball to turn it over
  • Steel locking pin goes completely through the ball when locked in place, offering superior stability
  • Backed by B&W’s Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA, in the Heartlands of Kansas: Humboldt, Kansas to be exact
  • B&W uses American Steel and is largely employee owned
  • You can’t get much more American than that
  • This is the design that changed the game in towing

B&W Turnoverball® Gooseneck Hitch

When it comes to hauling large trailers and equipment with your pickup truck, you’ve gotta have a gooseneck or even a 5th wheel hitch. And for the longest time, this meant having a dedicated heavy duty pickup truck for towing as well.

Most farmers and heavy duty equipment users in America know this well enough. Because when a class 5 hitch can’t handle it, you’re moving some serious weight. Whether you haul a bulldozer or a quad trax tractor, a massive camper or a multi-vehicle trailer around regularly, you’ve gotta have a hitch that can handle those loads safely.

Back in the day, that meant welding something into your truck bed.

Typically, this would involve cutting several holes and mounting a gooseneck hitch to your bed frame and welding everything in place. It was a brute force approach for certain, but if you wanted to safely haul that kind of weight, to pull something that was 20k to 30k pounds, you’ve gotta have that gooseneck. Mounting the hitch location above your rear axle provided the most stable towing conditions and capability.

There was just one problem with this approach. It meant you couldn’t really use your truck bed the way it was intended. I mean, sure there’s still some room back in your truck bed, especially when the trailer or camper isn’t hooked up to the hitch, but you’ve sacrificed a large portion of truck bed space that just so happens to be near the center of the bed.

So anything that needs to lay flat in your truck bed, like boards or drywall or plywood or just about anything long and flat, you’re outta luck with that gooseneck installed literally in your bed.

This often meant that small businesses would invest in a dedicated heavy duty pickup just to tow these larger trailers and equipment around. And using that pickup for any other task would either be tedious or downright impossible.

This also meant that for the regular Joe down the street the prospect of owning a trailer hitch that could handle a large camper or hauling heavy equipment was much more difficult. It is one thing for a business or farm to invest in a vehicle just for one thing, but the average guy wants to be able to use his truck in multiple ways.

In 1987, Roger Baker and Joe Works came across this problem. Baker, a classic car restorer, and Works, a farmer, had seen this issue for years. It just wasn’t convenient or in any way ideal to have to have your gooseneck hitch welded into the middle of your truck bed. And it seemed like a problem that had a solution if someone just put some thought, time, and a little bit of good ol’ American ingenuity into it.

B&W was born, and Baker and Works solved this obvious shortcoming of the gooseneck design by overhauling it and creating the Turnoverball®, a hitch that could be mounted underneath the bed with a removable ball that could be--wait for it--turned over and stored right in the same place it mounts. Brilliant. Ingenious. American.

Meet the Last Gooseneck Hitch You’ll Ever Need

The Turnoverball® revolutionized the industry and took it by storm. Today nearly every gooseneck manufacturer out there has copied this design in some way, shape, or form. B&W had solved this huge problem for consumers.

With the Turnoverball®, you didn’t have to lose out on your truck bed space simply because you needed to tow something massive occasionally. You could have that flat level truck bed when you needed to haul stuff and the gooseneck hitch when you needed to tow.

And they didn’t stop there. Their innovative Companion 5th Wheel hitch which attaches to the Turnoverball® did the same thing for 5th Wheels as the Turnoverball® did for Goosenecks. Suddenly you could have a 5th Wheel style hitch when you needed it, but still have full truck bed access when you didn’t.

When it comes to towing, I personally like to go with companies that stand behind their product, make superior hitches with intelligent design, and manufacture everything right here in the States.

Don’t get me wrong. My smartphone came from China just like you all’s did, but we know that just because something is cheaper doesn’t mean it is better. And when it comes to hauling 20,000 pounds worth of equipment around, I’d rather go with an American company I can trust, an organization that is employee owned and operated, right out of the Heart of the US, in Kansas, than some knock off, white box company slinging Chinese steel.

And that’s the final word I think on B&W. Not only are they employee owned and based here in the US, where all their manufacturing takes place and is monitored to the highest level of quality control, but they also only use American steel. They know there is cheaper steel out there overseas. They realize they could make more money using cheaper materials. But they use the American steel because they support US workers and they know American Steel is quality.

And when you’re towing a literal tractor trailer with a tractor strapped down to it, you want a hitch that you can count on.

You don’t want to be white knuckling the steering wheel, hoping that money you saved will be more than the cost to replace your equipment plus pay for any damages insurance won’t cover if that gooseneck gives out suddenly.

Spoiler alert: it won’t be nearly enough.

You pay for what you get. And with B&W, you’re getting a quality product, built to last, backed by their Limited Lifetime Warranty, Made here in the States, and innovatively designed. And they haven’t quit updating since. At every step of the way, these folks challenge the norm and update their product lines to be safer, easier to use, and built to last.

Why would you go with anyone else?

And that’s why we offer B&W hitches. The Turnoverball® revolutionized the gooseneck hitch design when it was first released. And today, she’s still cutting edge: taking names and pulling trailers. That’s a product I can trust from an American brand I know.

Get your last gooseneck hitch today: the B&W Turnoverball®.

Turnoverball - The Best-Selling Gooseneck Hitch in America

Turnoverball: Still the Best Gooseneck Hitch

Model 1020 Turnoverball Installation

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